Happy First

{{ Happiness }}
What does that mean to you?
What makes each of us happy is a personal thing….A good cup of coffee…a warm summer day…..life.

Happy First is an apparel company started by Debbie Vinyard, a cancer survivor and self-proclaimed optimist. Her attitude, motivation and outlook for the future is apparent in her fashion. The apparel found on Happy First sings the praises of life, love and a true enthusiasm for life and meaning. Her point of view is inspiring, “So rise up. Take control. Find something to celebrate. Be Happy First. Then make it last”.

My daughters received the Happy Chick Chocolate Baby Tee, a nice blend of the gorgeous brown and pink. I have decided this is best worn by Sophia, my true Happy baby who is always ALWAYS smiling. When I have a bad day, seeing my girls’ huge smiles from the heart – brightens my day. A comfortable and well fitting (and great looking) long sleeved tee that washes and wears well.

I got to have the Vintage Egg Black Cap Sleeve Tee, which is available in sizes S-XL. A very comfortable tee with short cap sleeves, very nice and cool for the summer. The logo on the front is silver in color. I like people that ask what ‘the egg’ on the shirt means. When I tell them that “it is the limitless potential for growth, which lives inside us all. And when happiness is found, we break out of the shell to be who we want to be”. People smile, and say it’s beautiful. And, I had one lady shed a tear (I didn’t ask why) and say this Happy First Tee would stick with her forever. Happy First is such an inspiration, and it’s derived from one strong and determined woman.

And, of course, Happy First gives back! A portion of all proceeds is donated to leukemia and lymphoma research.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 


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