How To Save Money At The Movie Theatre


Parents, you will love this: How To Save Money At The Movie Theatre! Yes!

For so many years, going out to a movie was a feat in itself. The twins were too young to go {and behave}, and getting sitters were far and few between. It was one activity which I really took for granted, and missed so much! Sure, there’s watching flicks at home, but it’s just better going to the theater – the comfy seats, no interruption. And, of course, the popcorn just tastes better!

Now, the twins are old enough to finally come to the theatre with us, even with just me. It has become a newfound favorite this winter. The twins actually sit still. They listen. They even watch the movie in entirety – ahhhhh. #Bliss.

Yet, this resurrected passion came with a new problem in itself – COST! Oh wow, it’s so expensive taking a family of 5 to the theatre. It can easily be a $100 night! That was something I hadn’t considered before and once again, I found myself torn between my frugal ways and really wanted to go see a movie.

Alas – here’s where one of my favorite products comes into play and saves the story!

General Mills has teamed up with Cineplex with Free Movie Offers, found on specially marked General Mills products. Look for the offer on boxes of cereals, Old El Paso, Granola bars and snacks and more! You can see a list on the link above, there are many products that you probably purchase regularly too.

I recently spotted some boxes of cereal {on sale} at our local Walmart. Not only a sale, but they are the family sized boxes too. It’s no secret that our family goes through cereal a ton, so I’m always on the lookout for a sale on our favorite brands. I squealed with delight when I seen the Free movie Offer on the sale boxes – score!

Deals like this are a double whammy and a big part of how I save on the grocery bills for the month. Plus, with free Kids’ admission and 2 for 1 admission coupons, we get family entertainment too! That, my friends, is how you can save money at the movie theater – even for a family of 5!


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  1. We used these for family day. I figure we saved $60 at the theatre, and probably another $20 on dinner with kids eat free night at east side marios. It pays to be frugal with kids!

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