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As we transition from Summer to Fall, it’s a time to re-evaluate our indoor space and maximize it’s potential for the next season. After all, we do spend a great deal of time inside the home during our Canadian Winters!

I find it of upmost importance to organize the indoor chaos, so that the household runs as smoothly as possible. A functional and beautiful space is wanted where you spend the most time, right? Just like the awesome backyard renovation we took on a couple months ago for the Summer season – now it’s indoor time!

As you slowly take out more pairs of long pants, sweaters and other Winter gear – step back and take a look at your closet space. Is it messy? Disorganized? Perhaps an eye-sore?

I have partnered with The Home Depot Canada to tackle the closet-chaos in our home. Let’s call it #ProjectCloset

home depot canada closet organization projectcloset myorganizedchaos

Over the next little while I will show you how Summer has wrecked a little havoc on the closets in our home, and how Home Depot is the key to regaining that control with a diverse lineup of products to fit any need and budget.

First up in closet organization is my oldest daughters closet!

Her closet was a mix of collectables from years past, all sorts of clothes and games which we wanted out of reach from the twins. Yet, packing in all these items really took a toll on what her closet should be – hers. 

projectcloset before photos home depot renovation

For years she had a organizational closet system which worked by tension, yet it was too small for her large closet. It worked well when her clothing was tiny, yet as she grew so did this organizational piece. It really did need to go.

Yet first, the space needed some clearing out. So, I tacked the ‘toss, donate, keep’ piles and re-evaluated the contents which needed to be in this closet. It’s amazing how many outgrown clothes and odds and ends you find when doing this. Apparently she also tossed many clothes anywhere, in a rush to get that bathing suit on for the pool.

While I would have loved to install a sturdy and permanent closet system in here, I soon discovered that the back wall of this space was crawling in electrical. Of course not wanting to start drilling holes and taking the chance on electrocution, I had to alter plans for her closet. So there’s the first tip: before deciding on ANY product, grab the stud/electrical finder and check the walls first. 

I headed to Home Depot and found the perfect product needed for my daughters closet, with the help of staff who assisted me with my options. It’s called the Rubbermaid Closet Helper – Max Add On Organizer Kit.

rubbermaid closet helper home depot canada storage organization

This kit works with existing shelving in a closet, to give ample storage and organization – no screws required. Perfect! Each unit contains 8 ft of shelving and a telescoping hang rod that creates double hang for shirts, skirts, or pants. Here is the product deets:

  • Add shelving and hang space
  • No tools required for installation or assembly
  • Telescoping rod extends between 24” and 48” wide to fit your space
  • Works with existing wood or wire shelves
  • Includes 4 fabric cubbies for extra organization
  • Includes (8) 12” Shelves

Installation was crazy-easy. I mean, some snaps here and pushing a shelf into place there … anyone could install the Rubbermaid Closet Helper. The kit comes with all parts needed to install for both plank shelving as well as the wire shelving {like we have}.

rubbermaid closet organization projectcloset


closet organization rubbermaid home depot canada

This closet organizer kit comes with the fabric cubbies too, which comes in handy for those odds and ends that you don’t want to show or hang. My daughter uses hers for bathing suits, tights and then another for accessories. Plus, there’s even an empty one right now so she can ‘grow’ into the system.

organize closets rubbermaid home depot canada

For those concerned about quality, she isn’t the gentlest person on her closet. Things are grabbed and hung with haste and there’s been no signs of wear or problem yet. As well, this rests against the wall with no sharp edges, so I was relieved to find no scraping on the wall nor swaying when in use. 

A closet

The Rubbermaid Closet Helper – Max Add On Organizer Kit is ideal for what she needs in closet organization. We like the look, the function and ease of install. The entire set has a price point of $90.89 right now at the Home Depot {it’s on sale!}. I think this is a great price for what you get, with the option of using it elsewhere without undertaking a huge uninstall. 

kids closet organization home depot canada myorganizedchaos

The before and afters are a huge improvement in both function and style. Have a peek other Rubbermaid Closet Organization offered at The Home Depot Canada. There’s also many accessories to get in the line, to really make suit your space, needs and wants!

Up next: My Organized Chaos Closet! Stay tuned!



Disclosure: Home Depot Canada provided Gift cards to facilitate this renovation.
Opinions are 100% our own, as always.



  1. I really need to organize our closets! It looks like the Rubbermaid system did an awesome job on yours. Great inspiration!

    1. It worked really well in my daughters closet, with plenty of room to grow. Great product and a wonderful price point!

  2. OH WOW. My closet is in desperate need of this Rubbermaid closet helper! I want to organize my closet and my husband’s but just haven’t been able to get myself started.

  3. That Rubbermaid system looks like it worked awesome. I may have to give that a try myself 🙂

  4. Thats really cool,having 3 kids in the house ,the more space I can save the better

  5. I need to organize my closet bad! My husband and I were just discussing what a wreck it is! You did a great job!

  6. Oh, I love this! We can’t permanently attach anything in one of our closets either, so this is a perfect choice. Thanks for your review!

  7. Wow, thats quite the transformation. Great job, this worked very well in her space. Can’t wait to see your closet next!

  8. Love the transformation! We just redid our master closet and were considering Rubbermaid. We need a solution for the kids room as well!

  9. Looks incredible! What a difference that made for her closet and room, I bet she’s so pleased with it.

    1. Well you should! They have quite the selection, covering all price-points. I’m certain you’ll find what works for you!

  10. I have seen this system in reviews before, and fall more and more and more in love with it each time! VERY much something I need to invest in to organize my own chaos 😀

    1. It is a great system and I love that you can easily move it elsewhere – that’s a big option for some people/homes!

  11. even your before looks way better then my now lol my closet is a disaster

  12. Wow! That looks super easy and so organized. My closet really needs a makeover, so I need to check this out more!

  13. That’s awesome Tammy, what a difference one of those makes! Going on the list of things we need: organizational skills 😉

    1. Huge difference, right? Funny how you take a space and try to make it the best, and all of a sudden you wonder how you ever lived with the way it was! lol

  14. Your daughter has a great looking closet now! What a great organizational system! Thanks for sharing!

  15. My 3 year old needs this kind of thing for his closet… Love the cubies for underwear/socks. Looks Good!

    1. And for the little things that might fall to the floor. Rubbermaid had a great idea with this product!

  16. That’s an organized closet, nice! My closet sure needs a makeover. That will also help me go through my clothes and get rid of what I don’t need anymore.

  17. Do you want to come and do mine? The transformation looks great. I will have to check out this organizer for ours.

  18. Nice job, looking forward to your closet. When your closet is organized, it spills over to the rest of your life I think. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  19. I installed one of these Rubbermaid Closet Helpers in our closet too. It’s phenominal how much space and storage it clears up. Love it

  20. I need one of these in both my son’s room. As they get older the closet organization and storage needs change. This is great that it can be adjusted!

    1. That’s what i love about it Cathy, it’ll grow with her and still be useful as her clothes are bigger!

  21. I am so in love with this organizer – it’s perfection! 🙂 Your make over of the closet looks great! It’s surprising how much extra space you can easily create

  22. I need a $1000 to shop at Rubbermaid and my home would do the happy dance 🙂

    This is great for our closet too. I love the storage idea.

  23. My closet is so small and I just started purging it of clothes that no loner fit, or clothes I don’t wear. But I still can’t find anything, I like the idea of this Rubbermaid organizer. I see a weekend project in my future.

    1. Purging is good for the closet and the mood. I always feel great after a good clean-out, like a fresh start!

  24. Every single person in this house needs one for their room. Thank you for such an amazing post about this and the before and after pictures. It really shows the possibilities .

    1. I was thinking of changing around her drawers to, to make room there and use the shelving more … so many options!

  25. That looks really great. I need more organization. Home Depot has a lot of great products and Rubbermaid products have always been very sturdy and last a long time.

  26. I have 1 shelf in my closet, this would be a great way to store my smaller items and still be accessible.

  27. I definitely need to do something like this in our closets… they turn to chaos, and awfully quickly too.

  28. My closets are a mess, I could really use a few of these Closet Helpers. They look very easy to put together also which in my case is a plus.

  29. I LOVE this – We live in a – correction – we are crammed into a tiny mouse house and I feel like we are busting at the seams. I know that we are best when everything has a home – but our closets are SO small it is really hard to take advantage of the space. Do you think these systems (or the one you used in your grown up closet) would work in tiny closets? Hmmmm…

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