Hello World; SmartZip Sleeper


I have a love/hate relationship with baby sleepers. One one hand I adore the look, and the warmth that a sleeper can provide. Yet, diaper changes can be such a pain! Whether it be at night or during the day, you basically have to undress a baby in order to change them {which makes them cold and irritable}. And don’t get me started on those snaps, more often than not {especially in the night} they get done up…so way off! As winter draws nearer, I am leaning toward using sleepers again for those cold and chilly nights. I was happy to hear about a company, called Hello World – as they have designed the perfect sleeper, which make me rejoice and completely love sleepers once again.
Hello World’s new and fabulous SmartZip™ Sleeper is a pleasant mix of what us parents need, and what will make our babies happy. The SmartZip sleeper makes you go, “Ahhh! That makes so much sense!!”, because it can zip from the bottom or the top. This two-way zipper allows you to quickly change a diaper, without exposing their upper half
{and forget the pesky snaps altogether}
My girls each got a SmartZip sleeper in the pink color {make me blush}. Not only are they so adorable, snug and soft, I have certainly appreciated and celebrated the two-way zipper. With twins, if night-time diaper changes are drawn out and complicated – I run the risk of them both being wide awake. Hello World has allowed me to get in, and get out – and back to bed. I also love that the feet have a elasticized ankle that prevents it from falling down. It also has care flaps to prevent the zipper from rubbing against their skin. The soles of the feet also have non-slip grips too, which has prevented many falls in this house. My only complaint is that the sizing stops at 12 months. I would love to see at least one size larger provided by Hello World, if not more. In fact, if I could get myself some SmartZip footed pajamas, I just might! {Ha!}


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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