Happy Green Bee


A close up of a womans faceThere is a unique and colorful kids’ organic clothing line called Happy Green Bee, made by the Burts Bees? Happy Green Bee was started by a twin Mom, living on their 70,000 acres of wilderness in the North woods of Maine. After ‘retiring’ from a successful Burt’s Bees venture, Roxanne wanted to make her dream of a children’s clothing line a reality.

A person posing for the camera, with HAPPY GREENThe philosophy is simple -“clothing that is comfortable, colorful, playful and ecologically responsible. We created Happy Green Bee so that a child can be a child, first and foremost. By using organic cotton, a comfortable and practical fabric, and simple bee-striped patterns, children feel as comfortable as they look while their parents take a small step in making a big difference in the environment their children live in.”

Children\'s clothingI remember the first time I saw the products made by this company, I was in awe and never did think of stripes the same way again. Like their Petal Dress pictured to the left (My absolute favorite!) Made with roomy sleeves, a scoop collar and soft rolled edges for fuss-free comfort. This would be a favorite for all girls, to love to jump, dance and twirl freely! Their children’s’ clothes look comfortable enough to lounge and play in, but trendy enough to be worn anywhere.

Happy Green Bee send my twins each a pair of their tights, to try on for size. Their organic cotton tights are of course stretchy yet they retain their shape very well. I was hesitant on the size of them, but see that they allow room for growth and the girls will be able to wear these for a long time! “Free from toxic pesticides and synthetic fertikidlizers, our organically grown cotton promotes healthy, happy habitats!” What I just love most about these tights is the bold, vibrant colors. I am personally tired of all the pastel colors for baby clothes. Why is that our only option? Kids are loud, fun and full of life! Shouldn’t their clothes represent that as well? And Happy Green Bee’s colors are not only bold looking, the colors have fresh garden names to them as well!