How to Choose the Right Amount and Type of Sunscreen

When shopping for sunscreen, to have at home or for a vacation, I always stand in front of the store shelves and try to calculate how much I’ll need for the duration of our activity or stay.

There I pause for the longest time, pondering how much and which type is required. As history has shown, I add bottles to the cart {after I’ve finally settled on a decision}, continue shopping, and then go back to the sunscreen section to add more to my cart. Then, I watch the bottles go down the belt toward the cashier, and this time calculate if I have time to run through the store and grab more. If the sunscreen is for an upcoming trip, I also have the tendency to pack what I’ve purchased, second guess myself, and then go shopping for more at the last minute.


Thing is, anyone who has had to buy sunscreen at a resort destination knows that it comes with a very high price tag, and we’d prefer to avoid that. Also, sunburns? No way! You see, I’m a sunscreen maniac when it comes to my family, also known as – ‘the woman who always has a camera in one hand and sun protection in the other’. I’m predictable like that.

One bad burn as a kid increases the chances of skin cancer by a lot. Also, a sun burn can be a vacation {or a day at the park} destroyer, the discomfort is intense. Did you know that 1 ounce of sunscreen should be re-applied every 2 hours when spending time outdoors? As well, 58% of sun care users misuse sunscreen by failing to reapply every 2 hours. Now you know why I’m known for always having that bottle handy!

Fact is, when you and your family are prepared with the right amount of sun care, and you apply it regularly – you can enjoy your time outside even more. Sun ready is fun ready!

How to Choose the Right Amount and Type of Sunscreen


So, this all comes back to one initial question we’ve all asked ourselves: How to Choose the Right Amount and Type of Sunscreen?

Wonder no longer, my fellow sun worshipers!

Banana Boat® has teamed up with Walmart to create an online tool that helps determine how much sunscreen you will require for whatever adventure you have planned this summer. Through a series of questions, it’ll also tell you which type of sunscreen {and how much} is best for you and that activity, like these types from Banana Boat®:

  • Banana Boat® SunComfort™ SPF 50+ Sunscreen lotion
  • Banana Boat® Kids SPF 60 Sunscreen Lotion
  • Banana Boat® Sport Performance® with POWERSTAY TECHNOLOGY™ SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray

banana boat sunscreen online tool walmart

After all, sometimes you need that expert advice, so you aren’t wasting time standing in front of store shelves in a state of panic. Or risking not getting enough, or too little. Summer is just around the corner, and so is all those activities we’ve been looking forward to for so long. Stocking up on sun care products now will make the season easier since you’ll already have what you need on hand.

As for my family 5, we’re heading on a sunny vacation very soon, and I want to make sure we’re sun protected so that we can enjoy every single minute of our trip. Yet, it’s quite the feat to predict the amount and type we’ll need for us all, for such a long duration.

Thanks to the handy tool found at I discovered that I’d need 3 x 240mL bottles of Banana Boat® Kids SPF 30 Sunscreen per child, for our upcoming weeklong trip. I used the tool for us adults too before I went shopping, I’m going to be more prepared for this vacation, than I ever have in the past. 

Choose the Right Amount and Type of Sunscreen, and head to your local Walmart store to stock up on Banana Boat® sunscreen for the summer!





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Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I hope to take some local day trips this year including visiting a large outdoor farmer’s market.

  2. Nothing super exciting! One day at Calaway Park, hopefully we can get to the zoo, lots of trips to the neighbourhood parks and water park and perhaps a day trip out to drumheller.

  3. We plan on doing a lot of bbqing and eating outside, and just being out, really have no plans for anything this year!!

  4. No big plans. Just going to the beach or just sitting out back reading and relaxing in the sun.

  5. I live in an apartment in Toronto and my adventure this summer is only to just go to a summer cottage for a week or so.

  6. We plan on spending the summer camping so lots of time being spent outside – biking, swimming, walking, campfires and relaxing on the deck!

  7. We will take a few trips out to my brothers cabin, go to the park the zoo and I am sure lots of other places

  8. I don’t adventure much my outdoor activities will be gardening or doing yard work

  9. This year we plan to do alot of camping. We are travelling to Gaspe Bay, Quebec with our trailer.

  10. We will be camping, lots of walks, pool time in the backyard, beach time, boating and hopefully a fair or two.

  11. My planned outdoor adventures will be walking through the park, and also will be enjoying the outdoor pool.

  12. Water parks and swimming pools…hiking in the mountains and camping…and endlessly pulling weeds.

  13. We will be visiting beaches and travelling up island to Parksville with our two newest grandbabies!

  14. I will be taking a couple of road trips that include some hiking and site seeing.

  15. Our planned out door adventure consists of packing up the ol’ trailer and heading out to our favourite Provincial Park for a week or so. Lots to do and lots of adventures to have fun doing with the grandkids!

  16. Our 6 year old grandson will be staying with us for 2 weeks this summer, so we’re taking him to the splash pad, picnics, bike riding, beach, ride on paddle boats, swimming and to an amusement park.

  17. We have a lot of Paths and recreation areas that I would like to explore.
    We have a ton of waterfalls too and some have quite the trek to get to them.

  18. My outdoor summer adventures this year will be overseas. I’m heading to England, Germany & Denmark where I’ll be meeting 3 of my children, 1 grandson, lots of cousins, aunties and uncles and of course quite a few friends too. There’ll be lots of walks in the fresh air involved which we all enjoy.

  19. Don’t have a lot of concrete plans, just going for walks, going to the beach, having friends and family over for BBQ’s and doing some gardening

  20. Our planned outdoor summer adventures this year will be close to home. We do have plans to do some walks in favourite places like along a local river.

  21. A trip to Vancouver to visit the Grandchildren to have a few days on the beaches of the Pacific ocean

  22. I plan to spend time with my grandchildren which usually means going on picnics and watching them play in the yard or at the splash park.

  23. Our summer outdoor plans include lots of swimming, hiking, playing tennis, playing at the park and waterpark, and maybe some camping.

  24. This summer we will do a lot of boating on the lake, swimming, hiking, & camping! All activities which require a lot of sunscreen used consistently!

  25. We have a week long camping trip planned and we are going to be spending lots of time outside this summer working in our garden, hiking and swimming at the lake.

  26. I plan on spending lots of time hiking around the historical sites. Im also looking forward to tending to my vegetable garden.

  27. We spend a lot of our summer at our lake cottage and going for a small vacation to Banff, Jasper, and maybe up to Kelowna, that will be as far as we go.

  28. We love going camping together ,swimming and sitting around a good bonfire.We have a few weekends booked
    for this summer and I am anxiously waiting until we go!! It’s so much fun.

  29. We are going camping for a week at Cavendish PEI, I see a lot of trips to Shinning Waters in our future 🙂

  30. day camps. a couple road trips, some time a the local beach, and lots and lots of parks and bbq’s!

  31. We are planning to go to the Calgary Zoo, to go to Stettler and enjoy an Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions, the Westerner, Banff and much more!

  32. We have season passes to an amusement park and we have some camping ideas as well going around. It’s going to be good.

  33. I plan to spend a lot of time at the beach and outdoor swimming pools opened to the public around the city.

  34. We have a week long canoe trip planned and hopefully there is lots of sun. (and few bugs!)

  35. The only plan so far is a trip to visit family in Maine..blueberries are calling me 🙂

  36. This year my forced summer plans are taking it easy..I’ve been tending to flowers outside, doing a bit of weeding, taking it very easy and trying to figure out how to get the time to pass away LOL..I’m not used to being idle and not being at work, esp during the summer months when its the busiest, so its sort of a new adventure for me. I should have my last surgery in July and then I hope to be back at work by the first or second week of Aug. I’ve been off since may when I had my 1st surgery.

  37. We will be camping, hiking, swimming in the lake, boating, fishing and backyard fun time too.

  38. I plan to spend a lot of time at dog parks, spray parks, and just going for walks in the river valley

  39. My first Outdoor Summer adventure will be preparing and updating my perennial beds for summer. I have already replaced ten perennials that were lost over the winter.
    My next adventure will be to have an outdoor barbecue for my husband’s birthday on July 1. This will conclude with the grands and great grand children trying to blow out the candles on his large ice-cream cake.
    Then, it will be greeting summer visitors,, relatives and keeping the weeds out of the flower beds. It also means getting the occasional small cone of soft ice-cream.

  40. My first Outdoor Summer adventure will be preparing and updating my perennial beds for summer. I have already replaced ten perennials that were lost over the winter.
    My next adventure will be to have an outdoor barbecue for my husband’s birthday on July 1. This will conclude with the grands and great grand children trying to blow out the candles on his large ice-cream cake.
    Then, it will be greeting summer visitors,, relatives and keeping the weeds out of the flower beds. It also means getting the occasional small cone of soft ice-cream.

  41. I have already started my Summer Outside Activities. I have replaced ten perennials in my flower gardens, due to winter Kill. This will be a job outside this summer-one that I enjoy very much- weeding my flowerbeds and seeing how my plants are doing . Not all my daffodils bloomed but the tulips were wonderful tall and pretty.
    On July 1st, we have an outdoor barbecue to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It is a day of family and fun for all who can attend. It ends with the great grands and grandchildren blowing out the candles on my husband’s ice-cream cake.
    The remainder of the summer is spent with relatives and friends visiting, some trips to the softi-freeze for small cones of delicious soft ice cream and visits to some outdoor concerts which are popular in the summer.
    I plan on planting a few vegetables -just enough for me to water and weed-and, of course, visits to our nearby Farmer’s Market.

  42. I have plans to attend a beach wedding! Hope to go fishing and swimming this summer as well

  43. We are planning to go camping with a group of family and friends for a week .It is going to be fun and I am excited just thinking about it.

  44. On my 3 weeks summer vacation my kids and I will be going to my mom’s place out in the country. She also has an in the ground pool so we will be spending lots of time poolside. We will be taking lots of banana boat sunscreen with us.

  45. We like to camp, canoe, swim, fish, bike ride and hike in the summer. Nothing like being outdoors!

  46. I will be doing lots of hikes and walks, gardening and hopefully some day trips too!!

  47. We are planning on a trip to Lake Okanagan to spend some time by the water and away from the big city. But of course, we also have our annual trip to the PNE (for the exhibits and rides).

  48. Diabolical batman , no plan. Can’t afford anything. Probably just read a book in the library. FREE. Wow, prize $100 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me.

  49. Camping! Playing in the back yard. The pool. Spray parks. Lots of great stuff to do in the summer.thanks for the chance

  50. I spend a lot of the summers outdoors; my plans include mountain biking, hiking, climbing, camping, etc.

  51. I plan to be going canoeing with a friend and also spending time with my family at a lake.

  52. we are very close to many beaches in Nova Scotia so will be going to the beach on hot days

  53. Nothing is confirmed yet. Road trip to Niagara Falls is at the top of the list.

  54. This might be a double post. Internet keeps going off and on. We hope to get to Niagara Falls.

  55. I don’t really have anything planned (Not yet, anyway), but there will be plenty of the usual BBQ days and hanging out in the backyard.

  56. Hanging out at the beach on the hot days and playing the rest of it by ear no real plans

  57. Nothing too planned, but we’ll be out picking wild blueberries and hitting the beach.

  58. One of my planned outdoor summer adventures just occurred yesterday. I attended a birthday party that was mainly outside so today I’m indoors. Future plans include BBQing.

  59. Normally we go to Canada’s Wonderland and we also go hiking on all the area trails.

  60. I like to walk in the nice weather, I’m going to take some vacation time from work and hopefully do some day trips (I’ve already spent a day with my cousin) and there will be some swimming and BBQs too!

  61. We’ll have beach days, swimming lessons, camp, a weekend getaway, many pool days, fun at the park….so very many opportunities for sunscreen! We love Banana Boat’s sunscreen too!

  62. We plan to spend the whole day outside at Canada’s Wonderland this summer-we will go twice!

  63. I can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors whether its walking, biking or sitting poolside. I plan on spending as much time as possible soaking up the sun but always protecting my skin.

  64. I’d like to take the kids back up to a resort in Muskoka (Clevelands House) we used to go to every summer, but haven’t been back in a few years.

  65. I can’t wait for school to finish so that I can take my children on some epic beach adventures.

  66. Lots of time at the pool. Camping next weekend and lots of soccer from my son it seems.

  67. I plan on doing a lot of walking and hiking. I hope to get out with my camera and get some photos.

  68. I am going to spend the summer getting fit by running the trails and hiking in the Rockies.

  69. We are going to be walking around the reservoir many times and watch how everything changes over the summer.

  70. It would be great to win a $100 Gift Card.
    In response to your question of
    What are your planned outdoor summer adventures?
    This summer i plan to go to the beach and attend some outdoor concerts.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  71. The kids and I have so many adventures planned.. beach days.. berry picking days.. Kite flying.. as much fresh air and sunshine as we can pack into these summer months! 🙂

  72. We were lucky enough to receive a WinnipegPASS so we will be exploring our city with tons of fun…baseball games, water slides and maybe even and “adult” date to the casino.

  73. My plans are to relax in the backyard, take long walks with my dog and enjoy dinner on the deck a lot.

  74. I plan to take a trip to Niagara on the Lake this summer! I have wanted to go there for awhile now 🙂

  75. One of my planned outdoor summer adventures is to stay at a cottage and go hiking, fishing, canoeing, swimming and many other activities.

  76. I will be taking my kids to my parent’s cottage in Muskoka Ontario – we LOVE swimming and kayaking on the lake!!!

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