Halloween Books for Kids from Scholastic Canada

With any holiday, we immerse ourselves in the occasion with decorating, themed DVD’s and books. So, it only goes to say that with Halloween, my kids’ choice in bedtime books is Halloween books for Kids from Scholastic Canada.


Scholastic Canada has a diverse selection of titles to suit any age {I’m sure all those teens and adults are into Vampire books!}. A few days ago, my daughter had her Scholastic Book Fair at School. When we went, their Halloween section was all a buzz with kids searching for their next favorite book. It was great to see kids so eager to read and expand their imaginations with Scholastic! Yet at my kids’ age, scary and spooky Halloween books need to be kept at a bare minimum, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun and educational!

myorganizedchaos.net,The Haunted House That Jack Builtis written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Davis Parkins. This is a perfect book for my daughter, since she can read it! She is a new reader and loves getting all the practice she can get. She was very happy to see that she could read this book to me! It may just be the first Halloween-themed book that she was able to read. It’s a silly and colorful story, one which we have read again and again. The Twins enjoy it too, not at all scary. One fun read this Halloween for toddlers and younger children!

This is the mummy,
That chased the ghoul,
That scared the ghost,
That sampled the stew
That cooled in the house that Jack built.

Jack has assembled a creepy cast of characters in his haunted house. As they chase each other around the dark halls, we meet a mummy, a ghost, a monster or two, and many more creatures that are sure to delight young readers. More fun than scary, this spooky twist on the classic rhyme is the perfect read-aloud — even if you are a scaredy-cat!

myorganizedchaos.net,Double, Double, Toil and Trouble! {no, I’m not referring to the Twins, this time}. The Scary Science book, written by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone is stock full of creepy science experiments. Kid-friendly, this makes making potions and creating goulish experiments – totally fun! Included are 25 experiments that any kid can do, most likely with a parent {depending on age}. From making a levitating spirit to festering ooze – these are fantastic projects that you can do at home to create the Halloween mood, and learn at the same time. After all, it may be cool to make rubber bones – but, it’s all scientific using everyday household supplies! This is one book that should be in every classroom, especially the science room. And, what a cool Mom you’d be if your child went to school and said you showed them how to make, ‘vampire bites’! *snicker* Don’t tell them they are learning basic science.

Check out Scholastic Canada for more great Halloween book titles!

Thanks to Scholastic Canada for sending some Halloween books to my kids.
I chose a couple of my favorites, to share with my readers


  1. Scholastic is such a great company with the most wonderful educational books. Thanks for reviewing these books, I know where to go to get my niece something other than candy this Halloween.

  2. These books sound cute. We love scholastic here too. Books can be so expensive and scholastic has very reasonably priced books.

  3. I remember book fairs from when I was in school! So much fun! And now I get to take my son to them.

  4. I would also recommend “Vampire’s Boy Good Night” – it’s a nice easy-to-read book about Halloween that kids would love. Another one of my favorite is “It’s Halloween, You ‘Fraidy Mouse!” from Geronimo Stilton series.

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