Giving an Oldest Child a Space of their Own

One of the parenting struggles I have been dealing with for months now is trying to find balance for my oldest daughter. At 6 years old, she loves to do crafts, beadwork, painting, and more. Yet, frustration for her is starting a project, only to have her twin {toddler} sisters come and ‘wreck it all’. Finding time when the twins wouldn’t be around is almost impossible, due to her being in school. So, when my oldest is home, the twins are always awake. Though she loves being a big sister and having 2 little ones mimicking her every move – it does get annoying for her sometimes. She likes her space too, especially when trying to read and write. And, I disliked watching her so frustrated when she tried to concentrate on her own and was constantly interrupted. She really needed a space to call her own, somewhere that she could enjoy her interests away from the common areas of the house.

Thanks to CSN stores, I got my daughter her very own Student Desk, for her room. I have been looking for months for one that was a good price, that complimented her bedroom furniture, and one that was kid-friendly in size. This particular one from CSN stores met all my requirements, and I was happy to have finally found one that was perfect for her room. This desk required complete assembly, yet am happy to report that I did it on my own, in under 2 hours’ time. I do wish this desk could have came with a matching chair, yet easily found one that went with the desk, in a local store.

This student desk has 3 drawers on one side and a pencil drawer too – a lot of space for her crafts, books and treasures. My daughter was thrilled to have her own desk, not only to hold all her stuff – but somewhere to call her own. The top gives her ample room to sit and read, write, and even do puzzles. I have seen a great change in her patience with her sisters now that she has her own space for herself. She’s growing up so fast!


  1. aw, that’s a great idea! And kiddos really do need their space that doesn’t get messed with. I don’t have twins, but my 3 kiddos are each 16 months apart (32 months from the oldest to the youngest) so I can relate with my boys – the little one LOVED to get into the big one’s legos. So, we had to make some space that was just for the big one’s legos and NOT to be messed with. It sure helped their relationship as well as my oldest son to not feel so ‘violated’. Good on ya, mom!

  2. AW that’s perfect!!! Looks like just what she needed. My daughter feels the same as yours, she needs her own space where the boys cannot access it!!

  3. Love it… so cute. I’ve been wanting to get a desk for my son – so this gave me some food for thought.

  4. I love CSN|Stores!

    I feel your struggle. Mica made an underwater picture that had bubble wrap for the water. Isaak went over and yanked it off. In a way I blame Mica for just leaving it on the floor, but Isaak is a little punk sometimes. Mica has a desk; we should start using it. I took one of his under bed drawers and cleaned it out. This is his new drawer for his finished arts and crafts. I told him that when it gets filled up, we have to go through and find his favorites to keep. The rest gets thrown away. He’s creating like mad now. I bought him a pad of paper, and it lasted two weeks. I should have bought 5 pads. 😉 Before Christmas he never picked art at preschool, he hardly drew and was only interested in mixing paint. Something clicked, and now he’s a mini artist.

    1. I know the feeling Alissa! I always tell her to not leave anything laying around, if she doesn’t want it touched. And, I feel so bad when things are broken. I still harp daily for her to not leave things laying around, but it has gotten better with the desk. A little less harping now?? lol

  5. I can only imagine having two little sisters always in my business when all I wanted was peace and quiet to do my own thing without interruption O.o You’re such a good mom for giving your daughter her own ‘space.’ I can foresee a lot of time spent at her new desk 🙂

  6. Awww, what a nice desk! Yes It’s important for each child to have their special place and space.

  7. You did a great thing giving her some space to herself. I see that in her smile, it’s also good to read that she does have more patience with her sisters now

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