Homemade Holidays {with Love}


When I first became a homeowner and before I had children, I longed for the perfect Christmas tree. I wanted the epitome of greatness that would rival any featured tree in a magazine. While I never actually acted on creating this pine-needled goddess, the vision was always in my head. Shiny, brilliant and regal.

Each year when decorating our tree with my kids, out come the dusty boxes of all sizes. Each of them are opened with the intent of slathering the house in holiday cheer. At first glance, I remember my vision and have that moment of ‘should I?’ when again debating how to attain tree “perfection.”

Yet instead of impressive complimentary-coloured brilliance, my vision is replaced with the reality and happiness that is homemade ornaments full of love.

My own handprint on a metal ball from when I was in Elementary, sewn angels from Grandma, a painted Santa {whom has misplaced his hat} and candy cane Rudolphs that my sister made years ago. The purchased ones aren’t part of a set, but rather have a special meaning individually.

Glass bells chosen on our honeymoon to the mountains and the ‘sisters’ ornament my daughter chose for her twin sisters when they were born – they all have meaning beyond being trendy.

With each decoration I see, I’m awakened by the true spirit of the season. Each and every item allows me to tell my kids the stories of times long ago and how each ornament came about.

Immediately, our smiles are as big as the happiness in our hearts. Each and every year I have a mismatched Christmas tree, yet each addition holds so much meaning. It took me a while to realize that I do have that perfect Christmas tree after all.

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. – Edna Ferber

As a parent, I want my kids to one day have much happiness in their hearts during the holiday season. Perhaps the homemade touches we add to our holidays year after year will someday be displayed in their own home. I hope they will have many precious stories to tell their kids, while putting up their own tree one day.

So, each year I think of little ways to add to our collection of what I like to call, “Homemade with Love.” A new ornament on the tree, cut out paper snowflakes with an age and date and even letters to Santa tucked away.

Ornament and Christmas diy

My kids and I have already done a lot of baking to give to others, made personalized gift tags to add to presents, and have added to our collection of ornaments to join the rest on the tree. In doing this, the excitement for the holidays grows bigger each day.

It’s the homemade touches during the holidays that represent warmth and comfort. Keepsakes forever,- for us and for others. The spirit and joy of the season is in the many meaningful

homemade items that represent the loved ones in our lives. It’s more personal than a photo displayed in a magazine. With true spirit, you carry it inside you – year after year.



  1. I love the homemade touches. No designer tree in this home. It is filled with ornaments my kids, nieces and nephews made over the years. (and they are all adults now) We still laugh and share stories of these ornaments. Some even beg me to take them off the tree, but I smile and say I love every one of them.

    1. We just decorated our tree last night, again, I love going through the ornaments – they hold such dear memories! I know the feeling Elizabeth!

  2. designer trees are cold to me, I love the warmth of a tree of memories, like you said. Great post to get into the Christmas spirit!

  3. I have many ornaments like that on our tree as well. Love sitting in the evenings, looking at the tree and remembering the past.

  4. I love homemade gifts and decorations…and I love giving them out. Makes me think of the popcorn garland I used to make in elementary school…My tree now is a mismatch of all the kids homemade school ornaments and i’d have it no other way.

  5. I wish that I had more time to do more homemade gifts/crafts at holiday time. I really prefer the personal touches involved!

  6. Every year i take my kids out and let them pick out a ornament that is theirs…one year i hated the ornament that my daughter picked out.i just didnt think it was Christmasy enough…lol…but i did tell them they could pick whatever ornament they wanted, not what ornament I wanted for them….needless to say my tree doesnt have a matching set either but it has meaning because my son and my daughter both have personal ornaments…along with the ones they have made over the years.. 🙂

  7. kids and I will be having fun on the weekend making cards and decorations. I love handmade gifts

  8. Isn’t Christmas the best? I realized alot of the things that I have around my house all year long are Christmas decorations! I have several penguins around the house, and things like tea towels, etc. It’s almost like little remnants of Christmas that I want to keep around all year long to remember the spirit of the season!

  9. I’ve found that the special ornaments that are brought out year after year make Christmas a time of happy memories. It helps our family relive our history together and pass down stories of family events. A “matching” tree is beautiful but lacks that ability to strengthen family bonds the way homemade/specially chosen ornaments do.

  10. The reindeer ornament is too cute!

    I’m thinking of making that into a snowman ornament with white instead of red (we are a little snowman obsessed in my house…)

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