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TextMy girls have such awesome Halloween costumes this year thanks to BuyCostumes.com. You may recall their Little Bo Peep and my 2 twin sheep from last year – still memories and photos which I just adore. Well, the hunt was on to find them costumes to out-beat last years’, which was no small feat! After all, BuyCostumes.com has the hugest selection of A person wearing a costumeHalloween Costumes for the whole family. From animals to characters, the classics to the imaginative – BuyCostumes has it all, and more. Plus, their site is so user-friendly, it’s simple to search and compare costumes. And, there’s prices for all budgets and they are never without a sale.

This year for review, I chose 3 Halloween costumes that would compliment both the twins and my oldest daughter. I love coming up with a theme based on their current personalities. For example, last year the Twins were quiet and sweet, cuddly and comfortable – so they were adorable plush sheep. My daughter, always the ‘little mother’ was Bo Peep. This year the Twins are two, loud, boisterous and always getting into mischief. So, I immediately thought this year is the perfect year for them to be little spitfire devils. My oldest daughter, the princess is to be the Heaven Sent Angel {she is very kind and loves a good dress and wings, yet I am hoping this truly doesn’t go to her head!}.

A little girl wearing a hat

The costumes arrived from BuyCostumes.com and they are perfect! I got the Twins’ devil costumes in a larger size, as I’ll need to layer clothing and possibly a jacket underneath for our chilly to freezing Canadian evenings. Plus, being a thick material, with hat – they will stay nice and warm this Halloween. The Angel costume is thinner and I will need to layer white clothing underneath, yet I did make sure to go up one size in order to do so. It’s flowing and pretty – a wonderful costume that can be worn indoors or out.

A little girl that is standing in the grass

The girls just adore their costumes and want to wear them all the time. I’m really happy they are comfortable and have fun with their Halloween costumes from BuyCostumes.com as there’s nothing worse than a child complaining about their costume all night. So, they are pleased and so am I!

Whether you’ll have a little superhero this Halloween or a monster and a movie star, have a look at the great selection at BuyCostumes.com. They also have a nice selection of accessories including wigs, props, footwear and decorations too. Keep in mind that costumes make wonderful dress-up clothes all year long, so make sure to subscribe to their newsletter as they have fabulous savings all year!

A person holding a teddy bear
Like Twins or like devils – of course they started fighting… *sigh*

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. Cute idea for costumes and they all look like they are happy with their outfits. My granddaughter is dressing up as a ladybug and wants to wear her costume all the time too. I enjoy seeing all the kids come dressed up and last year was happy to see even the older teenage kids dressed up.

  2. Great idea! So cute! I bet the twins are little devil’s sometimes, and other times they are angels.

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