Gift Living Simply this Mother’s Day

This time of year marks the slow decline of the highly-chaotic activity schedule. My oldest just attended her last cheerleading competition of the season, and the countdown to the dance recital for the twins is on. Life can sure be stressful and complicated sometimes – only realized when life simplifies we’re able to catch our breath. This is why I cherish the quiet days, the time and money saving tips and tricks that I’ve learned, and the easy recipes that I rely on. It makes me happier! 

Fact is – we are all happier, and life is a lot more manageable when everything is simplified! 


Recent research by Schick Intuition {interviewing 750 moms across Canada} found that the happiest mothers in Canada take active steps to simplify their lives.

Voluntary Simplicity is the philosophy of living simply and reducing stress. Yet this doesn’t just come without effort, taking active steps means recognizing the need and following through with the seeking of simplicity. 

While I believe that one should pamper themselves and find ways to reduce stress at any time of the calendar year, Mother’s Day is approaching, making it the perfect excuse to take some time for ourselves and de-stress. Perhaps this is why Mother’s Day lands on the date it does, with the refreshing feeling of Spring and the end of school activities – maybe it’s the prime time for Mother’s to put forth attention onto ourselves. 

See the connection here?

Give the highly-needed gift of living simply this Mother’s Day! 

So let’s forget flowers and chocolates {ok, maybe not chocolates} and think of what we really need this Mother’s Day. Since 92% of moms surveyed said that simplifying aspects of their life would make them happier – the perfect gift for us is a more simplified life. 

simplify life for happiness

Husbands, kids, and gift-givers take note:

Take a look at Mom’s schedule and simplify her life. Take over the carpooling, do the grocery shopping, help with that school project. Cook dinner for us, and yes, do the dishes and clean-up too! If the Mom in your life has complained about the clutter in the coat-closet, take over and do it for her. 

Think of those adorable homemade pampering cards that kids like to give on Mother’s Day, with services to help. It’s brilliant! Yet take this a step farther and don’t offer with no date-delivery or it’ll never come. Take the initiative and just do the chores without asking – it will be appreciated! 

If my fairy godmother {or thoughtful gift-giver} swooped in and did the cleaning, cooking, chores and errands for just one day – think of the blissful time we could have thanks to a life simplified? Perhaps I could actually use that gift card for a massage that I got 1 {or 3} years ago! 

Living simply would allow me to binge-watch that Netflix series, paint my nails, have lunch with some friends, and even take a minute longer in the shower and even finally shave my legs!

Schick Intuition razors is one of my tips and tricks for multi-tasking in order to simplify living. They work to give a close and clean shave, have a great lather, and also moisturize leaving the skin soft and smooth. The Schick Intuition simplifies your beauty routine as it offers both your prep and shave all in one convenient package!



Check out the Schick Intuition Simplicity Curve graphic below, which illustrates the correlation between happiness and simplicity. Keep this in mind this Mother’s Day when you are choosing the perfect gift.

After all – our end goal is to MAKE MOM HAPPY. 

You’re welcome. 



 Simplicity Curve


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Schick, all opinions are my own.




  1. Every year my daughter asks me what I want for Mother’s Day. Every year I tell her that I just want to spend the day with her and her brother.

  2. I think the best Mother’s Day gift for me is just cuddles with my son and my husband. And maybe having them clean them house.

  3. I love this idea. I need too send this link to my husband! A day without the stress of dinner or just time to take a long undisturbed shower would be the best gift ever!

  4. I completely agree. I would love nothing more than a relaxing day with the family. Sleep late, maybe go for a walk in the woods, have an easy picnic lunch and maybe watch a movie together. So much better to me than the expensive presents!

  5. Having things simplified is such a great and easy thing to do. I wish more ppl would do this for moms.

  6. I love gifts that simplify my life! I think as moms there is never enough time in our day to get everything done, or take time for our selves!!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. So many times, people complain about the quiet but wind up overscheduling themselves even more. It’s a great idea about helping your mom clean out your coat closet.

  8. What a great philosophy! Also, I’m a really eager to try that Schick razor infused with coconut milk and almond oil. Seems wonderful!

  9. I would love to get the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor for mothers day. It looks like it would leave your skin feeling soft.

  10. I love these razors! They’re one of my favorite brands. I love how they keep you so moisturized. I need to pick more of these up for myself.

  11. Let us make all mother’s happy on their special day. Mothers are the best super hero. They deserve all the happiness and love.

  12. YEAH I can totally relate!! When you have to work for a living and still come home to cooking and cleaning, its hard to be happy. I ALWAYS had pics of my kids on my locker to remind me WHY I work at a shit job – not because I want to, but because I have two responsibilities!!

  13. Every Mother’s Day, I have told my kids not to get me any gifts. All they do for me is clean the house from top to bottom that day, cook me dinner, and allow me to actually enjoy my day. It has been going on for years and they love being able to do that for me — to make my hectic life just a bit simpler.

  14. This was a great post! as a mother myself, I am happy just receiving a card, I don’t need no big gift or anything expensive, if my children give me a card I’m very happy, and that alone brings a smile to my face!!

  15. For Mother’s Day, I want a day in the woods with no technology, with my family. We would have a picnic lunch and play frisbee and lay in the cool grass for a nap.

  16. My favorite Mother’s Day ask is always the opportunity to just be by myself. I love my family, but I enjoy being able to eat what I want, do what I want or not. That’s simplicity for me.

  17. The perfect present is the gift of time. Our lives are so busy these days that simple is often the best!

  18. Really love whatever can simplify my life! I’m the kind of person who always forget to bring shaving gel in the shower so Schick Intuition is perfect for me!

  19. I think the best Mother’s Day gift for me is spending the day with people i love.

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