Health Check – Overcome the Summer Slump

I used to laugh at the term ‘lazy days of summer’ because in reality, it’s been anything but. Compared to the school year, I’ve had much less duties on the calendar, yet somehow seem to be running like mad from one place to another. Day trips to lake trips, yard care to summer camps – it’s been hectic some days.

While the unstructured fun is a nice change, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to back-to-routine season. If only to help me out with health habits, which haven’t been a priority as late due to the temporary change in routine.

I started the summer with the best of intentions. Plentiful fresh fruits and salads, and the warm sun fuelling my energy enough to stay on track when it comes to exercise. Then came the BBQ’s and cool frozen desserts, just to name a couple. Vacations, socializing and warm summer nights have wreaked havoc on my good intentions.

The change in seasons once again is a good time to do a health-check and get refocus health-related goals. To set yourself up for success, make a plan, know where to start {and not just when}, and be specific when setting goals. I previously talked about Attainable Health-Related Goals, and the easy ways to make those simple changes for the good – it’s time to re-visit those steps and put them into action!

Attainable Health-Related Goals for 2017 with Jamieson Essentials

Despite the need to drink lots of water during the hot summer months, this one has completely fallen to the wayside for me. Unfortunately I’ve become to comfortable with sweet slushy and high-sugared drinks. So, focusing on water intake is a must for me from now on.

I was also very good at taking my Jamieson Essentials™ for the majority of 2017, yet just in the last few weeks {after forgetting to pack them for a trip}, my daily good habit showed some cracks. Taking these 4 essentials vitamins and minerals did a wonder of good for me, and it’s a priority when it comes to getting back on track. Knowing that I generally felt better when taking them {and had other side benefits such as stronger hair and nails}, is proof enough that this simple act is of great importance to me.

With the number of options and amount of information available, trying to select the right vitamins and supplements for a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming. Jamieson Essentials makes it easy by identifying the four products that best meet the health needs of Canadians. With nearly 100 years of experience, Jamieson’s team of experts have done the work for you and identified Multivitamin, Omega-3, Probiotics and Vitamin D as the four products Canadians should take every day as a foundation for healthier living.

For these two specific goals of essentials vitamins and more water, my plan is to place these front and centre so they become habit again. Before the summer I was great at going into the cupboard for my vitamins every day, and under the counter for the water bottle. Until these two master keys to health become a solid habit again, they will be in prime spot on my kitchen counter as a literal reminder.

Try this tip for yourself and let’s get back on track together!

jamieson essentials health goals made simple


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.



  1. I know I definitely feel better when I take a daily vitamin; but I have been slacking off in the summer with all the things going on… I really need to get back into the habit.

  2. I really need to drink way more water , i hate water so much , so i think i need a good daily vitamin to help , lazy days of summer is so true , i am lazy and to relaxed !

  3. I’d like to streamline my vitamins and supplements so this article helps me choose the most important to take.

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