Good Riddance


February has got to be the most painful and horrid month of them all, my apologies to those with Feb birthdays.

I’m sick of Winter and everything that goes with it, and by this time each year, I’m terribly bitter about it {bitter being the polite term for online talk}.

I cannot wait for Summer. Windows open, the hum of lawn mowers, sun on my face, kids playing outside for more than 10 minutes etc, etc.

I’m exhausted. Tired of bulky snowsuits, the disgusting mud-caked floor in my vehicle, a million lost mitts never to be found, dreary cold days … Bleh!

I haven’t been inspired to take {good} photos indoors in a long time and I’m incredibly bored of the same Winter coats and hats that are seen in each and every outdoor photo. Summer photography, I miss you!!

In case it’s not clear, at this point in the year, I am a complete whiner.

So, for this weeks Wordless Wednesday {and for the final Tuesday for this month, good riddance}, I’m sharing a little something I spotted while shopping this week.

Kinda compliments my craptastic February mood, don’t ya think?





  1. Well the name of that is enough to put you off LMAO

    I hope you feel better now spring is around the corner mind you saying that it’s freezing still in London

    Have a fantabulosa week enjoy your breakfast heheh!

  2. I hear ya! I am soooo tired of winter. The cold, grey days make it hard for me to drag myself out of bed… REALLY make it hard. Fortunately, in just over 2 weeks I will be jet setting away to Mex for a vacay. I am looking forward to some sunshine and warmth…

    However, I am positive it (the weather) can ONLY get better from here, right?

      1. II’m going to Mazatlan. Solo trip! A little scary, but also exciting.. I’ve been there before, so I do know ppl there & my way around..

  3. I hear ya, i am so done with winter and the snow and the cold and the wind. . .on a happy note that cereal is actually pretty good, I put it on yoghurt in the morning (so yummy)

  4. I hope March is a much better month for you. I eat that cereal all the time. It’s amazing!!

  5. I hear ya sista! I took the boys snow tubing (that’s my WW) what made it most tolerable was that it was just over 40 degrees out! Kids were in t-shirts! lol Hang in there, this “holy crap” winter shall too pass! 🙂

  6. That name really makes me want to buy it. I love a good breakfast…might have to go find it and buy some!

  7. That stuff is so expensive! Just because it was on Dragon’s Den, I guess they think they can charge 12 dollars for that little bag! Yeesh.

  8. I am with you on that, kinda. Since I live in FL the weather isn’t that bad compared to the rest of the country. Our lows are really low for me, but I guess everyone else would kill for them.
    I like the Holy Crap, tho.


  9. Ha ha ha ha! Love it! And I feel you on those winter blues. We finally figured out we have to head to Hawaii or another warm climate for at least a week or two each winter. We were on Kauai for 2 weeks in January, but already the winter blues are seeping back in. Time to hit the road to find the sun!

    1. It hits you after such a short time, right? Lucky to have gotten away though, I do think it’s time for another vacay!

        1. That’s going to be great! Sounds like a fun adventure for the kids too {traveling with friends}, I would love to go on a girls trip one day!
          Subscribing to your site – I’ll be watching for an update!

          1. I’m finding girls trips are getting more and more important the older my boys get. I adore them, but as you know, sometimes you just need to get away. I actually just got back from a girls only (no kids!) trip to san Francisco. It was heavenly. I had a horrible cold, but I still shopped, and even better, I slept in every morning! Heaven! Thanks for subscribing! You will learn soon I’m a little nuts when it comes to travel, and I wander off a lot with out my husband because he works so much. Good thing he loves me!

  10. I always hated the snow and cold. Now, since we moved, we have no winter and I am so tierd of the heat. It’s February and I have a horrible sunburn 🙁 I’ll be happy to switch weather with you, but only for a few Now on to the breakfast cereal… interesting! LOL

    1. I guess hot all the time has it’s downside too … nothing comes to mind when it’s Winter though. lol
      Our WInters are so long, it’s hard to remember what Summer is like. Really. I guess it makes it that more special when it does come!

  11. I am totally with you. February is rough….but March is the turning point, and I can not wait!! That cereal looks awesome 🙂

  12. We so agree. We spent the entire day whining ’cause Mom would not let us go outside. She had an appt. and had to go out, and she was super unhappy about it. That is some wild cereal name. We think we get the message. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  13. Tammi, I am right there with you! I hate all the mud in my car, the lost mittens, I am tired of wearing boots all the time. I want to wear my flats, my sandals, and want to wear dresses again without tights.


    (and ROFL at that cereal! OMG!!!)

    1. Flats and Sandals, See, I even forgot about those? HOW could I forget about those?!?!
      Winter has officially made me crazy – waving the white flag, I’m done.

  14. oh amen sister. I am so done with winter. Too bad we have at least another month of solid winter to go up here. Probably more. Sigh.

  15. It’s not just you.
    I hate February. For the same reasons as many others do I expect.

  16. I’d seriously be tempted to buy that cereal just because of the name. I guess their marketing team earned their keep on that one 😉

  17. HA! I love that!!!

    Wow. Can you believe February is almost over?!?! Spring will soon be here 🙂 Hey, trying to be optimistic! lol

  18. Holy Crap is actually damn good stuff! Pricy but worth it. Used in smoothies it lasts longer. Keeps ya regular. Good stuff.
    PS ~ bring on spring!!

  19. Although I live in So Cal so the weather is not extreme. I am done with these cold nights and $100+ natural gas bills. I also had the flu this month so Im ready to move on.

  20. Wow, you have got it bad! I’m totally ready for Spring too, but I’m still glad you finally got some snow. Our ground really needs so much water so we’ll have a beautiful green lawn. Remember that one summer, and everything was so dried out and yucky colors? It was awful. That’s why I love Spring & Fall… for the colors don’t you?

  21. I am with you on putting February in the rear view mirror! Love your picture, but I don’t know if I’d be willing to try the cereal. Thanks for the linky. 🙂

  22. I’m so with you on winter and especially February! I’ve had bad sinusitis all winter and I’m over it. I need the sun and warmth. Hang in there…Spring is right around the corner…

  23. I can’t stand winter either! Where on earth can a person find that! It would be great in a gag gift basket :)…

  24. ya see ya Feb. last day at this house. Mar 1st at new house. Im a feb baby and I dont even enjoy the month.

  25. Thank you for getting your readers to laugh about the winter woes. Hopefully March will bring a few more smiles!

  26. This time of year I’m tired of winter too.
    But: one more winter month is over; I just got me garden seed catalogue, and hearing about Holy Crap cereal gives me something to smile about – spring will be here soon!

  27. I laughed when I read this, my latest post has basically said the same thing about February! Roll on March!

  28. That’s my kind of cereal! I hear though. Feb does suck! So glad it’s done. Here’s to a happy March!

  29. I feel the same way. I’m really looking forward to Winter finally being over. I’m so tired of the snow and slush. That cereal is great.

  30. I’m so happy that it’s March! Lots of family birthdays in March, and one month closer to warmer weather!!

  31. Haha That’s quite a name for cereal! Wonder how well that markets.
    I have to give a big ditto on wanting winter to be over. It seems like it’s dragged on forever.

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