Great Beef Makes Great Burgers

I’m going to talk to you about why great beef makes great burgers. In case you are thinking, ‘what does she know?‘, I’ll remind you that I was born, raised and have forever lived in Alberta.

We Albertans, well, we know our beef. That’s fact.

I, like most Albertan beef snobs, am rather picky when it comes to beef – whether it’s steak or ground. Let’s just say that when an Albertan tells you that it’s good beef, the recommendation comes from a trusted source.

Yet I also believe that in this day, with easy travel and people moving and re-moving all across this country – it could be said that most Canadians as a whole have developed that palate to recognize great beef. Like with anything, trial and error as well as experience has made us all connoisseurs. We all love to weigh in on what we like and don’t like – and it’s always nice when someone listens.

BrandSpark International conducted a national survey of more than 6,000 Canadians about which quick service restaurants (QSRs) and which full service restaurants (FSRs) they frequent, and how their dining habits are shaping the country and restaurant menus.

In a release called Where Do Canadians Like To Eat?, highlights include an intensifying coffee war, Canadians seeking healthy food items that don’t sacrifice taste, and an increased demand for high quality ingredients. In addition to the Best Restaurant Awards, the company also announced the winners of the companion Best New Menu Items Awards.

Here’s the Beef on the Survey:

For the traditional beef burger, approximately 30% of Canadians named A&W as delivering the “Best-Tasting Burger” in Canada, making it the category winner in a category with many competitors.


“A&W has done a great job elevating their burger quality perceptions over the years,” added Hancock, “but this year they’ve really raised the bar by communicating their quality promise with advertisements discussing their hormone-free beef. The strategy is clearly paying off for them. It will be very interesting to see how far traditional fast food restaurants take this ‘better burger movement’ – particularly when you factor the balance between time and expense that goes into making quality burgers versus the low price and quick service combination consumers are accustomed to.”

At A&W, great burgers come first, and the entire A&W Burger Family® offers 100% pure beef, raised without the use of hormones or steroids, with no additives, preservatives or fillers. A&W works with a select group of ranchers who are at the leading edge of sustainable and environmental practices and follow stringent standards to raise their cattle with care.


I am fully aware that A&W doesn’t use 100% Canadian beef, it makes sense when they say that there isn’t enough producers in Canada to meet the needs of the chain, when they are only seeking beef, raised without the use of hormones or steroids, with no additives, preservatives or fillers. Their solution is to source beef from Montana and even Australia – like it or not, I can understand that. Yet at the same time, I do hope that our supply does increase to meet the demand, so this isn’t sourced years from now. I always like to support local and do know that we Canadians can give the chain some pretty great beef! {says the Albertan beef snob}

Back to the survey – Canadians prefer A&W Burgers by a landslide, whether that’s a Teen Burger {My all-time favourite}, a Papa or any other burgers in the A&W family – right down to the Baby Burger. All beefs aside, I think consumer preference on best-tasting burger speaks volumes. 

Whats Your Vote on Best-Tasting Burger?


This is a sponsored post on behalf of A&W for sharing information from the survey. Yet, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.




  1. We don’t have A&W’s around here, so I can’t compare them to others, but I am a BIG fan of In-N-Out.

  2. I’m going with Robin’s choice. Every time I visit my mom in San Diego, I go to an In-N-Out at least once. Or Lark Burgers in Boulder, Colorado. (They even have gluten free buns!) They’re truffle fries are to die for, too.
    That’s great to hear about A&W in Canada. I’m sure that Canadian beef producers knowing that A&W is willing to buy hormone free beef, it’ll encourage them to switch over.

  3. I haven’t eaten a hamburger at a fast food restaurant in at least, I’m gonna say, 7 years so I have no idea.

  4. Many, any burger with chicken is my favorite! Haha, but if I’m going beef the McDonalds Angus Mushroom Swiss was a favorite for a long time. A&W really has some hearty, all beef, burgers though, and they’re a close match.

  5. We just got A&W here about 6 months ago and their Teen burger has very fast became a favourite in our home

  6. Hmmm I admit I am a tad of a food snob but A&E are usually pretty good. I prefer Red Robin or a local place that makes AMAZING burgers and they both have gluten free buns which is great for my daughter. I do love bacon mushroom and swiss. yummy

  7. I didn’t even think about burgers with A&W but they sound like they make a good one. I’ll have to try their burgers now.

  8. I have never eaten an A&W burger, so I can’t compare. But I really like a good gourmet burger grilled at home (when my husband makes, it, not me, his is much better).

  9. Our family likes to go out to A&W . They have delicious burgers. I like the Mozza Burgers and the Papa burgers. The onion rings are good to.

  10. I’m a California Girl. I vote in n out hands down nothing compares to their burgers in my mind.

  11. There is no A&W around me. I do like Burger king yet there isn’t one of those around me anymore either.

  12. we don’t have any fast food places in our small town which is fine with me BUT when we go somewhere with a fast food place….my choice is ALWAYS A TEENBURGER @ A&W!!!! Mmmmm!!! you’re making me hungry!!

  13. I like A&W but I have recently been craving Smashburger–totally different from A&W so not sure you can really compare the two side by side, but sooo good!

  14. When I was pregnant all I craved was the teen burgers from A&W. They are one of my fave burgers!

  15. I remember the one and only time I had a burger from A&W, and it was on a school trip up to Canada for French Class. I remember how good it was. I hope I don’t have to travel so far for it again. Now you have me wanting to taste one of their burgers again. Thanks!

  16. I also love the Teen Burger – just the perfect combo of meat, cheese, bread and toppings!

  17. A&W does have the best burgers! They’re more expensive but that’s why, its great quality, real beef. I don’t eat burgers anywhere else.

  18. well i’ll say this, i’ll never vote for McD! I agree with you 100% that A&W has the best tasting burgers. Thanks for the info about A&W too, i did not know all this till i read this post, cheers!

  19. I agree with your whole outlook on A&W Burgers. This is our families favourite! I’m shocked to see that they’re only favourited by 30% of Canadians. But I guess thats a high number when you look at the amount of fast food chains out there. It was interesting reading that some of their beef comes from Montana and Australia, a fact that I didn’t know. A penny more, a penny less, A&W is the best (for a reason!) Have you had their homemade onion rings, drool! Amazing!

  20. I love the spicy guacamole teen burger! I enjoy spicy foods, and it is just right

  21. A&W is one of the fast-food places we will eat at. We do like their burgers and their beef is definitely a lot better than the competitor chains.

  22. I love the Mama burger! It’s my favourite fast food restaurant burger. With cheese and bacon of course 🙂

  23. I am not a Fast-Food user to any extent. I like to buy quality lean hamburger from a food chain I can rely on (Sobey’s) and make my own delicious burgers.
    Having said this, I am very impressed with A and W’s advertisements concerning what is not in their beef. I would certainly prefer a hamburger without harmful additives. Thank you for your informative post.

  24. I like Teenburgers and I have to order a root beer with it. They just go together. Good to know they are made with beef that don’t have steroids and hormones.

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