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When on a vacation with kids, sometimes there’s little to remind you that you’re an adult on vacation. From the itinerary to restaurant choice, impromptu bathroom stops to the gear hauled around each day – ‘travelling with kids’ has a way of taking over.

A perfect solution in reclaiming a piece of your vacation back? Hard Rock Hotels.

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach recently during our Florida trip, and this is exactly how I felt the entire time. That I was reserving a piece of paradise city just for myself. Truth be told, we loved every minute of our time there.

hard rock hotel daytona beach

The moment I stepped out of our vehicle, and a classic rock song hit my ears along with a few doormen eager to assist, I felt pampered and at home. For a moment I imagined this is how celebrities feel, and savoured the carpeted entrance.

Despite a long day of travelling and exhaustion setting in, the vibe of the hotel energized me. I wanted to explore, and because of the music and decor – sing and dance. This is the constant throughout our stay, I was simply – happy.

After a quick check-in, the girls admired by Taylor Swift’s concert bikini showcased in the lobby while I gazed upon the chandelier-like piece made entirely of drum cymbals.

Music has a way of bringing people together and whether you are a child through any age of adult – there is truly something eye-catching for everyone.

hard rock memorabilia

The music plays throughout the property, even speakers in the oceanfront pool so you don’t miss a beat even while submersed. I’ve known some to assume that only hard-core rock enthusiasts would appreciate this chain of hotels, yet this could not be further from the truth. As varied as the memorabilia on display, so is the music, and everyone will resonate.

With chic and modern furniture, the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach has mastered the balance between a peaceful stay and keeping guests entertained. So many times while laying by the pool, I’d be singing along to the music one minute then entirely phase it out, only hearing the crashing waves along the shore.

At any point in time, whether looking for entertainment or a quiet refuge – you won’t have to hunt to find it.

hard rock daytona beach review

Stay on a weekend and you’re fortunate to see a live performance on the full size stage, yet rest assured nightly there’s a live performance on the outside veranda of Sessions restaurant.

It was during the latter one evening that I got a full scope of those staying at the hotel. The musician gave a shout-out to a lady celebrating her 65th with friends, and at the next table was a group there for a business meeting. Then myself, like others, were there with kids on vacation. Different reasons for stay, yet all coming together in celebration.

Located beach-side, the ocean is pretty much your backyard, offering another piece of heaven to guests. Also in close proximity is so many options for activities and restaurants, including the famous Daytona Beach Pier.

I always wrestled with seeing the sights of Daytona Beach and staying put at the hotel, which to me is a guarantee of a great stay.

daytona beach review

One evening while swimming, the sun set and I thought it was the most beautiful sky and aura ever. The surroundings were flawless. So I decided that this was the hotspot for a sunset indeed.

A sunset over a body of water

Then one morning I woke early and enjoyed my coffee on the terrace and caught the sunrise. It was a show worthy of a guitar solo.

A sunset over a body of water

I can’t recall another location where I experienced both a remarkable sunrise and sunset before. Usually it’s one or the other, and this was an unexpected surprise. So whether you’re rocking the evening hours or seizing the early morning, have that camera ready for a show like no other.


Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach Rooms

Our room was on the top {7th} floor, with a remarkable ocean and beach view of this popular and beautiful part of Florida. Over half of the 200 rooms at this property have this outstanding view.

For a full look, make sure to watch our video highlighting this hotel.

Yet important takeaways from this room? All you need, really. You have your basic amenties plus a touch a new, well cared for accommodation. It’s crisp, clean, and modern. Not once did I have to fuss with temperature nor endure a sleepless night.

We all slept so well, and that’s something I can’t say often as I’m one of those finicky sleepers that has to have the ideal surroundings right down to pillow shape.

hard rock hotel daytona beach room

One morning I left our room and came across a pleasant man in housekeeping exiting the storage room right across the hall from us. I had to pause for a second, as otherwise I would have never known. Not once during our stay did I hear a cart, shutting door or the like. As I’ve said, Hard Rock can be quiet when it’s needed. Standing ovation required.


Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach Tips

– Take advantage of Hard Rock’s The Sound of Your Stay®, which includes rocking out or listening in. Not only can you get the playlist of the hotel but with a simple request, Fender Guitars or a Crosley record player with a selection of vinyl can be brought to your room.

– Do take in the live music at some point during your stay. We caught a couple during our stay, and both were remarkable and beyond expectation.

– While you could wander the hotel and thus the memorabilia on display yourself, there is the option of having a guided memorabilia tour from one of the highly knowledgeable staff members at the hotel. Not only will you not miss one piece of personal memorabilia, but you’ll also gain understanding of the artifacts.

– Related to wandering, if time and need allows during your stay, also note there’s plenty more offered such as private cabanas at the pool, a Hard Rock clothing and souvenir store, world class spa and more.


Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach for Kids

When travelling with kids, entertaining the kids is a big piece if the pie of success. Hard Rock Daytona Beach understands that for adults to reclaim their vacation, they have to cater to the wee ones as well.

hard rock hotel daytona beach

The Hard Rock Daytona Beach offers both a kids {age 3-9} and teens club on site. In a supervised atmosphere, these offer that guaranteed alone time when it’s needed.

Sessions, the in-house restaurant offers a full kids menu. There’s a kids splash pool as an alternate choice to the main pool and the ocean.

daytona beach pool

‘I’m bored’ is something you won’t hear from your kids, yet you might catch them them singing along to a classic rock song you didn’t know they were familiar with.

During our stay at Hard Rock Daytona Beach I got back a piece of our vacation, and apparently a grammy for music 101 instruction in parenting.

Check out the Hard Rock Daytona Beach website to start planning your stay.


Our stay was provided in exchange for this article,
yet as always, all opinions are my own.


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