Holy Strollers!

Boy, have strollers come a long way! I’m not old by any means, but it seems like shopping for strollers these days is kinda like buying a car. There are so many brands, styles and features. I am still hunting for the perfect stroller. It’s so overwhelming, I have no idea where to begin. Plus, being in Canada – there’s the cost factor. I certainly would pay the price for a stroller I adored. But, it sure would be nice to know about all the strollers in detail, before I take the financial plunge! So, I keep my eyes peeled for new strollers that go by. And sometimes, I just have to stop and inquire – which I did with this one…I was at the local market last week, when I saw this coming toward me. It’s the Valco Twin Trimode Runabout with toddler seat. Maybe it’s becasue I’m in small city Canada, but is this new or not? Even if it is old, it’s certainly new here (did I mention Canada seems to be years behind when it comes to Strollers)
I struck up a conversation with this Mom, she had Twin babies + 1 as well. After brief chit-chat about the kids and the weather, I got to the nitty gritty. Yes, I interogated her on her stroller! She said it’s pretty handy for when her oldest (a toddler) doesn’t want to walk. She got it because it’s basically a triple, in the size of a double. Plus, the 3rd (toddler) seat can be removed when he gets older. So, instead of getting a triple or a sit and stand, which may not get used for very long, she decided on this one. Which makes sense, becasue her oldest wouldn’t need it as long as her other two, right? I didn’t have a chance to get a detailed review from her, and I regret not asking for a test-drive. (Would that have been frowned upon?) But, I’ll admit – it’s certainly a stroller that catches some attention!
Doesn’t it, Miss Snoopy-Lady looking at the Cherries but so obviously listening in on our stroller conversation. Maybe this Mom-with-new-stroller should have put on a demo at the market!


And…..what the…..
Are you kidding me?
OK, has the stroller-craze gone too far, in this case?
Just watch…Next the dog will be pulling
an adult-sized stroller…hey, that’s a new stroller idea!
Dog sled on wheels…just sayin!

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