Goldfish Crackers and Free The Children Partner for Bullying Prevention Program


I recently received a little package from Campbell Canada, the makers of Goldfish Crackers and it included delicious snacks and 2 BFF Rafiki Friend Chains in support of Free The Children.

Yet within this seemingly simple package is a bigger picture. 

Goldfish and Cracker

If you take a look at that bigger picture, you’ll see my 3 lovelies in the background. My girls = my everything whom I want to grow up healthy, happy and safe. This safety includes days free from bullying. 

Yet, unfortunately, my oldest was the victim of bullying at a very young age. Grade 2 people! We struggled with another girl in her class, both verbal and physical harm.

It was a heartbreaking time for both my daughter and everyone who knew her. Long story short, we succeeded and in this experience my daughter learned to be strong, courageous, honest and her voice to stand up for herself and act.

While this should not happen, ever – it’s a sad fact that it does. Yet, educating children is the key when it comes to bullying. 

This is why this simple package landing on my doorstep means so much. It was to tell me about how Goldfish Crackers and Free the Children have partnered for a bullying prevention program that supports leadership development and anti-bullying programs.

This partnership helps educate and empower Canadian youth about issues of bullying at the youth-based Take Action Camp. On shelves now, limited edition packages of specially marked Goldfish® crackers will help drive awareness of Free The Children’s anti-bullying initiatives.

We admire the work that Free The Children does to inspire youth to get involved in their communities and do what they can to lead change,” said Philip Donne, President, Campbell Company of Canada. “We’re proud to support Free The Children’s initiatives to help educate youth. The organization is active in providing them with the tools they need to build safer communities and help prevent bullying.”

They are proudly supporting Free The Children’s week-long Take Action Camps in Bethany, ON. The camps teach young people how to become leaders in their communities and educate them on issues of bullying and inclusivity to prevent bullying in schools and online.

Guided by the overlapping themes of prevention and response to bullying, youth learn to identify the elements that make a safe and inclusive environment and their role within it. As students explore their roles as bullying prevention ambassadors, they will apply their skills to develop a sustainable action plan that will help to make a positive cultural change within their school and community.

Campers will learn:

  • What bullying is
  • Where bullying comes from
  • How to recognize bullying in its various forms
  • How to take action when they see bullying taking place
  • Steps to creating safe environments and preventing bullying

As for the BFF Friend Chains we were sent, my daughter was eager to give one to her very own BFF, another girl whom had a similar situation {with the same bully!}. My daughter and her BFF bonded years ago for obvious reasons, and are so very close to this day. They have a unique and strong connection, and they both overcame a tough situation like shining stars. 

A baby

It’s in our story and all other bullying stories out there, that I support Take Action Camp and applaud Goldfish Crackers and Free The Children for this amazing partnership in helping Canadian youth.

Let’s make that change, one child at a time. 

I received the stated products, yet was under no obligation to write anything about any of it. Opinions are, as always, my own!!



  1. One of the best public service projects I’ve seen. Bullying is so bad, I remember how mean girls can be in high school and how violent male bullying can be. Love this idea.

    1. I agree Jennifer, it is fantastic. I remember the ‘mean kids’ in school all too well, yet for todays kids, it’s a whole new level.

  2. I am so glad that Goldfish has joined such a great program… I always commend big companies for taking the time to stand up for something like this

  3. When my daughter started school she was bullied too, and I even brought this to the teacher. It seemed that the girl was defensive because my daughter was new. Regardless bullying should not be tolerated.

  4. My daughter was bullied when she was in sixth grade. It was so bad I took her out of school and homeschooled her for three years. I hope more companies get behind this campaign.

  5. Bullying stinks! I am so glad there are companies and programs out there to help! Take Action Camp sounds pretty amazing!

  6. Such an amazing program! Growing up there really was never a word for it. I am 40. I still think about the times I was bullied. It stays with you for life and to teach anti-bullying from the ground up, might actually help prevent it.

  7. We need to educate everyone a lot

    And like you it’s started very young in our area. My
    Sons best friend was bullied all year by another first grader 🙁 including the bully trying to flush his head in a toilet !

  8. that is faboulous. my girls were taught to stick up for the underdog and Im very proud of them. mama bear was at the school like a flash if trouble happened. a 6th grade girl wanted to punch my youngest in the face she was only in grade 2.

  9. That’s awesome Tammi! I’m sorry that your daughter went through that but I’m glad she learned to stand up. No one deserves to be bullied and it makes me extremely happy to see companies such as Campbell’s taking a stance against it ☺

  10. This is such a needed program. Bullying can cause a lifetime of emotional scars. Education is key. Way to go Goldfish crackers & Free the Children!

  11. This is such a great program, bullying takes place everyday and we should do something to stop it.

  12. My kids love Goldfish crackers so it is really nice to se them partnering up for such a good cause.

  13. What an awesome initiative! I used to volunteer and run campaigns with Free The Children in high school and they were such a pleasure to deal with.

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