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I really like when I have the opportunity to feature products and brands which are apart of our everyday lives. Products that make my busy days of raising twins plus one, easier.

So it goes without saying that with 3 girls, I do a lot of hair. I’m brushing, braiding, twisting, parting and tackling their tresses at least once a day if not more {plus there’s my own hair!}. 

canadian mom blogger with daughters myorganizedchaos

Yet I have active and busy girls divas, so I need hair products that are of great quality and won’t break under pressure {literally}, yet also stylish. 

Recently I was contacted by Goody to check out an array of their hair accessory lines. Of course! While we always have a lot of hair ties and ‘goodies’ {heh} on hand, I replenish our stock twice a year. We all know hair elastics get lost all throughout the house, car, in purses, bags and everywhere. Forget socks, it’s the missing hair elastics that are the true mystery.

goody canada hair accessories review myorganizedchaos

Back to school, which I consider to be a true ‘start to the year’ even more than new years, is a great time to re-stock the hair products with the changing of the season. 

So what’s new with Goody and which goods are great to buy right now? Check them all out!

Goody Ouchless hair elastics are my top faves and have been since I’ve had my girls. No one likes to do hair while a kid is crying of pain and discomfort. So these have always been my lifesaver in getting the job done quickly, with no hassles. I also love that you can get packages in neutral and colourful elastics. 

goody ouchless hair accessories review

The Goody FashionNow Tulle Flower Satin Covered Headbands are too adorable. Big flowers are popular right now, and these are ones that won’t lose shape or fall off. The girls wear these headbands a lot these days, so perfect for taming back the princess tresses. 

goody canada headband review

Neon , Neon people. It’s where it’s at right now. Kids to teens will LOVE these Goody GlamGirls Headbands in all the brightest colours. I thought maybe they’d slip off the twins hair easily yet they don’t. Bonus!

goody hair elastics review myorganizedchaos

In the package I received, there was a Goody TangleFlex brush. It’s made to brush WET hair in a breeze. I have been curious about this kind of brush for a while, I spotted another brand at my hair salon a few months back. Yet, it was on the expensive side in my opinion, so I didn’t purchase yet continued to wonder. 

goody tangleflex brush review

The TangleFlex brush is at a much lower price point, is easy to hold, comes in an array of colours – and works great! The girls use it right after their bath to comb out the tangles, at the time when combing hair is the most difficult. I have to admit, it’s much easier on them and myself to use this brush. 

Another product which surprised me as being awesome is the Goody Softies. They are sparkled shapes which are held into hair by a back which is like Velcro. Yep, we all know this type, since it’s most likely the first hair accessory to adorn baby fine hair. Yet we all know these fall out, so I wasn’t expecting to really like the Goody Softies.

goody canada softies review hair accessories

WRONG. They truly stay in, even on the hair of active kids! I like these over when I don’t want to fuss with and pull up on hair to put in traditional barrettes. The girls love the generous sized shapes, the puffy texture and that they are so sparkly. 

goody hair accessories review giveaway canada

Since Goody is apart of our ordinary lives, I’m sure you’ll see the brand come up in many photos on this site, for years to come. Many lines to suit classic to wild styles, I love the variety of products from this brand and the chaotic hair it tames {x4} each and every day.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.



  1. With 4 girls in our home this would be such a great prize to win! They all love having their hair done!

  2. The tangle flex brush is actually one of the items I need to get for my daughter, Would be wonderful to win all of these prizes for her

  3. These would be great in our home for our little girl (and maybe mommy too!). Would love this!

  4. I would love to win this! With my girls we go through a pack of the ouchless elastics in a month they always lose them or give them away 🙂

  5. Tangle flex brush! My 2 year old hates having her hair brushed and she has super tangly hair that is constantly getting matted in the back. We need this product!

  6. I would love any of the headbands or the softies or just about anything. Can never have too much hair stuff. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I never know if I am doing this right. lol But worth a shot for all those hair Goody’s
    The tangle Fix brush!!! FABULOUS!!

  8. I would love the tangle brush…my hair is long and when it gets wet it gets pretty hard to handle.

  9. Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

    I raised 4 bi racial (blk/whte) girls and hair was my life lol It took hours and hours and hours

  10. Awesome giveaway!! Never saw that brush before I’d love to try it my daughter has really long hair that gets tangled so easy!!

  11. Awesome giveaway!! Never saw that brush before I’d love to try it my daughter has really long hair that gets tangled so easy!!

  12. I have two girls and they would both love these, their hair is so thick normal elastics and ponies break all the time would be awesome to get these and see if they work better 🙂

  13. I too have 3 girls. Many hours doing hair. I sure would love to win this. I love Goody products!

  14. I like the the Ouchless Elastics – Neon Zig Zag Swag. I use the elastics everyday.

  15. Ok, so I’m going to have to go with everyone else and say the Tangle Fix brush cause come on, a brush that the kids and I will actually like to use? Sounds sweet to me!

  16. I’d LOVE the tangleflex brush for my daughter. That is the worst part of hair styling time…always tears 🙁

  17. I need the tangle flex brush! Hair combing would not be such a horrible time for my kids.

  18. Fun giveaway! My girls would love this! We replenish our Goodies every few months it seems! PS Your models are adorable!

  19. The Tangle Flex Brush sounds awesome. I have one highly sensitive daughter who can’t stand getting her hair brushed.

  20. I’d like to have the Athletique Adjustable Yoga Wicking Headband to keep my hair away from my eyes.

  21. I love the tangle fix in brights! Perfect for my daughter! Thank you for the opportunity!

  22. I have a daughter of my own and watch 3 more girls. So between the 4 of them I do a lot of hair as well. Would love these products to add to my already existent goody stash.

  23. I would like to have the QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush. I have the paddle brush like this and love it. This one would be great for when I blow dry my hair.

  24. My girls have a tendency to have tangled hair, so an Ouchless Goody brush would be great!

  25. i know everyone is saying the Tangle Fix Brush.. but i have to admit i’d like it as well.. both my girls and i have such long hair their hair gets all tangled up and it hurts them to brush it!!!

  26. I would also love to try the TangleFlex brush by Goody. My little one has a tangle issue!

  27. The tangle flex brush. My girl likes getting her hair done but hates brushing it.

  28. I would Love to try the TangleFlex brush =) This may be an answer to prayers lol =) Thank you =)

  29. Would LOVE the Good Quickstyle brush….a brush and towel in one! My daughter has extremely long hair and it sure would help get the water out and thew style in!!!

  30. Softies Triple Shine Super Star Stick-on Barrett. My 13 month old has very little hair and we cannot use clips in it yet. These seem like the perfect solution!

  31. I would love to try the TangleFix Brush as it takes me over an hour to brush my daughters hair each time.

  32. I have 5 daughters & even the 7 month old has loads of hair (she’s had pigtails since she was 3 months old!) I would LOVE to try the TangleFlex brush from Goody, it looks pretty awesome! I think my 10 year old would benefit the most since she’s got the thickest hair of them all. Thanks so much for the chance to win Tammi!

  33. this is awesome i have been looking for something for my little ones baby hair. and love the sparklies

  34. I would love to try out the Goody TangleFlex brush, my daughter and I have fights every single day when it comes to brushing her hair, this would be amazing to have!

  35. I would definitely like to try the Tanglefix brush in this house! My step-daughter could definitely use that and I would too. I have super long hair that tangles very easily. I’m usually brushing my hair when it’s wet because I don’t always have the time to let it dry. That being said, I am also intrigued by the Quickstyle Paddle Brush that dries your hair as you brush it.

  36. I would really, really like the tangle fix brush for my own hair! But for my daughter I think she would love the Glam Girls glitter clips.

  37. I’d love to have some Girls Grosgrain Bow Salon Clip and Headwraps . Those headwraps are great for my kids because they can add their own embellishments and make it their style.

  38. I would love love love to have the tangle fix brush. Sophie’s hair is so curly and gets knotted so often. This brush could cause less pain for her when she has to get her hair brushed.

  39. I would love to try the Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush. As someone with very thick hair, I would love to try anything to give an air drying boost and I learned it can be used for styling as well!

  40. i would love to have TangleFix – Brights for my lil girl her hair always get naughty and hard to get untangled

  41. What the heck—how do they stay in??? Crazy cool. I also recommend the brush works great-same with their elastics. I might have a small trove of goodie stuff in my house and I am the only girl

  42. I like the Ouchless Oval Cushion Brush and QuikStyle Paddle Brush, oh wait!! The list goes on!

  43. I like the Tangle Fix Brush – in purple – it would be good for both my daughter and me!!

  44. Looks like it’s a number one choice because I’d also like to try the Tangle Fix Brush for my daughter. Her hair gets crazy! lol!

  45. The Easy No Clip Grips look really neat. I would love to try them out in my daughter’s hair.

  46. I would love the Dent-less Waves Foam Rollers . I’m not really good at styling my hair.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. We have the Tangle Fix Brush and we LOVE it! I have 2 girls with super curly hair and it’s worked wonders!
    We would love to try out the Double Wear Girls Charmed Flat Elastics.

  48. What a great giveaway! I have 2 girls and spend so much time doing hair it’s ridiculous. Would especially love to try that tangle fix brush.

  49. the style flexible rod rollers would be great for my daughters hair as they look like they would be way more comfortable that traditional rollers for when I want curls in her hair. Would also love the tangle fix brush

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