Helping Kids Find Their Own Destiny

With each parental day that passes, I can’t help but look at each of my children and analyze who they are and ponder on who and what they will become years from now. It’s my duty as their Mother to facilitate their interests, harness their strengths and help them build upon their weaknesses. Finally, provide ample support in assisting them to achienve all that they want.

For instance, my oldest has a dream to one day attend the World Cheerleading Championships, so I shuffle back and forth to cheer practice many days a week and be a cheerleader for her – as she makes her way toward her dream. Honestly, whether she gets there, who’s to know. Yet for her and her drive to succeed this very moment, I hope so – and I’ll be there with her every step of the way whether she’s on that stage one day or not. If she down the road decides on another path, guess what? I’ll be there with her as well.

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Here are some tips on how you can help your child decide if their destiny is right for them or if they want to rewrite their life’s script:

1) Support their interests – Dance, soccer, science, art – whatever your child has a particular interest in, let them explore it so they can discover where their true passion lies. Showing your little ones that you support their interests will give them the freedom they need to decide what’s best for them and what they was pursue in the long term.

2) Give them options – When it comes to after school activities, let your little ones have a hand in choosing how they spend their time. Whether it’s selecting a music lesson, a sports team or extra time spent on studies, letting your kids be involved in the decision making process will show them that you value their opinion and want them to have a voice in their future.

3) Challenge them – One of the best ways for your daughter to understand her interests is to challenge her to try activities outside of what she’s used to doing. This will help to expose her to different areas or subjects and will give her a better understanding of her capabilities and ambitions. You never know until you try!


What we need to remember is that kids also have hopes and dreams for the future that may not line up exactly with our own. Regardless, as parents, its important to support our children’s aspirations and help them to find their own destiny.

My girls love Ever After High dolls, both the Rebels and the Royals. They’ve been Ever After High collectors ever since the first ones were released, and the newest ones to hit stores are on their radar. A little bird tells me that the twins will be getting some for their birthday this weekend – but that’s a secret.

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If you aren’t familiar, A Royal believes that it is your duty to follow your destiny. They want to sign the Storybook of Legends, and can’t wait to live their own Happily Ever After. Rebels on the other hand, are ready to rewrite the story and live their own life and choose their own Happily Ever After.

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Is your child a Rebel or a Royal? Visit the Ever After High website to take the quiz and learn more!



  1. I got royally rebellious. I was definitely more of a rebel back in high school though.

  2. I got Royally Rebellious .
    Cute little quiz. Actually had more “depth” to it then alot of other quizzes .
    Thanks for giveaway.

  3. I got Royally Rebellious but on to another topic,your daughter shown above is a beauty

  4. It appears that there’s a bit of the rebel and a bit of the royal in me, so I’m a happy mixture šŸ˜‰

  5. I am Royally Rebellious and there are some chapters I would like to rewrite while I embrace some of the prewritten tale.

  6. Royally rebellious šŸ™‚ Seems you have a few of us reading the blog with this answer šŸ˜€

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