How to Power Through After-School Activities

September very much feels like the start of a race. READY. SET. GO! Now you have the usual schedule and appointments to manage plus; those of school, homework, lunches, and after-school activities. One peek at my calendar and my busy summer break looks like a walk in the park.

Hello, I’m Tammi – also known as: always on the run. 

At least 4 days of the week we barely get in the door from school pick-up, before we have to walk back out again for this activity or that. It’s like I’m living in 20 minute increments – 20 minutes to drop the backpacks, change and leave again. 20 minutes to wait and then head off to the next activity. 20 minutes to eat, then we’re dashing again.

Before our heads spin with exhaustion and burnout already, we need a plan. The entire family needs to go, grow and explore! So, how do we survive the after-school activity chaos, parents? 

Tips to Power Through After-School Activities

How to Power Through After-School Activities:

Schedule – I’m such a die-hard scheduler, but it really is the key to success in organizing life’s chaos. When choosing or coordinating activities {especially those with multiple children and varying interests}, you must be realistic in how much time you have to spare and book accordingly. We all want our kids to have rich and active experiences, yet know the limits to them, yourself and the time available. As much as we try, we simply cannot be everywhere at once, yet multitasking and carpooling does help a ton – so keep this in mind. 

Keep a Calendar – Mark everything down so it isn’t overlooked, utilize your favourite type of calendar whether it be fridge, booklet or online types {or a combination if you want the quick glance at home or while out of the home}. Using a calendar to keep track of everyone’s activities will help you manage accordingly and will ensure you don’t overbook. 

Menu Plan – Whether you are a menu planning master or plan halfway – it all helps. Prepare meals ahead of time when you know the after-school activities will keep you occupied – it’s a way to keep your sanity intact, avoid some stress, and reduce the drive-thru stops. 

Prepare the Gear – There’s nothing worse than being late for an activity because of a misplaced dance shoe – keep all activity items in one place and at easy reach for when you need to fly out the door. Knowing where everything is at all times really helps for a smooth experience! 

Feed the Gap – With so much running out the door for activities, being stocked with healthy snacks for fuel is key for the body and mood. This is especially true when everyone is lacking motivation and energy after an already full day of school or work. Power through those after-school activities with powered by Clif Bar energy snacks! 

Clif Bar energy products are designed to feed the adventures for the whole active family, using organic ingredients {including Canadian rolled oats}. Here are some products from the Clif Bar lineup, which is family and employee owned.


There are so many Clif Bar varieties to have on hand for all needs and ages, here’s a peek at what keeps US going:

Clif Kid Zbar

Crafted for kids’ growing bodies, developing taste buds and active lives, the CLIF Kid Zbar is baked whole grain energy snacks. Using only wholesome, organic ingredients {including Canadian organic rolled oats}, it’s the kind of nutrition kids need, and in flavours they love. My girls happily eat one of these daily, most likely in the car as we are en-route between activities. 

  • Source of fibre
  • 8-10 grams whole grains
  • No trans-fat, partially-hydrogenated oils or synthetic preservatives
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial flavours
  • CLIF Kid offers lower levels of fat and sugar than many kids’ snacks available today



Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar

An Organic Trail Mix Bar is crafted with wholesome, nutritious ingredients like fruit, whole nuts and chunks of dark chocolate. They are made in Canada and available in four delicious flavours – and are gluten-free!

Clif Bar


Clif Bar

This great-tasting energy bar is made with a nutritious blend of Canadian organic rolled oats and wholesome ingredients for energy, it’s thoughtfully crafted and inspired by athletes and foodies in the CLIF Kitchen. CLIF Bar is available in 10 delicious flavours, including my favourite – the new Chocolate Brownie flavour released this year in Canada. This is the one that you’ll find em munching on as I’m running across parking lots on occasion everyday.



Connect with Clif Bar on Social Media and don’t forget to use #FeedYourAdventure:


So, what fuels your daily activities?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.





  1. Snacks are super important. Neither of my boys can make it through all the way until dinner time without one.

  2. Clif bars are excellent snacks! We keep them on hand for the kids between meals. They’re yummy and keep them going without being full of sugar.

  3. You’re just getting into the swing of things again. He has not done after school sports but that will be coming soon. Menu planning is probably number one on our list because I’m terrible at doing it and I hate to cook, so if I have a plan that I know I don’t have to dread it.

  4. Clif Kid Zbar look like the perfect snack to give the kids energy for after school activities. I will have to pick some up for the kids this week.

  5. Sometimes it can be tough to get threw after school activities. These are great tips. I have to plan our meals or I end up getting fast food. I will have to get some Clif Kid Zbars.

  6. Keeping everything organized using a calendar is a great way to not forget anything. We have a calendar hanging where everyone can see what is happening on any given day.

  7. These are all great tips. I have never actually tried those bars before. I’ll have to pick some up for my girls. I’m sure they’ll love them too!

  8. Amazing how much energy kids have. My kids are going from 7am to 9 pm. Have to keep them fueled.

  9. I always keep a stash of cliff bars handy in my purse –whether we are in the car on the way to after school activities or I’m eating for the kids to finish said activities-they are always a great way to get your snack on and not feel guilty about it! Also love your tips!

  10. We are big fans of Clif Bars for busy days on the run. I’ll have to see if we can try out some of your tips and have a smoother time getting ready for football game days.

  11. I am a mess right now with my organization! I needed these tips so thank you for them.

  12. Yes with all my kids in multiple sports I couldn’t agree with you more about powering them (and my active hubby & myself) up. We love CLIF bars and we even bring them on trips so we can get a quick meal for energy when we’re on the run.

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