Got the Fall Doldrums? Take a Holiday Inn Express Staycation!

It might be that I’m not used to being in the house so much after an on-the-go summer, or perhaps it’s the chill in the air as we head into the fall season … regardless, I’m itching to get away.

While some are planning their extended long winter vacation, others are checking their budget and taking a long sigh of defeat. I get it, travelling with the family and the cost and time away from schedule, might make it impossible.

For those that desperately need just one night away from it all, there’s always the option of the Staycation. It’s a close-to-home vacation, that gets your mind and body away from the usual – and this is something we very much need to do from time to time.

Ask my kids – even if the hotel was right across the street from our house, they wouldn’t hesitate to stay even for one night. After all – it’s a plush new bed and linens, different surroundings, and comes complete with pampered service. Oh and of course we cannot forget the pool!

holiday inn express and suites calgary family friendly pool travel

I have to admit, when travelling near or far, the accommodations are one of the biggest anticipations, and that goes for myself as well as the kids. More often than not, we stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels, as they cater to business travellers and short-term stays. In other words, the value-oriented travellers.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Edmonton firm soft pillows

Fresh, clean and uncomplicated, Holiday Inn Express hotels provide a free hot Express Start™ breakfast bar with new healthier offerings, free high-speed Internet access and free local phone calls (U.S. and Canada only).

It’s the services of a Holiday Inn Express that I crave, and all fantastic reasons to get away, even if it’s close to home. I think we can all agree that there’s huge appeal in sneaking away for the night and relaxing pool-side, crawling into a fresh already-made {read: you didn’t have to make it} bed, and not having to make a delicious breakfast. There’s so much enjoyment in the experience.

holiday inn express and suites calgary Express Hot Breakfast bar

When is the last time you had a night away, but close to home?

There are currently 2,469 Holiday Inn Express hotel locations around the globe, making it an excellent choice for your next staycation.

For more information about Holiday Inn Express hotels or to book reservations, visit Find them on Twitter and Facebook.



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  1. I haven’t been on a staycation or even holidays in years, trying to save money to go to Japan.

    Hotel amenities would be restaurant & swimming pool.

  2. A early winter getaway/staycation sounds perfect. My kids love when we visit spots with an indoor pool in winter. Such a great way to loosen up and relax from our busy weekly schedules!

  3. We definitely need a staycation. I don’t have any vacation days so it’s hard to go anywhere. We love the pool!

  4. The last one my husband and I had was going on 2 years ago now. It was so nice. Would love to have another one.. I enjoy a pool and free breakfast!! Thanks!

  5. I need a staycation because I’ve been stuck at home with my daughter who has the flu! I need to get away!

    1. Ooops forgot to add how badly we need a staycation – with 2 kids & 1 on the way, we could use the break!

  6. I really need a staycation. I just started a new job and in between wrapping up things at the old job and training , I’ve neglected my boyfriend for a while. It would be nice to have this treat. When we go away we look for amenities like an included breakfast.

  7. I desperately need a staycation, single working mom with two kids. I need a soak in a hottub and a big comfy bed all to myself!!!!!!

  8. We actually went last weekend with my sisters family to a nearby hotel with all our kids. My husband ended up getting really sick and stayed home and told me to go and have fun. I ended up getting a migraine so bad it landed me in bed the entire time! My kids hung with my sisters family and still had fun, but us parents got ripped off. We like breakfast at the hotel, the pool and a great bed to crawl into.

  9. we have had some unexpected family health issues so a hotel stay with a big comfy bed is in order!

  10. how badly you need a Staycation, and what hotel amenities you love to experience
    After spending a month packing for my move to a new apartment, then furniture shopping, then with the most terrible instructions on how to put furniture pieces together and the hours and hours that took, then unpacking and setting up, change of address notices sent out and not being able to cook anything until my stove gets delivered, I need a Staycation badly !
    The hotel amenities I love to experience are the breakfast buffet, the pool, the in room movies and the best is the room service.

  11. We are going through HUGE cuts in our medical system resulting in tons of job losses – I am stressed to the max! I need a staycation that includes a pool and breakfast in the am!

  12. I need a staycation to rest, recharge, and get a full night’s sleep away from our little one! Love the pool and the room service!

  13. I need a staycation after the school start and before the holiday rush to recharge and relax. I would love a pool and spa to get the kids to enjoy their favourite activity and for me to relax.

  14. Staycations always make me feel better. I like having a pool and continental breakfast available.

  15. It has been over 6 years since we went on a holiday where we stayed in a hotel. We have only gone to visit family in those 6 years and stayed with them. When we do stay in a hotel we like one with room service, a breakfast buffet, wifi, and most of all clean rooms with comfortable beds.

  16. I could really use a staycation because I haven’t been on vacation in 10 years. I know Holiday Inn is great because last year I had renovations done and needed a place to stay. Holiday Inn had the most important amenities for me which were a completely wheelchair accessible suite with a kitchen and they accept dogs.
    The amenities I would also love are free meals or breakfast and a great indoor and outdoor pool, plus really great grounds with grass and landscaping.

  17. I just love to stay in a hotel, it is nice to just get away and relax, I like having the use of a pool and breakfast ready in the morning!

  18. I would like to go on a staycation all by myself, no kids, no hubby, just me, the TV/bed, and an order menu. My favourite amenity is a free breakfast!

  19. I haven’t been on vacation for almost 5 years so could use one. I would look for a comfy bed, wifi, pool and room service.

  20. It would be super to just be able to relax with no responsibilities. The good bed would be the best and I don’t have to make it!!!!

  21. I could use a staycation to just relax and get away from all the housework. My favourite amenity is free wi-fi and breakfast.

  22. I would love a staycation! I am desperate need.. I just want to be able to get away and relax and not have to worry about anything… I would love to use room service and the pool!

  23. I would love a staycation! Anytime….anywhere!
    I would love to use the pool, and I’d love a great breakfast!

  24. Both hubby and I are seniors and he is STILL working 7 days a week at 71 yrs and we need a staycation to have some quality time together to just relax and enjoy each others company with no stress. It’s been so long since we have had an overnight away from home with no cares or worries. Living paycheck to paycheck does not leave enough to enjoy those type amenities. We just enjoy the relaxation of the hotels restaurant and the pool or spa.

  25. I would love a mini getaway with my husband . Would be a nice treat to get away from the kiddos for only one night he he. Thanks for this chance!!

  26. A hot tub and a pool would work well for me to take away the pain from work. Last week I feel on the cement floor and my right arm is sporting a huge bruise still in two places and the left side is all stiff. (I can’t afford to take time off to heal, or I would have taken the 3 days off last week) Hubby has lost his job as well again and I hope he soon gets off his butt as he seems a bit depressed and I know its hard at his age to be bouncing around from job to job.


  28. Love the idea of a staycation, a fantastic idea for families with young children! Our family could so use a staycation after a very busy start to the new school year, back to homework routines, cold/flu season, etc. This would be a wonderful little break for some fun for the whole family! Thank you for the chance! I always love when hotels include breakfast and parking, and of course a pool, hot tub, and especially a sauna! 🙂

  29. I need a staycation because it would be a great way to spend some quality time with my family. After a busy fall, this would be a welcome “vacation”. Hotel amenities I look for are free wifi and a free breakfast included.

  30. I would love to get away for a vacation away from all the cleaning and responsiblity at home lol I love free breakfast!

  31. Oh I really, really need a staycation – just one night away from my little ones would be a nice vacation for me so that I can have some time to myself!! I love a comfortable bed, a free breakfast in the morning, free wifi, and a pool/hot tub in my list of desired hotel amenities. A free shuttle bus to local shopping/activities is also nice to have if they are not within walking distance.

  32. Funny you should ask…. We are flying Gram in for Christmas this year. There isn’t enough beds for everyone so we are checking out Hotels but is it ok to stay in Hotel on Christmas? I think so! for the exact reason’s you list above. I would love it! Holiday Inn Express sounds like a good choice too.

  33. The kids have an extra, extra long weekend off from school coming up in November and a staycation would be the perfect break for all of us. We love to play in the pool at hotles and, I usually skip breakfast, but now I really want to experience the pancake machine!

  34. I need a staycation to get away from the stress of everyday life; I would love to try the breakfast buffet and relax in a comfy bed.

  35. It’s been such a busy few months, school starts, flu, cold…..we could definitely use a break. Love when there is a free breakfast and pool at the hotel

  36. A stay cation is just what we need. I need a break from Daily routine, been a long time.

  37. Too much work and overtime means no time together. A staycation would be best for the precious little bit of free time that we have.

    Got to have a great restaurant

  38. Our whole family needs a staycation. We have all been working different shifts on different days so it is difficult to even see a movie together plus our sons are going to university/college so there are plenty of assignments and classes. We would love to get away together. The amenities we always use is the pool at a hotel as my husband and sons are excellent swimmers plus we love to warm up after in the hot tub. With an 18 and 20 year old food is a big deal so a delicious breakfast is essential

  39. i barely see my hubby and when he is home he is still distracted by work so a nice getaway would be fantastic

  40. Wow do I need a getaway. I beat cancer while my hubby had surgery and off work for a month healing. went back to work some guy backed up a tow motor and crushed my hubbies foot. a month later my hubby was driving on a 2lane hwy. and there was a car coming at him. He hit the shoulder spun out then flipped a couple times and ended in the ditch on the other side of the hwy. the women behind got hit head on by a 17yr. old who fell asleep at the wheel. My hubbies truck was a write off. We keep trudging on. So ya we need a time out. LOL

  41. Does the fact that I can’t remember the last time we stayed in a hotel room work? We never get away so this would be nice, would love one with a pool!

  42. I have continuous never-ending amount of work and I need a staycation! I would love to visit the pool.

  43. I would love a staycation just to get away from work, laundry, house cleaning and dishes and would love to relax in the pool, watch movies and enjoy a free breakfast in the AM.

  44. Being working so much I need a break. As long as the hotel offers free breakfast and wifi, I’m happy

  45. I would love to have a staycation! A hotel room to myself, spa treatments, pool and hot tub, room service, in-room movies, a soft, pillowy bed and nice, relaxing shower.

  46. I haven’t been on a vacation or a staycation in years! I would love to just get away from the stresses of everyday life and escape, even if just for a little while. I love having a pool and exercise room as well as great restaurants.

  47. i’ve been really stressed with work lately, and need a staycation badly! i love steam rooms and saunas:)

  48. It has been pretty stressful around here the last couple of months. A staycation is a great idea! I enjoy a pool and hot tub when I go to a hotel.

  49. I need to get the heck out of the town where I live for a change of scenery! I really like a hot tub to relax in.

  50. We desperately need a staycation with two full time jobs and two young children – and I love fancy hotel bathrobes and nice showers!

  51. I love me a fast water slide! As far as I’m concerned every hotel needs a sweet slide. And then when I’m all beat up from that a nice soak in the hot whirlpool is a must!

  52. like everyone, I could use a break right about …now. That breakfast is included always gets me.

  53. I welcomed a newborn of 2.5 months and desperately need some time off. I would take advantage of the spa facilities.

  54. I sooo badly need to clear my head! And I love when hotels have a mini breakfast buffet!

  55. As I feel the weather turning cold, I know a getaway would be amazing! (for my family or just for my hubby & me!) I love ti when breakfast is included & there’s a pool/hot tub! 🙂

  56. it would be lovely to go on a staycation! especially with so much wedding planning. I love it when they include breakfast, soaker tub and comfy bed

  57. This post is very timely because I’ve started looking for a place for a Staycation during the Holiday rush. We love a break from the doldrums of winter and craziness of the season so it is a perfect escape, especially if there is a pool, breakfast and an onsite restaurant.

  58. I need a Staycation SOOOO badly…. I have lost the only income we have, and, because I am nearing sixty, it is extremely difficult to find a job in a town of only 30,000. I would really enjoy just going off the radar, and spending my time watching TV or relaxing in the pool.

  59. Been years since hubby and I had a chance to get away, even for a day…and I’d love to spend some time in the pool too!

  60. We both work full time with 2 young kids and haven’t had a holiday in 3 years… so we could really use a staycation! I love a free breakfast and wifi.

  61. We both work fulltime and between work,school and soccer we really need a break! We love the pool and beds

  62. I can’t remember the last time I got away for a night and NEED to so bad. I love hotels which offer a swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. Plus I love the convenience of breakfast or brunch.

  63. I haven’t been on holiday for 2 years. I am beyond ready and in need of a staycation! My favourite part about hotels is the pool 🙂

  64. We could use a night away. Been so busy last couple months. The kids would love to just go somewhere where they can enjoy a nice pool

  65. I need a staycation very badly and love being able to soak in a deep tub. I currently have the tiniest tub in which my kids hardly fit into.

  66. Oh, rather a lot. We’ve been house bound for all summer and up till now. It wasn’t so bad in the summer, but it’s starting to get rather dreary.

  67. We’d love a staycation! With work and kid activities, it’s so hard to plan time away.
    We’d love to hang by the pool!

  68. I have 5 kids and haven’t taken them on a stay cation since 2012 so I think we are overdue! They don’t care where we go as long as there are waterslides!

  69. We love a good staycation! My son’s favourite thing is ‘hotel swimming’ – his way of asking for a staycation (preferably at a Holiday Inn) and they MUST have a pool! I love their breakfasts, bonus points if they have warm cookies at check-in!

  70. My mom, sister and I love to do staycations together. Due to health problems, I can’t travel far so this is the only option for us. But this year money is super tight so we won’t be able to do it for my sister’s birthday in November or my mom’s birthday in January. We all have major health concerns at the moment and financial worries so a girls trip to get away from the stress for the weekend would be perfect! And we all love hot tubs and pools so we would enjoy those and the comfy beds! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. I very badly need a staycation with my hubby. Due to shift work it is veery difficult to find time for the two of us to just relax together.

  72. I forgot to mention the hotel amenities we will enjoy and one of those is the high quality of the bedding and the comfort of the beds and pillows. I love that they offer many different types of pillows as my husband and I like different pillow firmness. This may sound silly, but it matters to us.

  73. I need a staycation bad enough that if I dont win it, I will be trying my best to take one on my own dime. I would love the free continental breakfast or pool. Nice break up from the regular routine

  74. I want to win this, not for myself but for my daughter who has a young son, recently started a new job and could use a mini vacation.

  75. I’d love a staycation! I haven’t stayed in a hotel in years! 🙁 I would love to stay in a hotel that has a pool for my 4 year old to enjoy 🙂

  76. A staycation would be wonderful, but it would also even be great to have a night at the Holiday Inn when I am travelling for medical appointments, instead of having to rush back home the same day! The amenities I seek out are Wifi, a really comfortable bed, a quiet room, and some type of food service on the property. NO BED BUGS!!!

  77. Staycations are awesome because you get to check out your own country. We have lots to see in Canada. I need one because it is nice to get away and just do whatever. I love having the breakfasts… and tea through out the day. Have a big tub is sweet. Having comfortable pillows is a must . What would really top it is having a steam shower. 🙂

  78. I need a staycation because there is already too much snow and a nice getaway to a Holiday inn express with a pool will fool me into thinking I have gone away. It will be nice and relaxing too.

  79. We need a staycation so very badly. My Husband has not taken a vacation in 3 years. We would really like the indoor pool and free breakfast.

  80. After a tough year of switching jobs and getting everything set up for a new schedule we could really use a staycation! The pool is what we love most, can’t have a staycation without one!

  81. I really like hotel pools as long as they’re not freezing… and free breakfast is a big plus too! We really need a staycation because the kids need to let off some steam.

  82. It would be wonderful to have a staycation right now as my husband has health concerns which is always stressful.

  83. I would love a staycation. My husband got injured this year and has been off work since. It would be so nice to have a mini getaway.

  84. We need a Staycation as we have moved into a new to us house that has to have a lot of work done on it. We need a break! The amenities that I like are internet, fridge, coffee maker and a hot tub.

  85. My favourite hotel amenity … a full night’s sleep without children interrupting! So if we found a sitter … it’d be an amazing staycation! Or, if they come … the pool would be a hit.

  86. I need a stayvacation because my husband has been out of work. So i am starting to get cabin fever. The amneties i like is the pool

  87. A date night away with the hubby sounds excellent right now. I’m always very happy to have a balcony, a pool and breakfast as part of our stay anywhere.

  88. Like you wouldn’t believe…. we have never had a vacation. I worked contract job for over 10 years and so I was not given holidays. Plus my husband having cancer twice and out of work we have had our share of hard times. This would be a dream …. we can’t afford to go anywhere. Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. I do not like to see sob stories so will just say, I am going through something and my husband and I could use a night in our nearby city. Love a pool and a free breakfast when we go to a hotel.

  90. Been working extra hard this year at work – almost no time to use my vacation time up – need a break!

  91. I need a staycation and I love hotels that have a lounge; somewhere we can have a drink and actually not too loud, so we can carry on a conversation too.

  92. I need a Staycation so that I don’t feel the need to want my family to live in another house. i love those instant pancake machines.

  93. My last stay vacation was last year – my mom. sister, niece and I always go for an overnight stay at a local hotel before Christmas. Great beds and breakfast are important.

  94. I would love a night away from my house just so I don’t have to be thinking of all the things that need to be done while I’m falling asleep!

  95. I really need a staycation – I need a break from working 60 hours a week. I would love to go for a swim and have a good workout.

  96. Hubby and I could definitely use a night away. It’s been a long time! I love the free breakfast, hubby likes a pool.

  97. I so need a staycation – with my husband and I working full time and the 3 kids all having extra curriculars and early morning weekend hockey etc. we are due or a night away. Amenities I enjoy in a hotel are a pool, hot tub and breakfast.

  98. A staycation would be amazing! My boyfriend and I could definitely use a night away from the kids. Thanks!

  99. i am on mat leave and i am trying to make it memorable for my 3 year old. having a staycation woild be fun. we would swim in the pool all day

  100. I really need a staycation because I am tired! Sometimes I just don’t want to cook supper, look at the mess in my house, or do chores. I just want a vacation. If I were go to a hotel, I would love to see a free breakfast and a pool. A waterslide would be awesome for the kids – but not necessary (but appreciated)!

  101. I’d love love a staycation!!! I’ve been living with roommates and am in dire need for a night on my own lol hopefully with a pool and room service and a high pressured shower!

  102. Hotel amenities for my family is wifi! lol
    I need a staycation because, like you I am a mom to three… including twins. Getting away for a night would be heavenly!

  103. After such a busy year and no money we’d love to get away even for a night. I love having breakfast made for me

  104. I need a Staycatioon because I would love to escape the regular hustle and bustle of life. I’d love to go to Niagara Falls.

  105. We stay at Holiday Inns all the time because of the breakfast. It makes mornings much easier with 3 kids. A staycation would be nice to get away from it all for a weekend.

  106. I so need a staycation BADLY..really really badly! I like to have free breakfast,that is a must,,and a pool is always nice!

  107. im so busy and have no time for myself..i need a night away.Must haves are a pool and hot tub

  108. We are getting snow tonight, so it is time to get away! I am so ready for a break! I love a hotel with a pancake machine and an indoor pool for the kids! Thank you.

  109. I have never been on a Staycation but if it involves staying at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel I am all in. I could also use a fresh me up before the Holidays are in full swing.

  110. In a wicked twist of fate my husband and I both opened businesses this year, so a break is needed. I love not having to make my own bed and if the room has a giant soaker tub that cover my shoulders and knees at the same time, I’m in heaven.

  111. Definitely in need of a staycation; nice to get away from the house for some quality family time, that isn’t interrupted by daily chores etc. A good pool area for kids is a must when we stay at a hotel

  112. I Have a cousin staying with me and need a break away from them. Pool would be amazing .

  113. I would love to win this. My kids love hotels for some reason and we haven’t stayed in one all that often. Must be the pool and just watching tv from their beds haha.

    We would love a one night getaway. It’s been too long since we have gotten away.

  114. I’d love to have a staycation with my hubby for our upcoming anniversary. We both work very hard and have 2 boys that keep us on our toes, plus with my anxiety i could always use a mental break!
    thanks for the chance

  115. i would love to escape for a staycation — to get away from ringing phones, knocking doors, chores and responsibilities! Who wouldn’t? I love a soft bed with lots of big pillows and a heavy cozy warm blanket!

  116. i would love a staycation and i would love being able to swim around in the pool to relax

  117. We don’t get a lot of family time with the 4 of us, so a staycation would be so appreciated! For us, we love a good hot breakfast and a fun pool with a slide!

  118. Would love to take my little niece on a Staycation since she asked me to take her. I took her when her mom was sick. She liked the big bed, swimming pool & ordering room service. TY for the chance.

  119. I definitely need a Staycation, life has been crazy and hectic lately! I so love the HOT TUB, sauna and pool! Oh and a nice breakfast is great too!

  120. I missed a vacation this year and would love a weekend away. Throw in a breakfast and a hot tub would be wonderful.

  121. We totally need a staycation as we have limited vacation time, and love room service!

  122. We would love a fun staycation, never get to stay in a hotel because we have a camper we stay in summer vacation…my kids love the breakfast bar.

  123. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on a staycation. What we look for in a hotel is a cleanliness, pool, complementary breakfast and excellent service.

  124. Im going thru a rough patch right now and all I want is a nice comfy bed and no distractions for one night. Looking forward to a jacuzzi

  125. After dealing with a death in the family we would love a staycation. We love swimming pools in our hotels.

  126. Like many, I am a single parent. We camp and take in local day activities. It is too hard to go far when there are so many duties at home a staycation with a pool and complimentary breakfast would be so wonderful!

  127. We’re all about the pool when we go to hotels! Continental breakfast is pretty awesome too.
    We’ve been talking about how nice it would be to get away even for just a night. I started a new job a few months ago and though it’s only part-time and half of that at home we are really noticing it’s toll on the family time we have, especially as my husband works 2 jobs and my 3rd daughter started school in September. We need some time away to reconnect as a family!

  128. I’m in definite need of a staycation! Work for both hubby & I has been crazy lately and we need to re-connect & get away from the daily grind! As for amenities we love a pool, restaurants in the hotel.

  129. I so need a staycation, life has been crazy with family commitments and obligations and I would just like to get away to recharge. I just need a clean bed, TV, exercise room and a place to get food nearby

  130. We so need a staycation to just get away from the chaos for a short time. We are all about the hotel pool. My kids love to swim!

  131. I think we need a monthly staycation!! Life is just too hectic & we don’t spend enough time or pay enough attention just to one another! We need it so bad…..I would do a cartwheel if I won 🙂

  132. It has been a long time since I have been able to get away and just relax. What fun it would be to have a comfy bed, free wifi, big screen tv and coffee in bed.

  133. It has been a long time since me and my husband had a date night this would be great we could also use the pool and hot rub

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