This is Gross

We were recently hit with quite the storm, completely out of nowhere on a beautiful hot day.

The storm blew in faster than I could shut the windows. The fierce wind picked up much dirt and covered everything in the house. Gross.

Most of my tall aspen trees couldn’t fight against the wind and uprooted. Ugh.

Then. The hail started.

We didn’t get it as bad as some, causing damage to cars and siding, yet all my flowers are ruined. 

alberta hail

Then, as fast as the storm came, the sun was again strong and bright. Of course since it was a beautiful day up until, the girls were in suimsuits and thought it was surreal to play in the ‘snow’ after some melted and the temps were back up. 

alberta hail 2

I just love the look on Katie’s face – complete disgust behind a fake smile. Yep, I’ll have this same look permanently on my face, when winter hits in a couple months. 

Ok, that’s enough of that. Brrr. Here’s something better to look at from a couple days ago. 

alberta sun

Crazy Alberta weather.



    1. There was an article about it yesterday in the Huffington Post – calling the hail storms in AB a ‘huge catastrophe’! So much damage, yet I consider ourselves lucky it wasn’t worse.

  1. Yikes! I do miss some of the awesome storms Alberta can bring but not that, not the destructive hail (it damaged my car so bad one day when a tornado touched down in Stony Plain back when I lived up there).

  2. Ugh… that is gross! You can keep the stinky hail storms over there LOL! Honestly though… we haven’t had the best weather this summer.. hopefully it will warm up for the rest of August.

  3. Glad everyone is okay after the storm. We have crazy storm weather here too, but that’s what you get for living in the subtropics πŸ™‚

  4. Ah, Alberta weather. I remember there were so many hail storms. Sorry about your flowers.

  5. That is crazy weather…I though today was odd for Victoria…pouring rain after very hot days but nothing like your weather.

  6. You can’t say you were out in the snow with your bathing suit on, just any day! Lol

  7. HOLY that is insane!!! gotta love our Canadian weather… you never know what your going to get!

  8. Wow! thankfully you didn’t suffer much damage. We’ve been getting crazy weather here too its been dropping the the low 40’s it feels like game of thrones “winter is coming”

  9. That is a heck of a lot of hail! We get all kinds of crazy weather in the KC area. Tornados to a foot of snow. I recently moved back from TX, so I’m in for a long winter I think!

    Diana C

  10. I have friends that live in Airdaire (spelling) and I think this is the same storm they got hit by. I couldn’t believe the photos! Quite a lot of damage done to their truck too.

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