Holiday Traditions and #bornwithBarbie

As the holidays quickly approach, I can’t help but to reminisce about my own childhood and holidays of the past. Remembering and cherishing the past while living in the wonder of the present and making many wishes for the future.

I recently hosted a #bornwithBarbie twitter chat, where myself and those that attended, shared our traditions and thus, stories surrounding our holidays and ones that we currently have with our children. Grandchildren too, it’s lovely that some Grandmothers came and chatted with us for the hour.

When I was young, I leafed through the toy wish book with marker or post-it in hand … knowing me, probably both. Flash forward and my kids do the same. I smile at their excitement right now, and while I usually frown at their ‘I want’ requests, this time of year I urge their wishes since I can clearly see myself as a child doing the same thing. And know what? I turned out ok. I understand that hope for a particular toy!

So, when it comes to traditions {mine as a kid or my girls}, Barbie is right there each and every year. While it was different dolls and accessories than when I was a child, it’s the same girl in pink that my girls love. In this similarity comes nostalgia, camaraderie and a feeling of comfort.

This is why the #bornwithBarbie chat warmed my heart fully and completely. We all come from different places and different backgrounds but with Barbie there is that sisterhood. Similar hopes, traditions and dreams. One where you could just ‘be’.

Here’s a peek into the great conversations during the #bornwithBarbie Twitter Chat or click the link and read through them all!

bornwithbarbie twitter chat

Did your holiday traditions involve Barbie?
Do you see the same traditions with your child{ren} now?


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  1. My mom always gave us new pajamas that we got to open on the 24th and I have keep that tradition and a few others

  2. I have lots of fond memories with Barbie and we had the little cases we would carry to our friends house and play Barbie there too.

  3. I remember Christie, Barbie’s first Black friend. I had the convertible car and they hung out in there a lot!

  4. I basically follow the same traditions I had when I was a kid, except that with some, there had to be adjustments because of the time we have right now. But the basics like gifts etc and the food, I try as much to become like my mom..and so I miss her especially during the Holiday season because she is on the other side of the planet.

  5. My daughters play with their barbies so much. They do everything with them. Right now I can hear them playing with them.

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