Home Office: Operation Awesome Desk, Success!


For the longest time, our office was basically in the storage/spare room, in the basement of our house. In that room sat our first computer desk, plain with a wood top and metal legs that had sharp edges. I recall cursing at this desk more than loving it, since I continually would cut myself on the metal. How we put up with that thing as long as we did, I’ll never know.

Yet within the last year I re-arranged rooms and made a dedicated office upstairs. Since we run two businesses out of the home, we needed everything in one spot instead of what seemed like pieces in every room of the house. Files here, receipts there; it was a hot mess. Rejoice, having a full office was the organizational-move move ever!

When setting up my new office, my friend gave me her wooden desk which was larger than my first and complete with drawers and a spot to hold the modem. For months I looked around the room, and decided that it just wouldn’t do. While the desk was larger with some storage, I still had piles of items on the floor and in storage bins. Not to mention I was always accidentally pushing items off the desktop, an indication of being cramped for space. Bottom line, that second desk just didn’t work for us either.

For the past few months I have been searching for the perfect office desk, something to fill the space well and provide a lot {LOTS} of storage. I had called my mission ‘Operation Awesome Desk’, since I knew that it had to be just the right one. I saw a lot of great looking desks in my search, yet none that really wow’ed me. I admit that I had high expectations and most didn’t cut it, in space nor design.

Then, I landed on the Costco website and saw the Palmer ‘U’ Workstation. AWESOME!

I must have measured my office a dozen times, concerned that this massive desk wouldn’t fit in the room at all. In fact, it doesn’t when assembling it with in the main ‘U’ configuration, yet being a versatile piece, it had some options in the final look.

I spotted this same desk at Costco last week, for the incredible price of $357. Score! I’ve seen desks half the size and priced higher, so indeed I was impressed. Double score and sold!

We spent last Saturday, correction: the ENTIRE Saturday, assembling this beast. The work was done by mainly hubby and I, yet the girls each pitched in, taking turns passing us parts for the build. What a long {yet exciting} day that was, and my hands are still sore.

organized home office new desk


costco palmers workstation desk

We worked all.day.long, and it was entirely finished just before the kids’ bedtime. And it IS awesome.

Since you have options with the configuration of this desk, we built it in a ‘L’ shape to fit the room. I love the included hutch with cabinets and ample storage. It has two drawers, one being a lockable filing cabinet, even though we have 2 filing cabinets {not pictured} in the corner of the room already. Did I mention we have a ton of ‘biz stuff’ to store?

Seen here, is ALL my office stuff now neatly in their homes, organized to perfection. Plus, I have tons of room to spare, even the cabinets are half-empty still.

A desk with a laptop in a room

{no, my computer screen is not cracked, it’s just a finger smudge}

Best of all, since I didn’t make the ‘U’ workstation, I now have a separate desk as well. In years to come it could be the girls’ desk for homework, but for now, it’s a nice work table for myself, with so much space to fit any project I am working on.


I still need to hang my pegboard back up, and think the top of the desk needs a fake plant or something to ‘jazz’ it up a little. Yet other than that, it’s done. Immediately comfortable, usable and ready to tackle anything I need to.

Operation awesome desk, success!

Our third desk was the charm, and I’ve learned along the way that you don’t just get a desk that works with you right now, but one that’ll fit down the road even when more chaos is added to the mix.

So, How is YOUR home office working for you?



  1. I don’t have an office per-se – I was given the dining room table and that actually works for me as I have to keep it clean and neat. My husband has the actual office desk – and I find myself neatening it up at least once per week. Maybe he needs to share the table with me so he can find things!

    1. That would be the incentive right there to keep it tidy. I hope I can say the same about my office, I love simplicity and tidy – fingers crossed I don’t clutter it too much. Gotta keep up on the cleaning!

    1. Thanks! It took me a while to think up exactly what I needed. I’m kinda a ‘go big or go home’ kind of gal, I knew I wanted to fill the space so I had storage room. Nothings piled on my floor now!

    1. YAY! I’m a big ‘L’ workstation fan now. Plus, I always choose/arrange desks so I don’t face walls. I’m a believer that it closes the mind. Always face the room and keep the creativity flowing! Yep, I’m pretty picky… 🙂

  2. I am not happy with my current office situation. My house in Alberta had a great office with fabulous furniture. I sold it all.

    I’m stuck with my iMac on my Alex ikea storage unit. I’m hoping for a streamlined writing desk, just for blogging. My office will be converted to a scrapbooking/holding room.

    1. Oh yes, I too had a scrapbooking/craft room too. I gave that one up when we had my oldest. I already thought about ‘what happens when the twins don’t want to share a room anymore … will I lose my office?’ NO WAY!
      I’ll need to come up with some other room switching solution, we have WAY TOO MUCH office stuff to not have a separate room. Hoping you find your solution soon!

    1. YES! That was me before I got my office room. I hated using the computer in the ‘office’ downstairs – ok, that was a storage room with a computer on a desk, so depressing! Anyway, I avoided it at all costs and just worked from the couch … comfy but a pain, which I’m sure you know about! lol

  3. my hubby has one but he still seems to have all his stuff in the living room. I like that you have the desk so you can still see out the door.

    1. Ahh, yes, I just commented on that. I ALWAYS face the door. I have ‘a thing’ about not facing walls, I believe it restricts creativity. I think that’s a fung shui rule … I think. Regardless, it just makes me uncomfortable to face walls, I like seeing open spaces – and everything that the kids are doing in front of me. lol

  4. Wow I love that desk, not only beautiful but functional. I do have a desk now but it just isn’t working for me. Might have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s a great one, so large and functional – for A FAB PRICE!!
      Was talking with a friend today that couldn’t believe it. We compared it to others where it’s simple and basic and almost $200. No thank you! I need awesome, at an awesome price! SCORE!! lol
      Can you tell, I just love this desk?!

  5. Years ago, I had an office room in the house we bought. I too had picked out a L-shaped desk almost the same style as yours, but not as awesome!!!! It was fabulous. I miss owning a home a lot. I am so very glad that you found an Awesome Desk that you love! You deserve a workspace that you can be proud of and one that you won’t hurt yourself on..hehe I am also really loving the additional mini desk, which is a perfect setup as well!!! And for a price like that, it was a Costco Steal!!!!! Patience paid off….*smile

    1. Agreed Kristen, thanks for taking time to read about my Awesome Desk! Hopefully soon you’ll be able to have an office again, you need one!!

    1. Thanks Sydney, I love this new space! Always a work in progress, especially the tidying right? 🙂

  6. That is an awesome desk! I only have a very teeny tiny space. But I am happy to say that hubby recently got me a brand spanking new desk and now I can’t wait to jazz up the space!

  7. Your new desk looks awesome, and what a clean, uncluttered workspace you have now! I also just got a new desk put up in our spare bedroom that is in the process of being converted into my dream home office. It’s such an exciting process and will be such a joy to sit and get to work in.

    1. I’m being really good at keeping the space tidy. I find that if everything has a ‘home’ it’s less likely to just sit out forever. LOVE IT!

    1. Isn’t it? I was talking with a friend today that was shocked at the great price. It’s hard to find a desk for under $150-$200 and it’s usually simple as can be. This is one HOT deal!

  8. It is gorgeous, I would love a beautiful space like that with all the storage! Sadly, my office is the living room couch, my lap and my laptop. Much to my husband’s dismay I often have my agenda, coffee cup, papers and review items scattered around the entire space…lol

    1. I feel your pain! When my office was in the basement, I avoided it at all costs. It was so depressing and away from ‘everything’, so I used to work from the couch too.

  9. Looks like a great desk! And a great buy! We have an office that need organizing but it always seems to get put on the back burner, maybe a winter project

    1. Same thing here too Judy, I put it off and off. I decided this has to be done before Summer. It’s been raining here a lot, so it really helped fill the time on those days indoors!

  10. Fantastic job! The room looks great! I can’t believe the price on that desk – you scored an amazing deal.

    1. I was shocked at the price, I’d never settle for less of a desk for a similar price, makes no sense!

  11. Gorgeous choice! I wouldn’t ever have thought of Costco for furnishing my office, but that is gorgeous!

    1. I know! Who would have thought? I’ll be checking there more often, lots of great things to find beyond bulk food!

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  13. Your office looks great! I have been through about three or four desks over the years, locations and offices. A couple of years ago I downgraded from a house where I had a dedicated office with three desks, a table, two filing cabinets and another smaller bookshelf. Now I use a sun-, sitting room, but have decided to minimize create sitting area. Since I am unable to sit at a desk very long without pain I figure why have a space that can’t be used to it’s full potential. The current desk has been moved to my son’s room and soothing decorating & Comfy seating will replace it.

  14. My home office is a hit and miss lately. I would love a desk like yours with more storage and work space.

  15. My office is a mess.. I have a big old dresser in it and a huge mirror (in a box) that belongs on our dresser in our bedroom but we can’t put it up because it would cover the light switch. I have books on my desk and my chair is uncomfortable so I barely ever use my office. I end up sitting on the sofa with my laptop on my lap while I do my work instead.

    We move a lot so really having my own office is not usually an option for me 🙁

  16. Nice I like it. I need to replace mine. I am now sizing up my room, maybe something like it would fit.

  17. I like your new desk, I too have a U shaped desk and after seeing yours I think I will take it apart to have a separate table/desk. Great looking office Tammi, well done!

  18. Wow. This is a super looking desk and I am jealous! Wish I had enough room to have one.

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