How to Fight Dull Hair

With the snow starting in neighbouring cities {knock on wood, it hasn’t arrived here yet}, I can feel the weather effects on my skin and hair. Dryness is settling in and thus, hair can easily become dull. During the fall and winter season, the hair can take quite the beating. Yet there are steps to take to win the war against the weather.

how to fight dull hair

During the holiday season, time-saving tips and tricks can be a huge help. Let Batiste™ Dry Shampoo be one of your time-saving tips as we all know, not having to wash your hair everyday can be a blessing.

Plus, great looking hair is sure to make you feel good! Batiste™ has a range of products to fit all your beauty needs, from giving hair extra volume to making hair feel clean and fresh. Batiste™ Dry Shampoo gives oily, dull, lifeless hair the makeover it deserves! Getting out the door quickly has never been easier.

When using Batiste™ this season, remember these quick tips:

  • Start at the oiliest part of your hair, the root. Vigorously shake the can of dry shampoo and hold it 30 cm away from your hair, spraying a light mist.
  • After spraying the dry shampoo wait one minute, rub with finger tips, and comb through with a natural bristle brush. This will help to distribute product from root to tip, ensuring all the oil in the hair is absorbed.
  • Perfect to make oily hair look and feel fabulously fresh and clean when there is no time to wash!

When the weather is less desirable – sleep in a little longer, savor that morning coffee and let Batiste™ Dry Shampoo bring some “me time” back into your life.

Does your hair become dull this time of year?

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  1. I think my hair is going through the change of life without me!! 🙂 I have used Batiste and I like the results! 🙂

  2. omg yes it does!! I am going to need to try this! i have never tried or heard of it before but sound like an amazing product

  3. Yes; sometimes it does get very dull and I really do not like my hair to be dull. I have never tried a dry shampoo but I am very tempted to try Batiste shampo. Thank you for telling us about this brand.

  4. I have definitely noticed my hair feeling SO dry and dull and because I have blonde on my ends it just all feels extra dry ????

  5. I never thought I would like a dry shampoo but after trying this product I am hooked!!! I love Batiste!! 🙂

  6. I haven’t tried a dry shampoo yet, but I have to pick one up as my hair is being colored this week. I will keep an eye out for Batiste brand – is it sold in salons or can I find it in a drugstore??? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for these tips! I want hair this gorgeous … I barely take care of my hair. Okay.. it’s on my list. Nice hair goes a long way towards making a woman feel good about herself! 🙂

  8. It certainly does, i have never tried or heard of it before but sound like an amazing product

  9. I will have to look for this and give it a try, I am on the hunt for a dry shampoo that I like

  10. I so wanna try the Batiste dry Shampoo , it sounds awesome , thanks for sharing !

  11. I think I might try this stuff this winter as my hair tends to get dried out. I have to wash it every day as it tends to be oily on the 2nd day.


  12. The dry shampoo has come a long way since I was a teenager, I can remember desperately trying to brush it out as I looked like I had tipped a can of talcum powder on my head, lol!

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