Holiday Shopping with the YP ShopWise App

As much as I like to do some of my holiday shopping early in the year, fact is that some just has to be done during the holiday shopping madness. No matter how much we prepare, we always have at least a few last minute gifts. Case and point? My kids! They change their minds and their wish-list every few days, so it makes no sense to get all their gifts in July when their attention is on other items come Christmas.

So for those gifts that I still have to buy, I want to get them for the best price. As well, I really prefer not to store hop to find those gifts. This year, I’m armed with the YP ShopWise app. Now available on Android as well as iOS, it’s my holiday helper to make my holiday shopping as pleasant an experience as possible.

YP ShopWise app review

All you have to do is download this free app, and either choose your location or give it permission to automatically find your location. I know some people that don’t like to give location permissions for apps, so it’s nice to be able to just choose your city instead. Yet, just don’t forget to change those settings if you are shopping in another location.

I always start my search on the app by going under the “Nearby” tab, to find all the deals currently in my area. This is great for that quick deal searches, since it can give you great gifting ideas that you’d never otherwise think of getting {or picking up for yourself}.

YP ShopWise app review canada

After a quick peek at the general sales, I start hunting for specific products. After all, most times you do have an idea in mind and this app shows you where it’s on sale.

For instance, I need to treat myself to a winter coat this year, brr. So I’ve been using the YP Shopwise app to help me in my search. You see, I’m rather picky about winter jackets and a general, ‘coats are 40% at x store’ doesn’t suffice. The YP Shopwise app shows me the photo of the coats that are on sale! 

YP ShopWise app canadian sales

For jackets, I go under products, clothing & accessories, and outerwear. From there you can narrow it down by brand or price and more. So you can see that this app works so well for all deal hunters whether they are ‘looking for a winter jacket on sale‘ or are ‘looking for a Columbia winter jackets in pink on sale’.

YP ShopWise also has a new feature – a “Flyers” tab that features the weekly flyers for a variety of stores near you. So, users can browse by store right from their phone.

Many times I have walked into a store and realized that the stores current flyer is sitting on the counter at home, and I never looked at it. At that point I hope that if I watch tags everywhere I go, I will spot the sales. Yet, that’s not effective and really time-consuming. Now I can have the YP ShopWise app open while I shop and move from page to page as I walk through the store. 

YP ShopWise app flyers

I’m really liking the YP ShopWise app because there’s so many options when it comes to searching for deals and sales in my area. It’s faster than using the laptop to search for sales and then find ones advertised from last year. Plus, I can check out a stores best deals before I go in or hunt down that specific item and go right to that store instead of store hopping trying to find it.

One part of the YP ShopWise app that is not to be overlooked is the ‘Gift Finder’ section. I’ve browsed in each category and am amazed at the great gift suggestions listed, all on sale too! Many of the items listed in the gift finder didn’t even cross my mind until then.

yp shopwise gift finder

For instance, the girls have been growing out of their dress up clothes left right and centre, yet want to wear them daily. Thanks to YP Shopwise, I spot a deal for a 27-piece dress up kit for just $33.74! 

Get the YP ShopWise app for your iPhone, or Android – and easily save money this holiday season. Whether it’s for gifts, something for yourself or just for the regular weekly shopping; YP ShopWise give access to flyers, deal and the best prices near you.




  1. awesome app , lots of great deals , i will be downloading it thanks for sharing 🙂

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  7. I’ll definitely try this out and I hope it works to save me lots of money and time this holiday!

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