Holiday Baking Could Not be Easier! #DessertMoments


As years pass, the kids get older and my schedule fills and fills until it could burst, it’s no wonder that I rely on shortcuts in the kitchen. All year long I cherish those meals and recipes with only a few ingredients, and love baking when it can be done in no time flat.

This is especially true during the holidays, since added to my schedule is concerts, carolling, shopping, wrapping, entertaining and so much more. Each year I look at my Christmas to-do list, and contemplate crossing off holiday baking due to the {lack of} time. Yet I love the tradition of holiday baking and giving packaged treats as gifts, so instead I opt for just a few extremely easy recipes.

I recently got to participate in a fun outreach with Kraft Canada. Not only was I supplied with some ingredients to prepare a few recipes of my choice from, yet the lovely and talented Red Deer natural lifestyle photographer, Amber Bourret came to over to capture it all.

To make it a fun family event, my Mother in Law {aka baker extraordinaire} came over as well. I thought it was a great excuse to bake with family and have photos of us both, for the kids to cherish one day. I know that years later, they will love seeing their Mom and Grandma bake together in the kitchen. Making Holiday Memories!

I have two recipes to highlight for you, so incredibly simple yet delicious – you’ll fall in love with holiday baking and not just the eating part {and I promise that you’ll have time to make them}.

First is the Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels. Take a peek at the recipe at the link, so easy I don’t even need to reiterate here. Simply dip Kraft Caramels into Bakers Chocolate and sprinkle with just a tiny bit of Sea Salt.

To make it easy, we used our Velata Warmer to melt the chocolate, and the fondue forks to dip the caramels in. You could also microwave the chocolate or melt using a double boiler. Either way, it’s very simple.

My tips would be to tap the fork/toothpick to get off excess chocolate before settling on wax paper to cool. One of the perks to using a melter for the chocolate, is that you can rest multiple caramels on the side and let them drip a bit without holding them. As well, don’t overdo it with the salt, a very very little goes a long way.

Next and I think my favorite recipe of the season {Yes!} is Two-layer Cookie Crunch Fudge. I’d never made fudge before, just assuming it would be very time consuming. Ahem, so wrong. At least with this recipe, I was shocked.

Again, just a few ingredients and little timing actually ‘making’ this dessert. Yet, the taste? Oh wow, I love chocolately goodness that this recipe provides, mainly because I have a massive crush on white chocolate. I will be making this again, and that’ll most likely be before the holiday season is over.

After both recipes were make, an hour later we were packaging it up, ready to send to family, friends and neighbors. If you haven’t before considered gifting baked goods please consider. A nice ribbon, gift box, a heartfelt message attached – it’s a gift that anyone would love to get.

Homemade {I won’t tell it can be this easy}, and faster to put together than tackling the mall. As well, it’s perfect for that hard-to-shop-for person, who doesn’t want mouthwatering baking anytime of the year?

Have a peek at Kraft Canada’s site, and follow #DessertMoments on Twitter to get more inspiration on creating stunning edible gifts for your family and friends this Christmas.


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.




    1. Bwwwaaa, you mean I can clean well before anyone arrives?
      Well, I do keep very little appliances out in view most of the time, amazing how uncluttered can pass for clean. Well … With more crumbs and fingerprints of course!

  1. The finished product looks yummy. And like you had lots of fun making them as well. Great pics!

  2. I am so hungry now! Thanks so much for the great recipes. Your Mother in law is the cutest thing in the sweet apron. I need some better aprons apparently. I am going to make both of those recipes if the caramels last that long. So delicious!


  3. Cooking with someone else is so much fun. Thanks for sharing an absolutely delicious looking recipe.

  4. Awwww! Awesome photos! The treats look delicious!

    Thanks for sharing & Happy holidays to you and yours! ♥

  5. Oh chocolate covered caramels look delish. I bet they would be good too with a dusting of ground walnuts or candy canes. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a cute treat box for gifting sweets. I’d try the fudge but use the peppermint candies instead that is on the bottom of the page from your link. Love this idea!

  7. We like to make a big batch of fudge to gift to neighbours and our massage therapist. It’s always a hit!

  8. I did baking as a gift this year. I’m going to make those caramel goodies! Yum

  9. What a great idea. I’m not much of a baker, but I think this is the way to go next year. I hate the stores when they are so busy.

  10. I love salt and chocolate together so will definitely be making these since they are so easy. I love the concept of using the Velata warmer so will be trying that.

  11. Those recipes seem so delightful! I will have to bookmark for next year. I don’t have a baking or cooking bone in my body, so I don’t do either really haha. But the ones you tried don’t seem that hard at all!

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