Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes


Last week my twin girls turned the big 4. Happy Birthday sweeties. After going back and forth a million times {no exaggeration} they ultimately decided on a Hello Kitty Cake. While I usually make 2 cakes for their special day {we sing to each separately as well}, this year I opted for One.Huge.Cake.

A decorated birthday cake

 The bottom tier was pink rainbow layers, the top tier – purple layers. Rainbow layers is fairly simple yet time consuming to do. You just have to separate your batter equally among the cakes and color each one to suit before baking.

A close up of a piece of cake on a plate, with Cream and Hello Kitty Cake

I have to also give a special thanks to my oldest daughter, Isabelle {7}, as she helped me so much with the girls’ cake. She even made the flowers all by herself! I’m so proud of her, and very happy that we got to spend this time together baking and decorating.

Hello Kitty Cake

Before I was even done decorating the twins peeked onto the counter at their cake, “Best.cake.ever.Mom!” {smile}. Yet, they say this each year about the cakes I make, bless their hearts. Thank you Katie and Sophia, I do it to make your day. And a great day it was, complete with delicious cake and ice cream.

What a great 4th birthday for my twin babies!

A little girl sitting in front of a birthday cake


A little girl sitting at a table



  1. Great cake. I love that you sing to each separately. That is amazing. You are raising some great girls mama.

    1. Thanks Nolie! I try when I can, but failing is apart of everyday as well. Parenting – got to love the ups and downs, right?

    1. Ha, that’s exactly the truth, it was hard to tear it all up after working so hard. Good thing it’s so good to eat though!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girls! 4 is a wonderful age. My godson turns 4 in a month. My twin neices will be turning 10 next month…wow!!! By the way I have an all white cat just like Hello Kitty…lol!!!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! 4 is a great age, yet when there’s 2? I’m a little afraid of the schemes they come up with together! lol

  3. wow!! beautiful cake..my girlie loves Hello Kitty too..her birthday is coming soon,wish i had you around to make her cake..what a great job!!

    1. Thanks so much Tina. Honestly, I don’t want to go through that for a while now, that took days!! Good thing birthdays come once a year! lol

  4. You are amazing and sooooo talented and your girls are adorable! They look so happy with their cake -great job, Mom! And the varying colors of pink on the inside?!? HOT!!!!

  5. Looks delicious, lucky girls, happy birthday..oh just wanted you to know that I’m a twin, identical, I’m 46 years old and people still confuse us..lol Twins are so much fun,..ha ha ha

  6. Special cake for two lucky special girls- Happy 4th Birthday from our family. Cake looks fantastic – masterpiece. Cake decorating is definitely an art. It is beautiful.

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