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It’s now December 1st and the holidays are in full swing. It’s going to be a busy month!

The thing I love most about the holidays is tradition, those things we do as a family year after year. We already took in the Festival of Trees, and have concerts, carolling and baking on our calendar. Tomorrow is the day we set up the tree and decorate the house, and I hear a certain Elf on the Shelf may be making his 1st visit as well. That’ll be the start of a new tradition.

One of the biggest traditions we do year after year is the theme of our New Years Eve dinner. It’s always an appetizer night. And, of course that always includes my favorite snack for myself, family and guests – the meat, cheese and cracker tray. Who can’t resist making themselves a little ‘sandwich’!

For our neighbor and a dear friend, I always gift Hickory Farms cheese and sausages, purchased at the little kiosk in the mall. It’s now become excepted  yet more like anticipated, since they love this delivery so much each year. In that sense Hickory Farms is also part of our holidays as well as out traditions.

For more than 60 years Hickory Farms gifts have been a classic holiday tradition that brings family and friends together. Products can be found and purchased online or in one of over 700 holiday stores and kiosks across America.

Recently Hickory Farms sent me the Tastes of the Trade Tool Bag, a kit which includes lots of snacks, in a reusable bag. Inside is: 2 -Our Signature Beef Summer Sausage 10 oz., Farmhouse Cheddar 10 oz., Jalapeño Cheddar Blend 10 oz., Holiday Spiced Almonds 4 oz. , Golden Toasted Crackers 4.4 oz., Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers 4.4 oz.

While I couldn’t keep and enjoy this package due to the nut {allergies in our home}, I passed this package onto my Father-in-Law. He was excited to receive it, and I know he’ll enjoy all the contents.

They always have a lot of company, especially around the holidays, so I know it’ll come in handy for entertaining. Yet, if I know him, he might of had to ‘sample’ a few first! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Christmas Eve spent with the in-laws & Christmas Day with my family every year. I Love it.

  2. We always go out for Japanese on Christmas Eve; we’ve been doing it for almost 30 days now. After our dinner we drive around Victoria and look at all of the lovely lights!

  3. Love waking up early Christmas morning with my own family, then going to my parents for celebrating all day with food, fun and gifts with my whole family! Merry Christmas!

  4. we get to open one gift christmas eve and chriatmas day we keep it simple with just family

  5. We always have a big family dinner and watch the Disney Christmas Parade on tv, then spend the day visiting with each other and watching Christmas movies

  6. Our Family Tradition is Make Christman Magic for Children & Grand Children and Great Food and GOODIES Christmas is for the little ones make it MAGIC Dazzle them with lights and Decorations !!!

  7. Stockings! I have the same tradition as my parents…we can wake up anytime, as long as we don’t disturb the folks and go through our stockings…it was the best times for my sis and I, and I did the same for my girls, too! πŸ™‚

  8. Love family gatherings at Christmas! Christmas Eve at church – then home with our (adult) kids. Happy Happy times!

  9. We started a new tradition of going to our local Christmas tree farm and picking out a Christmas tree! πŸ™‚ I was thinking about doing Elf on the Shelf.

  10. We celebrate on the 26th, which is also my Dad’s birthday. The best of both worlds and no fighting when it comes to significant other’s family.

  11. Christmas morning, watchign the lkids oppen their presents and than shove that big turkey in the oven and cook for the jam fam!

  12. My Mom is part Polish. So our traditional Christmas dinner isn’t turkey and stuffing. It’s Kielbasa and Kapusta (sauerkraut)! We also have the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. It’s always new pajamas so that we look presentable in Christmas morning pictures! πŸ˜€

  13. We do an advent! Every day in December we open an envelope that has a different activity to do that day! It’s fun for the kids!

  14. Christmas Eve we open one gift and we make this evening special spending time together watching Christmas movies.

  15. We are still building our traditions with our little gal. This is the first year we are adding in the “Count Down to Christmas” basket. Same idea as an advent calendar, but with little trinkets or a love note or a small piece of Christmas. The one thing that we always do it take in The Nutcracker ballet. This year it’s at a new venue, but we are really excited.

  16. We open one present Christmas Eve & Christmas morning take turns opening gifts youngest to oldest (one gift per turn & then another round of gift openings until all the gifts are opened.)

  17. Snacky, junk food on Christmas Eve. Usually at least one daughter’s family stays overnight. Watch Christmassy movies and have a fairly quiet evening.

  18. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around various neighborhoods with my parents to see all of the different houses decorated with Christmas lights. We’ve done it for as long as I can remember. πŸ™‚

  19. Dec 5th is St Nicolas Day in Holland, we put out our shoes, sing some songs and wait for a gift in our shoe from St Nicholas!

  20. We love hickory farms, I still need to make that trip to the mall too. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to have ham, fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, other yummy sides and lots of homemade sweets. We open our presents after dinner and the anticipation is always high with squeals and surprised faces. Our children are older and we now love sharing these traditions with our 3 grandchildren and a bun in the oven.. TIA


    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  21. We always bake Christmas cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve and have cinnamon buns on christmas morning.

  22. Our favourite Christmas tradition is the Advent house. We don’t have chocolate in it but rather a new clue each day. 1/2 of the days Miss R gets a gift & the other 1/2 we do something Christmasy.

  23. We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas so there are lots of great decorations and fun activities!

  24. there is always hickory farms products in the house for the holidays this would make a great addition to that

  25. My favourite tradition? Having all the kids pile into bed with me to open stockings. Now that they’re older, I make them wait til a “reasonable” time… no 5am wakeups for me!!

  26. We spend Christmas Eve with my family and we always have brisket instead of turkey or ham. Christmas Day we spend with my husband’s family and we generally have the traditional turkey fare.

  27. Family comes first and we do things together. So the special Christmas baking is done among all of us (can be a little crazy). Of course, sampling is included in that! thanks.

  28. drooling over the catalogue, we always have a fun appetizer meal for New Years and the girls look forward to it more than the big Christmas day meal!!

  29. Each family member brings one gently used but loved item and wraps it up you draw numbers and each person picks a gift, at the end and the person with the last number can pick from everybody elses gift. Sometimes the fave item is so silly and this is a really fun way for everyone to participate in some silly fun!

  30. We have a multi-faith heritage. As a result we celebrate Hanukkah (usually on Christmas Eve as it is one time that it easier for all the family to travel and be together) with a family gathering and a delicious meal that includes latkes. Then on Christmas day we have a second big gathering and a traditional christmas celebration including turkey and all the trimmings.

  31. We always like to decorate our house and tree the first weekend of Dec- usually with a take out dinner πŸ™‚

  32. Love waking up Christmas morning and watching the little ones opening their gifts. We usually cook the majority of the breakfast the night before so we just have to reheat it so we have more time to enjoy the morning festitivities.

  33. Christmas eve we lay out all the crackers cheese and kielbasa, along with all the goodies and treats and veggy platters. We cut down our own tree, decorate the 1st of Dec. Christmas we open all our presents, watch movies and relax, eat dinner, gain 20lbs, then go sledding if I haven’t fallen asleep by then.

  34. My sisters and I have a cookie hookey day – we stay home from work and pull the kids out of school….and we bake bake bake BAKE. Hundreds and hundreds of cookies….
    We have some for us over the holiday season, and the rest get packaged up and given away to friends and neighbours. It has become such a popular tradition that we get asked in November when the “cookie day” is….
    Everyone looks forward to it!

  35. Family tradition – coffee while we open stockings, gifts & then a nice yummy breakfast together.

  36. Christmas baking is a holiday tradition. For the past few years we have had a cookie baking day with family and then exchange treats at the end of the day!

  37. Going out to our truck stop restaurant in our town on christmas day for supper.

  38. Tradition: Christmas Eve alone with just our little family – then a big blowout Christmas dinner at my aunt’s (who rivals Martha Stewart). Love it!

  39. Every year our family hosts a Christmas party. Everyone dresses up and adds “decorations” to them selves, and we get our party on with family and friends to celebrate.

  40. Hot chocolate and marshmallows Christmas eve night, stockings and gifts early Christmas morning and a wonderful day of food, family, friends and celebration all day long!

  41. We always have a big family party the weekend before Christmas, with lots of food (potluck, so there is a variety) and a gift exchange! It is my favorite part of the holiday season πŸ™‚

  42. We always drive around together to look at the Christmas lights in our town and then come home for hot drinks and watch Christmas movies together.

  43. We are still trying to create our own traditions. I want to incorporate some of my family traditions from growing up, but my kids are a little young for that. We did start painting ornaments last year, though, and plan to make it a yearly thing.

  44. The night before Christmas my daughters (4) exchange gifts. It brings tears to my eyes how thoughtful they are for each other. They’ve done this for 25 years now.

  45. I don’t have family so I spend christmas etc. on my own. Usually watch movies or read.

  46. We do Christmas eve, not Christmas day. It started when I was a child, doing it at home because Christmas day we had to go to the grandparents houses. We really get 3 Christmas’s that way! Now we just are used to it. Christmas eve for my family & Christmas day for the hubby’s side. Works for us.

  47. We always have relatives over on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts and enjoy our homemade turkey dinner. That evening, after all the relatives have gone home, and everyone is in the comfort of the pajamas, we turn on the computer and track Santa’s progress on the Norad Santa tracker. Our kids always get excited watching Santa’s travels. When Santa gets close, the kids leave the milk and cookies out for him & the reindeer, along with a thank you note, and then they brush their teeth & go to bed. Come Christmas morning, my husband and I are always awoken around 5am by 3 kids that are all telling us, “Santa came, Santa came! ” I love seeing all their excited faces πŸ™‚ We turn on our Christmas lights (whic.h we leave on all day on Christmas) We open gifts under the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music. When all gifts are done we have a nice family breakfast & put on Christmas movies πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas everyone!.

  48. We stay at home for Christmas morning and then go to my Mom’s or one of my sibling’s homes for Christmas dinner. We have the traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings and we each bring something to contribute to the meal. We usually have lots of wine too – oh and Christmas crackers are always included as part of the holiday celebrations. πŸ˜€

  49. I shop early and get all the presents organized so when December hits me and my boyfriend can bake, wrap, drink eggnog and decorate together in peace. Not to mention curl up on the couch and enjoy holiday movies together.

  50. Our tradition is dividing our time with both our families, for Christmas Eve, church (which means going twice) and Christmas Day. It’s all about family.

  51. Hickory farms reminds me of my Grandpa, this was something I bought him every christmas. He loved all the little jams, and the other selections in the gift pack….just the right amount for him.

  52. staying up all night on x-mas eve wrapping gifts and watching movies, sleeping in x-mas day, then cleaning and helping getting the meal ready.

  53. On christmas eve we have a big gathering at a family members home, potluck with a gift exchange. On Christmas day we spend it with immediate family

  54. we always have our big xmas dinner on exmas eve. It is nice as if we have friends etc we want to have over it dosent interfere with our family time on xmas day and we also have lots of yummy leftovers so no cooking to do xmas day either

  55. We always get together. Breakfast is a huge event, and we eat before the gifts are open. I pull all the culinary stops for this meal.

  56. Now that we have a child we’re just starting out with our family traditions. One thing that I am carrying forward from my childhood is the reading of “The Night Before Christmas”

  57. We don’t really have any traditions. Didn’t even selebrated anything for the last few years. Maybe we will this year…

  58. We like to give a gift Christmas eve and on Christmas morning the get to open the rest! The rest of the day is to just relax and enjoy family time.

  59. Every year myself, my husband, my sister and her husband and our two children all pile in one truck and travel out to the country to a Christmas tree lot where we wander around for an hour or so trying to find the perfect tree. It has become an annual tradition and I so look forward to it every single year. We listen to Christmas music and sing along and have a grand time!

  60. Christmas morning we have a Ukranian breakfast: Ukranian garlic sausage fried and then simmered in cream, perogies and cream, and eggs poached in cream.

    Not the best for the waistline, but so good!

  61. favourite holiday tradition is the men cooking on Boxing Day. It really is relaxing for all us gals

  62. We have Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws after attending mass. Christmas morning we have a big family breakfast at our house before going to my parents’ house to spend the day with my family.

  63. We have an book advent calender, the kids unwrap a present for story time each night to countdown the 24 days until Christmas … the last book being the Night before Christmas!

  64. We live in a small town and on Christmas eve we do a town light tour and ooh and ahh over the beautiful light displays.

  65. We always set up and decorate Christmas tree at home during the first weekend of December (i.e. this week) and we always took a family picture on Christmas Day

  66. Christmas Eve we usually spend with our friends and then Christmas Day with family. It’s cheesy, but we always put the yule log on the tv channel for fun in the background.

  67. We make gingerbread men every year. When I was little, we used to go to my grandmas’ then at our house. I now continue the tradition at my house with my kids. It is the biggest mess everywhere but we all have a good time.

  68. I love family gatherings!! As a child we had both sets of our grandparents (& usually a few extra loved ones) at our home for gift exchanging on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day was always spent at our grandparent’s homes. I was so Blessed to have both of my sets of Grandparents live in the neighbourhood wo we altered who had us ALL in for Christmas dinner each year. I LOVE reminiscing over my past Family Christmas and always look forward to the next ones!!

  69. We do the classic English Christmas: church, present exchange, turkey dinner followed by Christmas pudding and Christmas crackers. We also do the French-style reveillon and have a seafood feast on Christmas Eve. We sometimes go to Midnight mass but we’re usually to tired to get there after dinner!

  70. We always give the kids Christmas jammies on Christmas eve and watch a holiday movie together with popcorn and cuddles:)

  71. Our tradition is midnight mass! My daughter opens up a present of her choosing when we arrive at home.

  72. Christmas eve we have all kinds of snack trays and open up one present each and spend the entire day and night as a family. it’s great

  73. On Christmas Eve, we drive around the city on a self-guided light tour! We get to open 1 gift (each) on Christmas Eve. We also have mini cinnamon buns on EVERY Christmas morning. πŸ™‚

  74. We make a fusion of Indian/Western food and have a big family meal of samosays, pakorays, meat&cheeses for appies, then a choice of turkey and butter chicken, tandoori chicken for dinner with gingerbread, shortbread, and traditional sweets. I guess you could say our tradition is to eat, eat and eat! Thanks for the chance to eat some more. πŸ™‚

  75. We have a Christmas Eve ‘service’ during which we all find a holiday story or poem and read it to the rest of the family. We gather around the fire and share our stories and it is a wonderfully warm and sweet tradition! Afterwards, we all open one present (always pajamas) and change and go to bed to wait for Santa! πŸ™‚

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  76. We do an anticipation chain starting Dec 1. The kids are allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve and we have our big turkey dinner on Christmas Eve.

  77. we don’t have much of a tradition going on since my husband doesn’t like celebrating a lot of things, but, we usually get together with friends and celebrate most holidays πŸ™‚

  78. We open one gift Christmas Eve, which is always new pyjamas, a book and christmas movie.

  79. We always make Italian Pizzelles before Christmas to give to family and friends.

  80. We go to the Fantasy of trees every year at thanksgiving to start our holiday season!!

  81. we always open a gift on Christmas Eve,and then Christmas day wake up,open gifts and stockings,make turkey dinner and eat it then go visiting.

  82. we celebrate with his family on christams day and my family the next few days!
    always works out that way πŸ™‚

  83. One of my favorite holiday traditions is making homemade Christmas cookies with my daughter to eat and for gifts!

  84. Church on Christmas Eve follow by open house at one of the family members house. Family dinner on Christmas day.

  85. We enjoy baking our time-tested array of Christmas cookies and our favourite Tourtiere for the holidays.

  86. I come from provence in france the we always do the 13 desserts tradition πŸ™‚

  87. We travel to the grandparents and spend Christmas morning with one set the the evening with the others. Lots of food and fun in between.

  88. Waking up Christmas morning to kids opening their gifts and then dinner with family!

  89. we get up super early. The kids get to open a couple of presents. Then we have a big breakfast and open the rest of the gifts. Then off to grandma’s house

  90. On Christmas Eve the family gathers around to enjoy twelve meatless dishes and then we go to Liturgy/Mass.

  91. On the Sunday before Christmas the women and older children of the family get together to make holiday cookies and candies. We then divide them onto trays and pass them out to loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Thanks.

  92. We always try to go for a ride as a family and look at the Christmas lights and decorations.

  93. Every year I wrap up a stack of Christmas books – each day the kids take turns picking one and unwrapping it, and that is our Christmas story that we read before bedtime that night!!

  94. The day after or the weekend after Thanksgiving we always put up or Christmas tree. Christmas eve is very big with my husband’s side of the family so we always spend Christmas eve with them. We leave early Christmas morning to spend Christmas with my family.

  95. I usually have summer sausage,cheeseball and appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner. Then I love to eithe rhost Christmas Day brunch or dinner.

  96. Christmas eve is spent with family and friends and we always have Halibut fish and chips for supper. Christmas day is spent with family with the big turkey dinner

  97. one of our holiday traditions is watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and putting up our own charlie brown tree.

  98. Christmas tradition: Advent Calendar, Christmas Crackers, Egg Nog, Hot Chocolate, Teletoon Christmas Shows…..(all for our 8 year old son). For Mommy – after all the fun…..ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz’s

  99. We go to Alabama a few days before Christmas and then on to Kentucky for Christmas day.

  100. (That is an amazing looking prize!)
    Our holiday tradition (meaning it happens each year) is the family watching It’s A Wonderful Life, Chirstmas Story and The Grinch on the day the entire family is together for festivities. Truthfully, we talk through most of them, but they are always on in the background.

  101. What a great addition to our holiday treats this prize would be. To share amoungst our friends!

  102. We have Christmas dinner here in Newfoundland, which is at lunch time (We’ve always called our meals breakfast, dinner, and supper). The type of dinner we usually have is what is known as Jigg’s dinner. The meal consists of meat (in this case it will be turkey) potatoes, turnip, cabbage, carrots, salt beef rib-lets, peas pudding, and it is all smothered in gravy.

  103. One my favourite holiday traditions is Christmas Crackers at Christmas dinner. Everyone crosses their arms and we all pull each other’s crackers and POP! Usually the toys inside were pretty silly and the paper hats were goofy but it was more the sense of the whole family coming together at one moment. I still insist on Christmas Crackers every year!

  104. Christmas Eve and Day all with family. We light Christmas candles and make wishes (health, happiness) on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve just like I did with my mom many years ago. Love Hickory Farms products. Thanks for the chance towin!

  105. Every year, I take a pic of my kids, and then we make a homemade ornament with their pics on it for each of the grandma’s! It’s a fun way to look back at years past!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  106. We are a ‘tradition’ family, of European descent! So there are a lot of traditions,,,,,,from descreetly laying a straw in the manger when you do a ‘good deed’, to toasting Christ and the family on Christmas morn with freshly sqeezed orange juice in special small silver goblets……we have them all!

  107. My sis and I have a new tradition – each year we go to a holiday play!
    Thank you.

  108. Christmas Eve, we eat hor dourves play cards,listen to Christmas music and wear our christmas jammies

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