Help Keep Chicken Canadian!

As a Canadian, I know how much we rightfully get up in arms when our Canadian businesses and products, are at risk. We have deep pride in our country, our fellow citizens, and those who’s livelihood better all our ways of life. 

I’m getting right to point with this, as this is a crucial call to action …

Keep our Canadian Chicken, Canadian!

If you don’t already know, Canada’s chicken farmers in every province {that’s 2,700 farm families} work hard every day to bring fresh, high-quality, Canadian-raised chicken to our dinner tables. Chicken farmers across the country work within a system called “supply management”, which matches supply to demand; and considering that chicken is Canada’s number one meat, that is a TON of product being supplied to Canadians, from Canadians. In fact, I think my own family averages ‘chicken for dinner’ at least 4 times per week!

canadas chicken farmers

For consumers, Canadians know that our farmers follow world-class food safety, animal care, and quality standards. Canadian chicken farmers adhere to our wants and needs, as well as standards – giving us the highest quality.

Not only that – when you buy Canadian chicken, you support Canadian farmers. Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg industries support over 330,000 jobs and contribute over $27 billion in GDP.

The point? We need to defend our Canadian chicken farmers.

More and more, imported products will displace the local, home-grown and reliable foods we trust, and place the livelihoods of the farm families who grow them at risk.

I have close friends who are 3rd generation farmers, and I cannot fathom what a change like this would do to their entire lives. Not only that, I know the passion and dedication they put into their farms – as a consumer I put all my trust and respect into this, which could be a thing of the past.

Fellow Canadians, this could affect each and every one of us.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet all opinion are 100% my own


The decision on whether to keep Canadian chicken, Canadian is being made very soon. Your call to action is highly needed! 

As Canadians who support fellow Canadians and our home-grown products, we need to:

  • Write to your Party Leaders in this upcoming election, to ensure that Canada’s chicken farmers are properly represented – and that Canadian chicken stays Canadian and that we safeguard the farm families we have.
  • Look for the “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” logo (I’ve included it below) and if you don’t see it, ask for it. That way we’ll know that the chicken we buy is home-grown

Chicken Farmers of Canada have a piece available on their website: – and this will allow you to send these letters directly from their site. It’s an easy resource for you, to have your say to those who can make a difference. 

If this change happens, we won’t know the origin of the chicken we’re eating. That is unacceptable!

canadian chicken farmers

**As with anything political in nature, there is mis-information being spread about the agreement and it’s effect on Canadians. As a resource, I urge you to read up on Supply Management facts.

Please take your stand and Help Keep Chicken Canadian! 




  1. Definitely can get behind this! Anything that improves consumer trust in the food we eat and feed our children has got my vote.

  2. I seriously thought that all our chicken and eggs were Canadian raised! I’m going to have to carefully read labels from now on because I definitely do not want meat or eggs from other countries!

  3. I’m not sure that this would be an election issue for me. People vote with their money. If they buy Canadian chicken then we’ll have Canadian chicken to buy in stores.

  4. totally an election issue for me, People need to get out and vote and show this country we want to keep Canada Canadian and that means protecting our farmers. Thank you for sharing this so very important information

  5. I truly believe we need to support our Canadian producers. I want to know where my food comes from and I put my trust in our companies. I also want to protect our jobs and economy.

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