Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System

Recently, I got a really exciting email from the wonderful PR behind Tassimo {whom, by the way, I got to meet at the BlissDom Canada conference and is just as nice to speak with in person as in emails!}.

The scoop: I got a Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System for myself, and had the opportunity to give two machines to two social media friends of my choice. So, I gladly spread the Tassimo love and played Santa this Holiday Season! It feels great!

Now more about Tassimo and why it’s a no-brainer gift this holiday Season.
Simply put:

  • People love their coffee and tea
  • We are busy people and rarely drink an entire pot {which is wasting, especially wasting money}
  • The ability to have a cup the instant you think of one.
  • The varieties in flavors and types, great for one person or when you have guests with different tastes

And, the excitement of seeing someone so thrilled when they receive a Tassimo Home Brewing System! I know, I recently got to do this, and the response was fantastic. Now, if I personally gifted two Tassimo machines and seen the utter glee and rejoice from each recipient – you will get the same response when gifting one yourself this year.

Plus, we are all better, happier people after having a delicious morning, afternoon or evening hot beverage…ya – give Tassimo is second best to giving World Peace..
Hey…my house is much more peaceful after this morning bear has had her first cup!!

You get the point, right?

There is a whole list of Tassimo flavors and recipes on the site, for hot beverages, cold beverages and desserts {yes, I said desserts!}

Fellow Tassimo-lovers everywhere…what is your favorite Tassimo beverage?

Is it a particular flavor, or do you have a secret ingredient or recipe you’d like to share?!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. My husband came home with a tassimo for me the other day.. complete with the maxwell house coffee, skinny latte,hot chocolate and cappucino (sp). I love them all so far.. wish there were more flavors like Hazelnut, French vanilla ect. It will be my next review.. LOVE IT!

    1. I should mention he got it cause he knew how badly I wanted one (by the amount of contests I entered trying to win it lol)

      1. Awe – Christmas came early for you then, Jennifer! What a nice hubby!
        I just bought myself the Skinny Latte yesterday, breaking into it this afternoon!

  2. My Tassimo is just so much fun! It feels like a treat every time I drink a cup of something I make in it. Loving it!

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  4. I LOVE my Tassimo 🙂 I have tried two treats so far. The coffee and the cappuccino…BUT!…I stepped my capp up a notch by adding caramel and grindable cinnamon sugar. Dreamy is the only word that fits 🙂
    And yes! I did see the recipe option and haven’t had a chance to check it out yet 🙂

  5. I LOVE the Chai Tea Latte!!! I don’t need coffee in the morning, I just love the taste of these things!

    1. Oh, that is true!
      My daughter always says, “sit down Mom, let me make you a coffee…”
      HA! Love It!

    1. Ahhh yes, that is a great debate….
      but I have to say – they are sooo different, it’s hard to compare.
      As far as varieties, Tassimo has way more options – Keurig doesn’t have lattes or cappuccinos…which I am really liking on these cold days!

  6. I would love to have a Tassimo. They seem so wonderful. I know I would love to be done with the coffee grounds in and on everything in the kitchen when someone else makes coffee around here.

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