Honest Baby

Every parent knows what it’s like to ‘be told’ how to do things the right way. Right from pregnancy, women are bombarded with ‘suggestions’ on how to eat, rest and breathe. And it continues from infancy and beyond. It can even be total strangers, being stopped in a grocery store with an idea of how a friends’ mothers’ cousins’ neighbor carried her baby. (Yes, that happened to me!) From Breastfeeding to Baby Einstein, someone always has an opinion.

Honest Baby
is taking back the reins of parenthood, and is shouting to the world, “It’s OK, you are doing fine!!!” No-one is a Super-Mom, so lets make light of parenthood.

For a review, Honest Baby sent me a tee that says, ‘back off i’m teething’. Oh, I cannot tell you how much that applies to my twins right now. They both are so cranky sometimes, you can look at them and they cry. Plus, whenever anyone hears that they are teething, they proceed to stick their fingers in the babies’ mouths to check. Hello! ‘back off!’. I love it!

The tee is a wonderful fit, the sizes are of perfect representation. And I like that there is a ‘talking bubble’ sewn on with the wording. It also helps to add texture to the tee. For this particular tee, there are a few color choices as well, which is nice. Ideal for boy or girl!

I also love this tee from Honest Baby, “I’ll walk when I’m good and ready”. Why does everyone (strangers included) seem to ask if a baby is crawling, walking or writing their achievement tests yet.
Really, does it matter? Do they get a prize if they walk a day before others?
Blah, have fun and relax already!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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