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I’m sure HASBRO is a name you are familiar with, and what about ‘Family Game Night’? Yes, we have seen the commercials but do you understand the real idea behind it? Ge together as a family, and have some good old fashioned fun! When my daughter doesn’t have school the next day, sometimes she stays up late with me and we have some Mom and daughter time. We watch movies or play games, you know, the things that we can’t do without the Twins interrupting. Especially since it’s gotten colder and we spend more time inside the house, gaming has became a frequent occurrence in this house.

One of the games that we have been enjoying is the CONNECT 4X4, new spin on an all-time classic. The grid is doubled, there’s blocker chips, and 4 players can play this one {verses the 2 from before}. You know the goal: drop checkers to connect 4. In the new CONNECT 4X4, the playing grid can spin, and you can drop checkers into both sides. And, you can connect your 4 on either side of the grid or by weaving in and out of both grids. Yes, it takes twice the concentration and thinking for this one. My daughter and I have so much fun with this game, lots of giggles and cheering {and wow, did she get good at this one!}

And then there’s monopoly. I remember having Monopoly challenges with Hubby almost nightly before the kids were born. And there’s so many forms of Monopoly now as well! Not just the classic version, there’s also world edition, electronic edition and themed ones as well {we have the Star Wars one!}. We received the new Monopoly City, a metropolitan version. Not just the little houses anymore, this one has skyscrapers, industrial complexes, schools and stadiums. Build your city, yet don’t let it fall! An opponent can build next to yours, crashing your property value. The Monopoly City is a great version if your the type of player that loves to buy and build houses and hotels in the original version {ahem, Hubby. AKA, ‘the developer tycoon} The game features 80 3-D buildings, the game board, 6 movers, buildings, 22 District cards, 25 Chance cards, 6 Reminder cards, 1 Rent Dodge card, 2 dice, 1 money pack, 1 trading unit and instructions. I never got bored with the original version of Monopoly, yet I just love all these new ones, it makes the classic loved all over again!

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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