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Other than our first couple of trips when we needed an agent to hold our hand, we’ve since booked all our hotels and vacations online, ourselves. There’s a lot to be said about sitting at home all cozy, with destination tabs open on the computer, and letting your fingers plan the magic of the escape. 

The process was always the same: choose, book, pay and then wait for departure day to arrive. When booking just a hotel stay, my husband prefers to call the hotel directly and book, to avoid paying upfront, for something he haven’t even seen yet. I, on the other hand, like myself a smokin’ deal and always opt for online booking at

expedia canada book hotel pay later

Well, there’s now a new option at that will be sure to please both booking types –  you don’t have to pay for your hotel until you check out! Users now have the choice to pay now or pay later!

Check out the video below. Not only will it make you chuckle, it also shares the news of this new option at

After hearing the news, my fingers got itchy and I headed to Some friends and I are headed out of town later this month, to attend a concert and have a much needed girls weekend away.

After choosing the hotel at {at a better price than I expected!}, I was notified that ‘$0 was due now’ before finalizing the booking – perfect! All we have to worry about now is what to pack! 

expedia canada book now pay later

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When was the last time you booked a hotel online?


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  1. We have booked hotels (and flights & cars, too) through Expedia. I have always been super happy with their service.

  2. I usually book our hotels online as well but have usually gone to the hotels site to do it to avoid paying in advance. Nice to know that Expedia now has the option to pay later. Will definitely be checking it out!

  3. I have only ever booked online once – it was a so-so experience. I really like this pay later option! Might have to start looking for a winter getaway!

  4. I’ve never booked online before, but it sounds great. It’s got to be easier than doing it by phone.

  5. I have used Expedia. Online booking for me is something I have always preferred for price comparisons, in order to get the best value.

  6. I have never booked a hotel online. I do travel and need a hotel i would definitely use Expedia.

  7. I’ve never used Expedia, but I have friends who swear by it. I think I’m going to give them a try on my next trip.

  8. I need to travel more. Any time we go out of town it’s usually to Disney. I would love to visit Canada.

  9. not having to pay until you checkout is awesome, I usually book directly thru the hotels because of this

  10. this is how much I travel I didnt know you usually had to pay right away when booking

  11. Wow, I had no clue they offered that option. It is cool that you can book before pay day 🙂 Ha

  12. Oh now that’s a awesome way of booking! I’m planning a trip now and will totally remember this!

  13. What a convenient feature this is! I love the fact that you can book now to save that stress and pay later!

  14. I look for hotel deals and book online. I like the idea that Expedia has that option now to pay later . I always read the reviews also before booking.

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