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We have an entire cabinet overflowing with board games, yet we’re always looking for more to add to our collection. We use them throughout the year; whether we play as family, with guests or classic fun for the kids. It’s a great opportunity to unplug, visit, connect, and simply have a change in routine. Unless you routinely have game night and in that case – great for you! 

So, it may come as no surprise that board games are top gifts to give at Christmas, they are just one of those items that people rarely buy for themselves despite meaning to. 

You can bet that HASBRO released some new games in 2015. Here’s just a very small sampling of new HASBRO games perfect for gifting, rather than daunting lists, let’s keep it simple. These three would cover fun for the entire family!


MONOPOLY JUNIOR: Disney Frozen Edition
Age: 5 years and up/Players: 2-3/Approximate Retail Price: $19.99

The fast-trading property game of MONOPOLY meets the power of snow and ice in the MONOPOLY JUNIOR: Disney Frozen Edition game. Kids can join Anna, Elsa and Olaf as they travel through Arendelle and buy its most magical locations. Play as Anna, Elsa or Olaf and whoever collects the most money wins! MONOPOLY JUNIOR: Disney Frozen Edition game includes one game board, three character movers, 24 Chance Cards, 36 Character Markers, 90 banknotes, and one die. Available at major retailers across Canada.

MONOPOLY JUNIOR Disney Frozen Edition Game


Age: 6 years and up/Players: 2, Approximate Retail Price: $29.99

Unlock the fun in this electronic version of the original guessing game! Players select a character, then lock their selection into place using their game lock. Take turns asking your opponent questions to eliminate characters. Close the doors on the board as you get closer to guessing your opponent’s character. Make your final guess by placing the key into the keyhole to unlock the winning tune. The first player to guess their opponent’s character and hear the winning music wins the game! Available at most major retailers across Canada. Two “AAA” batteries required, not included.



Age: 6 years & up/Players: 1 or more/Approximate Retail Price: $27.99
The classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of JENGA is getting a shake-up! In JENGA QUAKE, players take turns carefully pulling out the brightly colored JENGA QUAKE blocks one by one from the tower. The excitement and suspense builds as the tower randomly vibrates and rotates during play. Keep calm and a steady hand to be the last player to place a block on the tower before it collapses! Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included. Available at most major retailers across Canada.

Jenga Quake Game

Who on your shopping list would love a new HASBRO board game? 



WIN IT: One Canadian reader is going to get all three {3} of the games from HASBRO!

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Disclosure: Hasbro sponsored this holiday giveaway to my readers, all opinions are my own.




  1. We play games quite often either with the kids or grandkids. Great way to spend an evening with the family

  2. We play board games several times a week. Our Guess Who game is old and falling apart but it’s still a favourite!

  3. My family and myself play every friday night! Thanks for the great giveaway! You have an amazing blog!

  4. We don’t have a set night as my grandkids are busy with sports/skating/dancing etc but we often play at the weekends and always when my daughter and her children drop in to visit. πŸ™‚

  5. We play board games a couple of time a month although we seem to go through streaks where we’ll play a lot and then take a break for a bit.

  6. almost every weekend , with 3 young daughter , its fun and sometime we invite my sister and the kids over and just have a big game night

  7. We have a family game night every 2 weeks and its a blast, some new games would be a delight

  8. We like to play as much as we can, always have fun with some friendly competition!!

  9. We occasionally play board games at home on the weekends. We play lots during the holidays and when we’re out camping though!

  10. We play board games once a week. The night rotates due to schedules, after school activities, errands, etc.. but we always make time 1 evening a week.

  11. We play board games two or three times a month. It is so much fun and i wish we could play more often.

  12. We don’t play very often when the weather is good, but we play 2 or 3 times a week when the weather is awful.

  13. it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone together, but i try every couple of weeks

  14. We play about once a month unless we have company over who enjoy board games and then it will be more often.

  15. At home, we play board games not as often as we should, 4 times a month, at least once a weekend we have family game night, it’s lots of fun

  16. Well I always wish we could play them once a week, but realistically it is more like once a month. During the winter it is closer to once a week though, but spring/fall/summer we still spend more time outside.

  17. A couple times of year but now that we are out of the baby stage there will be more time…I hope!

  18. I’d love to play them more – we have limited options for our kids’ ages or 2 player games though.

  19. Truthfully I don’t play board games, I don’t enjoy them. However my husband plays games with our kids, at least once a month. He’s great at it. His Father, our kids’ grandpa is even better. When they come visit he plays with the kids all weekend.

  20. we play board games whenever we get together with my family; it varies depending on when we visit.

  21. We donèt play as much anymore, but my son has a standing game on Thursday evenings with his friends.

  22. our son just turned 4 and we’ve been playing sorry a lot lately. I think we’ll be playing a lot of board games.

  23. My family plays board games several times per week. It is valuable, quality family time together.

  24. We play at least 4 times a week….current favorite is Stratego. I’d love to have Jenga Quake!

  25. I haven’t played board games in a while, but loved them as a child and am planning to go back to them with my kids now.

  26. I don’t play as much as I wish I did! We don’t have many games at all, always enjoy our scrabble once in awhile.

  27. We try and play board games a few times a week with my grandson , and sometimes when friends ae over , i love playing board games πŸ™‚ we love scrabble and yahtzee πŸ™‚

  28. My kids are a little older now, so not as often as we once did. However, when we are all together for an evening we love to play a fun board game.

  29. At the moment we haven’t been playing many at all but I would like to make friday nights game night, because I love board games

  30. Not too often, maybe every few months. But the kids play boardgames with their grandparents a lot more.

  31. We play board games when we have the great-nieces and great-nephews for sleepovers.

  32. I usually play with my grandchildren. We have played monopoly, Chinese checkers, regular checkers, yahtzee and, card games of many types

  33. I have played many games with my grandchildren: yathzee, Chinese checkers, regular checkers, chess, Monopoly, and many types of card games

  34. Sadly when I moved out from my parents’ house, I left my favourite board game (LIFE) over there. So I play the app instead about once a week.

  35. We have three boys (5, 4, and 2) so they are just beginning to understand the concept of games. Can’t wait to include them in this more. We usually will play board games about every month or so when we have friends over who are able to stay later.

  36. Not enough – but as my grandkids get older – I want to teach them about board games

  37. We definitely do not play often enough. It is so hard to play as a family with a 14 mth old.

  38. I don’t play any board games. Probably because I don’t own any. Hopefully, I can win this contest and change that.

  39. We play them often but not often enough. Sometimes it’s just good to unplug and connect as a family

  40. currently, I am working in a school -aged daycare – I LITERALLY play board games EVERYDAY

  41. Every week or so, but then sometimes there is binge-playing on special occasions. This new Jenga looks fun!

  42. It depends, we play them at the cottage on rainy days & at night, at home we play when it’s really cold outside or if there’s a storm!

  43. Our daughter loves games, and will play as often as she can convince someone to play with her πŸ™‚

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