Heartwarming #PetHappy Stories

Last month I shared how Charlie, our Cavalier King Charles, made our lives happier. From little ways to big ways – having him does make our family complete and I’m so happy he’s apart of our lives. In fact, as I write this, Charlie is right beside me, sleeping away, cute as can be. 

In my previous #PetHappy post, I also shared an awesome contest from PetSafe where so many Canadians shared stories of how their beloved pets made their lives better.


They held a $2500 Prize Pack contest, and the winner is Kristen Visser who shared an incredibly touching story about her dog, Sparky.

Here’s what she had to say on the PetSafe Facebook page:

Meet Sparky smile emoticon Sparky was my grand fathers dog and best friend. After my grand mother passed away, he found happiness again in his little friend, much comfortable and companionship. A few years later, my grand father unfortunately passed away leaving Sparky behind. My mom took him in and now a part of my grand father lives on, as Sparky has now become my mother’s little friend #PetHappy

pethappy winner petsafe krsiten visser

Kristen goes on to say, “The day that Dad went to the hospital for the last time was the day that Sparky came home with me. I got to Dad’s place and there was Sparky, curtain pushed aside, face in the window waiting for Dad to come home. I unlocked the door and Sparky was right there. Tail wagging, looking past me and then at me as if to say, “where’s Dad?”


I hugged him tight and explained to him that he was coming home with me because Dad wasn’t coming home. He sat there and allowed me to continue hugging him as I bawled my eyes out. He came home to the farm that day and shares the house with my boyfriend, Steve, my cat, Blue, my parrot, Angel and myself.


He has adjusted well. He loves the farm. I credit Sparky for helping me get through a very tough time with losing Dad. We have formed an incredible bond of unconditional love”

imagejpeg_2 (1)

Kristen’s story touched my heart so immensely. Kristen says, “Sparky has brought so much joy to my life. He is a calm gentle soul that loves unconditionally”, which is also so sweet. I can tell this 8 year old Borador {Border Collie/ Labrador Retriever Hybrid} is very much loved, and gives so much in return as well!

Congrats to Kristen and to all who entered the #PetHappy contest on the PetSafe Facebook page, I loved following all the stories shared and smiled at the photos shared as well. Indeed there are many that celebrated their pets!

And now, I have a winner of my own to announce as I also hosted a PetSafe contest, the winner receiving a PetSafe prize pack {a mix of toys, treats and lifestyle items} valued at $500.

So, here is the lucky My Organized Chaos winner, Aimee,  who’s, “My two dogs make me happy, by being there for me after a hard day to cuddle with, and their unconditional love.“! Congrats Aimee!



While the contests are over, let’s continue to share#PetHappy stories because sharing the happy is a good good thing.

How does your pet make your day?



  1. Congrats Kristen, Sparky sounds like a true wonderful boy. I’m so happy that part of your grandfather can live on through this special boy.

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