Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Walmart Toy Academy

Last month I started Christmas shopping. Armed with names and some ideas beside each, I thought I was well prepared. Yet I still found myself standing in the toy department, looking obviously bewildered. You know the confused and lost gaze moving up and down, side to side – aisle to aisle. There were a few other shoppers with the same panicked look on their faces, wandering around aimlessly.

While my own kids can give me somewhat of an idea of the toys they want at Christmas, they are pretty vague this year – plus I have to get gifts for other children too. Different ages and different tastes have left me stumped. That started the oh-so familiar holiday dread from the pit of my stomach, and the fear that I’d be making too many unnecessary shopping trips and leaving empty handed, and also choosing something that wasn’t perfect.

Here to help this holiday season, is the Walmart Toy Academy. This tool was created from monitoring online trends, reviews and ratings – basically doing all the research in finding the popular toys this holiday season – so users don’t have to do any guesswork for themselves. It really does make Christmas shopping so much easier!

Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Walmart Toy Academy

All you have to do is head to the Walmart Toy Academy, and there you’ll find categories to help you shop. From the Top Toys of 2017 to ideas suited to price-point (Top Toys Under $20) and age group (Top Toys for Preschoolers) – it offers a fantastic solution to find the perfect toys this season, whether you are shopping in-store or online.

Walmart Toy Academy

I used the Walmart Toy Academy when shopping for a kids secret gift exchange which had a specific budget and was for an age group I haven’t shopped for in years. Using the Toy Academy platform I was able to find gift ideas both at the right price point and age group – and that’s been rated to be popular for 2017.

Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Walmart Toy Academy

Best of all, it was a seamless and easy process to choose the item, and avoided wasting precious time wandering aisles or making multiple shopping trips.

After all, we all want to {as painless as possible} choose the toy that is sure to impress.

In my partnership with Walmart Toy Academy this year, I was able to choose toys for my children to check out in advance of the holidays. Watch the below video to see their reaction to testing out some of the hottest toys of 2017 for their age group.


Must Have Toys the Christmas Season: 

My tip for your holiday shopping this year? Definitely use the Walmart Toy Academy to find the top toys at every price point, because there’s so much to do during the holidays – and panicking while shopping shouldn’t be one of them.

What must-have toys are on your shopping list?




This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada as part of the Toy Academy program.
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  1. what a great idea, sometimes its really hard to search for gifts on a budget so its great to be able to find something you want in your budget and age group

  2. cant go shopping without walking through the toy section wishing they had so many new ones when we were living.

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