Green Toys: A Recycling Truck for little kids with big eco duties

Green Toys are your eco-friendly, kid friendly toys which make kids and the earth happy. Made 100% from recycled milk jugs in the USA, Green Toys offers such a diverse selection of fun products. They all do not contain Phthalates, BPA, or external coatings.I also like that they minimize the packaging too, no ties, cellophane nor straps to fight with. Just the toy and some recycled cardboard.

And how fitting is it that Green toys offers a Recycling Truck?!
This is the first of it’s kind for our house, and I was interested in seeing how Isabelle would do with this truck.
It came with little cardboard ‘recyclables’ which can be put into the truck for recycling. The back lifts and opens, up so that the recycling can be dropped off.
Isabelle likes playing with this truck, as she is aware of recycling and our humanly duties to do so. She has really taken a liking to the truck and has a lot of fun with it.
The babies have also shown interest in the Recycling Truck (sans the little cardboard pieces). It’s easy for the to push and pull around the house. Plus, with Green Toys being made so safely, it is completely OK for the to lick and taste the truck!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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