Hamilton Beach Fizzini

Oh la la. Have you seen the new Hamilton Beach Fizzini? It carbonates water so that you can make homemade soda. k, that just sounds odd to me. I’m hereby calling it: Pop. {insert my pop with your soda if you so desire though}.

So desire…

Isn’t that what this product is about?

You have company and want to be prepared, so you purchase a half-dozen kinds of pop. Then, you are left the next day with a half-dozen half drank bottles of pop. Wastage! 

OR, you have one kind of pop, but crave another. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of having exactly what you want, when you want it?

It’s time to start making your own fizzy flavours at home – with the FIZZINI!


This system, made by Hamilton Beach consists of the carbonating unit and the included one-liter bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water, attach the carbonating unit on top and twist. The CO2 is then dispersed through the spindle of the unit and carbonates the water. Add your choice of flavouring. Done and done. 


Key features include:

  • Compact handheld unit fits on bottle, stores easily
  • Bottle features ¼ turn connection – easy, fast, and secure
  • Adjustable Fizz control
  • Uses recyclable 8 gram CO₂ cartridges
  • One litre bottle & starter pack of 10 cartridges included
  • 2 Safety valves
  • No electricity required

The kit main starter kit includes 1 quick-connect BPA free 1L bottle, a pack of 10 CO2 cartridges and the Main hand held device. At $49.99 for this kit, it’s a cheaper than other water carbonator systems.


The feature that sets the FIZZINI apart from others is that the CO2 cartridges are single use and recyclable. They are sold in packs of 10 for $8.99.


Onto the flavours! FIZZINI has only 5 flavors out right now: Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon & Lime, Berry Pomegranate and Apple Pear.


I really like the Lemon & Lime and Berry Pomegranate flavours, these’ll come in handy when it comes time to mix holiday drinks. I can’t wait until more syrups are added to the collection though. 

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would absolutely enjoy this, I like soda water, tonic water, and it is so expensive in the cans or bottles, here I can reuse the bottles over and over. Great for the environment too!

  2. I would absolutely love this!! I’ve been drooling over the expensive models but haven’t had the nerve to buy one! Hubby and I drink a fair amount of pop and I’m sure this would be a great investment!

  3. I’d like to win because it’s a great way to dress up water! instead of all those sweet sugared drinks!!

  4. What a great idea – it would be lovely to have refreshing, fruity flavours like the Apple Pear & the Berry Pomegranate!

  5. I’d like to win because this would be an easy solution to not having to send hubby out for pop, when I can make my own to my own preference at home 🙂

  6. Id like to win because this is the coolest thing ever!!! I like trying out new products!!

  7. I think it would be fun to make your own carbonated drinks. Can be creative with flavours.

  8. I would love to win because I think this would be a great for a kids party! Soda station!

  9. As I’m sitting here I am sucking back a can of Pepsi. It’s got 150 calories & 41 g of sugar. Would love to replace my unhealthy pop habit with something more fun & exciting, such as a Hamilton Beach Fizzini! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. love to win because my daughter has been wanting to try this for a while now

  11. I have a friend who makes his own soda syrup so I’ve been DYING to make my own soda. LOVE LOVE LOVE and WANT WANT WANT!!!!

  12. I have not been a fan of carbonated water but I love carbonated soda so I am really interested to try the Fizzini and see if it changes my mind!

  13. I can control the amount of what I can make and save a lot of money at the same time.

  14. I drink a lot of soda water and have been looking at the Soda Stream for quite some time, but wasn’t able to afford one for myself. This would be great!

  15. When I was a teen (quite a while ago) we used to have a place that let you make your own flavours – I think it was at Dominion but this was early 80’s and I loved that. I’d love to do that again.


  16. I drink carbonated water all the time so it would be great not to have to carry it home from the store! I’d like the option for soda on occasion too!

  17. I’ve been dying to try this! I drink pop a lot, but I always find it too sweet. This way, I could control just how sweet it is.

  18. I buy club soda every week – it is pretty much all I drink. I’d love to cut down on my waste by having a fizzini! And with all those tasty flavours I could switch it up every now and then.

  19. I’m still intrigued by this whole idea and would love to get creative with one 🙂

  20. I’d love to win this for my husband for Christmas. He drinks so much pop just for the fizziness. It would be awesome to fizz up some tap water for him instead!

  21. My husband loves fizzy drinks so this would be so much better for him and a great gift!

  22. I just looked at this today when I was out and told my hubby I would like won, so I would love to win one as a gift for me 🙂

  23. This would be awesome to own, so we know exactly what goes into the drinks we give our family! And, it looks fun!

  24. DH loves his soda but we don’t buy because it isn’t good for you & the cost is ridiculous.

  25. I like to do fun and creative things. What a great way to do that…make pop together as a family!

  26. I would love to win because this product looks cool and I want to give it a try

  27. I would love to win this as it really would save on lugging bottle of pop home. Also love the idea that you can have it anytime you want it.

  28. I wasn’t that familiar with the product until I just read about it. Awesome. Would I ever love to have one.
    Both hubby and I need this. Thank you for the chance to win.

  29. Oh sorry forgot to say why I wanted to win one. Hubby has a heart condition and I’m a cancer survivor and neither one of us can drink pop but we both like the fizz of something. It’s hard to find drinks like that or they aare expensive. This would be a perfect solution.

  30. my kids are always asking to drink soda ,so i think making it at home would be better cuz we made it

  31. I’d like to win because it would be a fun way to enjoy customized carbonated beverages!

  32. I’d like to win a Fizzini starter pack plus 2 bottles of syrup to have more variety of beverages for the holidays.

  33. I recently got a Sodastream, which I am totally in love with. Ever since I got it, my mum has been wanting a home soda maker desperately as well.. she would be thrilled to get this for Christmas!

  34. I would love to win because i host a lot of bbq’s in the summer and this would be great for that

  35. I’d like to win because we’ve been thinking of buying one. It would be great to be able to make our own fizzy drinks at home.

  36. I don’t buy pop often as I don’t like my kids to drink too much of it. This seems like a much healthier alternative

  37. this is a great way to make your fizzy drinks and I’m pretty sure is cheaper than buying the bottle and cans of fizzy drinks. This was you also know exactly what goes into your drink.

  38. I would like to win because I have been wanting a water carbonator system for a long time

  39. I’ve seen these everywhere and have been very intrigued! Would love to win to give it a try!

  40. I would love to win this prize to help us stay on our budget. My husband and son go through pop/soda like crazy.

  41. This one is cheaper than the other one and have always wanted the other one.

  42. I would like to win so that I could get all the different flavours, and all of my friends and family could come over and enjoy the pleasure of making our own pop! It would put a whole new spin on a “pop & chips” party!

  43. I like fizzy drinks and with this, I can save on lugging so many bottles of clubsoda back home weekly.

  44. I would like to win, because I have heard so many rave reviews about this product! I would love to be able to give it a try!

  45. Would love to add this to my entertaining kit. And who doesn’t love fizzi drinks. I thought the Apple Pear sounded good.

  46. I’d like to win so I can make my own soda at home. I think it would be fun to make it with the kids.

  47. Because I like the convenience of being able to make my own and know what goes into it!

  48. I think this might be another gadget I will add to my collection. We don’t drink much ‘soda pop’ but have many visitors who do. Thanks for sharing!

  49. I buy a lot of perrier and it seems like a waste of money! This would save me dragging the bottles back home from the store that would be great!

  50. Our friends have one of these, and we’re not big soda drinkers, but surprisingly, we really liked it!… Theirs is so bulky though, I’d never want one, but this is awesome! Much more compact!!!

  51. I would like to win this as it would cut down on the waste we cause from purchasing sparkling water… We could simply make our own.

  52. Lately I have been craving fizzy drinks!! This is a great way to get the bubbles without the extra ‘icky’ stuff in pop!!

  53. I would love to win as I love soda. I could make my own drinks at home. I cant afford it so im placing my fate on luck.

  54. Our friends had something similar and it made great-tasting carbonated water – loved it. Would be great to have one of my own.

  55. Would have to make some healthy option at home and I always run out when I need something fizzy for my cocktails

  56. I would love to win because I enjoy making the foods and beverages that go into my body.

  57. I would like to win because I really love soda and to make my own would be awesome…love the flavors as well.

  58. My husband drinks carbonated water every day that we buy @ the store. When we run out I could make it @ home and it would also save money

  59. would be fun to try it out, and of course I would know what went into what I am drinking

  60. I’d love to win cuz it would be fun to make your own, way healthier & it would be great for party & guests 🙂

  61. I have been addicted to a certain soft drink for a very long time…expensive habit, this might replace the drink with a better priced substitute that I will also enjoy as much.

  62. I’m a mom of TRIPLETs plus ONE! This would be a welcome addition to our household and I’ll know that they are drinking something better than sugary pop!

  63. I like the thought of controlling the sugar content of soda and I LOVE the varieties of flavours that using this product would allow!

  64. i would like to win because i love having an assortment of beverages available and yes, i do get bored of water.
    i would love to own my own fizzini!

  65. I’ve been looking at getting something like this for a while now. Would love to win it. 🙂

  66. I love doing creative things with food/drink, so making my own soda would be great! 😀

  67. Love to make carbonated beverage without the unhealthy ingredients we get from soft drinks out there

  68. I would love to win to make healthier fizzy drinks! I could fizz up my water and throw a lime wedge, or infuse it with some raspberries for a natural fizzy water at a fraction of the cost!

  69. Would love to have homemade fizzy drinks with unique flavour combos and less sugar than store bought!

  70. A lot of pop is consumed in my house hold by my hubby and for the price it is buying cases of cans and bottles the Fizzini would most definitely save a ton of money .its great there’s no power needed too! looks really easy to use not to mention i love you can control how much syrup to put in, looks fun!
    Would love to win this 🙂
    Good Luck Everyoney

  71. I would like to win because I would love to try out the Fizzini machine to make my own drinks.

  72. I am a mother of TWINS (boy/girl) and this device could really be used at our home!

  73. I’d really love this. I like not having to buy cans of pop and having pop go stale sitting around too long.

  74. I would love to win this because my friend has been talking about this and she really wants one! I would gift it to her 🙂

  75. I would like to win because it would be so cool to carbonate any beverage you want to pretty much.

  76. I’d love to win this because I don’t drink pop fast enough to stop it going flat. This would solve that problem, as I could make little bits as I need/want it. And I like the compact size of this unit.

  77. Thanks for the chance to win. I spotted this product at Walmart but hadn’t heard anything about it. After doing some research I love the fact that it’s small enough to fit into a kitchen drawer…and we love not adding clutter to the counter.

  78. I’ve always wanted to try making pop at home! This looks awesome I would love to win it.

  79. would love to win as i like trying new things and this looks awesome and something i been debating on buying

  80. This is more of a novelty for our family. It may get used occasionally but looks like a neat idea to try.

  81. Would like to win because my girlfriend has one and made me a drink and it was awesome!

  82. This would save us a bundle , we are big pop drinkers and it would be so fun to make my own !

  83. we are trying to drink less pop and to be able to carbonate other flavours would be great

  84. I’d like to win because it would be nice to make my own soda, it’s healthier and sounds yummy!

  85. well i guess i’d like to win because ive never won anything online before, and i love to try new things…..and this is new…..to me anyway!! lol thanks for the chance 🙂

  86. You may want to advise your readers that the cartridges for the Fizzini are extremely difficult to find. The Hamilton Beach website lists all of them as “OUT OF STOCK.” Unfortunately, without the cartridges, the Fizzini is worthless.

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