Hazelaid Teething Necklace

It was almost a year ago that a friend of mine was very successful in relieving her daughters tooth pain just by having her wear an Amber necklace. I was really impressed, especially when it was tremendously more effective than all the gels and ointments that I was using. So, when I shouted out for an eczema relief for my daughters, Hazelaid came to my rescue. And to my surprise, they also were experts in the properties of Amber as well. And that’s the beginning of my story…

Hazelaid’s story began when a Mom and Dad were baffled and desperate with their attempts to relieve their daughters’ severe eczema. Having tried everything else {gee, sounds familiar}, they heard about the healing properties of Hazelwood, so they decided to give it a try, as their last hope. And to their surprise and excitement, it actually worked. They wanted to shout to the world that their daughter was finally free from severe eczema, and that it was Hazelwood which had helped them. Their way of spreading the news, and the product was to open up shop and provide natural healing jewelery, for people with all sorts of ailments.
All sorts? Yes, it’s true. Being an alkaline wood, hazelwood {from a hazelnut tree} acts to absorb the excess acid that is produced in our bodies. This excess acid is what causes eczema, acid reflux, constipation, digestion issues, heartburn, nausea, skin sensitivities…and so much more. The store also carries products made from amber, which works as a pain reliever. Amber is great for teething pain, migraines, headaches, arthritis, inflammation etc {Have a look at the properties of these natural materials on the website}. Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you are probably thinking, “Tammi, what about the nut allergies in your entire family!”. Thankfully for us, the wood comes from the branch of the tree, and not the nut itself. So, this makes Hazelwood safe, even for those with allergies.
Hazelaid is a treasure when you are looking for many types of Hazelwood and Amber jewelery, in many sizes of necklaces and bracelets. Since this item is worn for your health, and for looks – Hazelaid also offers a wide assortment of designs and colors for both adults and kids. They are made using a very strong nylon covered metal thread, to ensure durability. There is also Hazelwood & Amber products {all in one}, which I think is great…because what if someone has arthritis and eczema? And if you are a person who loves wearing Magnetic bracelets, there are magnetic/hazelwood combos as well.

I had the opportunity to try Some Hazelwood necklaces on my daughter, for a number of weeks now. One of my favorites is the Pink Flower, because a necklace has to appeal to the little princess, and the pretty pink beading was a big hit!

For a fair review, I stopped using all creams and lotions that may have interfered with my judgement on the usefulness of this product. The first day I stopped using any cream on her skin {and just the Hazelwood}, her eczema flared to the worst it had ever been. And I was so worried! I was really surprised {and relieved} on the 3rd day, when it started to go away and after weeks of wearing Hazelaid jewelery, now her patches feel like minor dry skin {yet unnoticeable when looked at}. Best of all, she no longer scratches and claws at her skin, like she did before. As a Mom, it’s so nice to see her comfortable again. Personally, I have put alot of faith into Hazelaid, and it payed off for my daughter. I am now a firm believer in Hazelwood healing properties and thank Hazelaid so much.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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