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TomTom GO 500

Sometimes I wonder what people did before todays technology. Lately I thought this while trying to find an address, thinking back to the days of a glove compartment full of maps. I laughed at memories of my mom and I scouring over one while my Dad drove, them bickering over which were railroad tracks and where side streets were.

As a Mom of three girls, I’ve said many times how much I live in my car. To and from school, activities, recitals, competitions – I’m literally all over the place. Oftentimes in areas and other cities, in which I’m unfamiliar.

Fact: I rely heavily on GPS. Actually, I’d be lost without it {pun intended}.

I’ve been using the TomTom GO 500 recently, and it’s the latest in GPS technology, touchscreen and all. First, connect to your computer and install the latest update, which took mine about an hour.

tomtom go 500 review

Then, you can also pair with your phone device via a free TomTom MyDrive app, to get the latest in traffic information such as road closures, construction and the like.

Once installed in my car, that’s it. Really, I’m at a lack of words on setup here, since it’s really that simple. Usually I’d pass something like this over to my husband with a kind setup request – yet this time I tacked it on my own. I’d love to add ‘like a boss’ to that, but I don’t need the kudos here, the TomTom GO 500 does.

tomtom go 500

I love how user friendly the TomTom GO 500 is, with either voice command or the search button that always somehow guessing what I’m looking for, with only putting in a few numbers and letters. Compared to other stand alone GPS systems I’ve used, this one is very reactive and fast. This speed allows me to get places faster, so that you have more time to spend with your family. You know, the ones that truly do matter most.

With one touch of the button I can zoom in and out {pinch view as well}, change routes and it’ll even tell me if there’s a gas station on my route from point A to B. When you are in an unfamiliar area, this is most welcome information to have. You know, bathroom breaks, snacks and all. Kids!

TomTom GO 500 canada review

It has lane guidance, which will be most welcome the next time we are in the city – which will be next week to be exact.

There’s an obvious setting to turn off the voice prompts {lips} and to change the screen to a night feature so it’s not glaring right at you {sun/moon}. These common settings are right there on the main screen, and you don’t have to flip through a bunch of menu settings to find them. In fact, all features are so simple to find, no reading of the included instructions needed.

tomtom go 500 gps review

One other thing that is great with the TomTom GO 500, is the generous screen size. 5″ makes for easy reading, especially when the display is so clear without any frustrating reflection! Plus, it’s 3D, which is easier to correlate between the display and the real deal in front of you. Again, in unfamiliar areas, this is a deal breaker when it comes to going where you want to.

tomtom go 500 review canadian mom blogger

It comes with a The windshield mount that is stable and solid, even over the worst of bumps.

For the family member that gets lost, for those that hate wasting time hunting down a location and for those {like myself} that are always on the go – the TomTom GO 500 is top of the line and so user-friendly. It literally gets me to where I want to go – faster. 

The latest in technology doesn’t have to be confusing, and the TomTom GO 500 proves that! You can get yours at retailers such as Staples and Best Buy!



I received product to facilitate this post, Opinions are always my own



  1. I’d love to win as I need one, and still not sure where I’m going half the time….I live in a new town, might take me a while!

  2. I’d love to win this because I’m always getting lost, lol. My current GPS is discontinued and won’t let us update the maps, which makes finding some places difficult.

  3. I need one of these…..I am directionally challenged…..if I don’t know where I am going I always get lost….

  4. OMgoodness, I would love to win this as I have the absolute worst sense of direction.
    Our current GPS is well over 8 years old and the maps are wayyyy outdated (when it even turns on, which is becoming less and less, lol)

  5. We are planning a few road trips this summer and we don’t have a gps at all, this would be great help

  6. I’d love to win this as it would come in handy during day trips I want to take this summer.

  7. I would love to win as we like to travel around to yard sales this time of year and time is of the essence.

  8. I always print off a map from MapQuest whenever I go somewhere for the first time. It would be so much easier to listen to directions rather than continually referring to a printed map. It would also save a lot of ink and paper.

  9. I’d like to win this for my husband. I don’t drive myself, but my husband drives for work and is always getting lost or turned around. This would be great for him.

  10. I need this to help me find my way around the big city! I take my husband to doctor’s appointments and am I am always unsure of where I am.Thank you for a very generous giveaway!

  11. I would love to give this Tom-Tom to my parents for a gift. They seriously get lost EVERYWHERE they go in the city & then it causes some irritable arguments! Ugh being lost causes so much grief. They’ve been together 40 years & this GPS would help keep them together for years to come!

  12. omg yes do we ever need this!! we are always mapquesting to get direction which aren’t always useful and we end up having to stop to ask for directions anyways! we don’t have wifi or any of that on our phones so this would be so great to have!

  13. I’d like to win so when we go out through the back roads we don’t get lost.

    1. Ps. I’m not sure that we need to go so much faster, but not getting lost would be a huge benefit.

  14. This would make life so much easier! LOL Always traveling to my daughter’s in Toronto and not once have I not got lost!

  15. This would make drives much nicer with my boyfriend because he gets lost and I am lousy with technology this makes things tense.

  16. This would be so awesome to own, I live in the country and not a very good at driving in town, this would help me big time when I need to go into the city!!

  17. Hahahaha I am so a Blond when it comes to Directions, I even get lost in the Telephone booth as my dad would say! I would need for ANY place I go! My hubby just bought me a van, an this would be perfect so I don’t get Lost! Awesome Giveaway =)

  18. Omgosh, we need this for when we go to Vancouver to visit our daughter! We always get lost and it takes us so long to find her place

  19. I’d like to win because I have no sense of direction and want to travel locally.

  20. id like to win because we suck at using maps lol , we went on a 4 day road trip one time and made a wrong turn and the 4 day road trip ended up being a 5 day road trip .

  21. My husband can’t find his way out of a paper bag. I hate when he doesn’t listen to me when I give directions. He needs this.

  22. I’d like to win because I have a few weddings to attend to this summer that are a bit of a distance and will need good directions to get there.

  23. I’d love to have this to stop getting lost every time I end up in a new neighbourhood to visit friends.

  24. I would love to more searching google for the directions and somehow I always end up stopping somewhere for directions

    1. Forgot to post where I would go faster, I would go faster on my next junking expedition πŸ™‚

  25. I would love to win this for our trips this summer. It would definitely help us not get lost in Hawaii where the streets are so hard to find.

  26. My current GPS is ancient and could definitely be replaced. Plus, if my hubby is my co-pilot, he gives terrible directions.

  27. I would like to take my family fun places , it sure would be faster if i didn’t get lost on the way !

  28. We are flying from Ontario to Alberta this summer than road tripping back home. This would be perfect to get us to the many stops & sites we would like to visit on the way home.

  29. When we travel to Montreal, we have such a problem travelling from the highways to our son’s place.
    This TomTom GO 500 would surely help out.

  30. I’d like to win because I don’t have a GPS yet and really want one. I would use it when I’m going out of town with my son….. I always get disorientated in new areas!

  31. I’ll be taking several road trips to the US this summer and this would help so much.

  32. my work commute is 1 hour long so I would love to find a faster route to get there.

  33. I would love to win this for my niece as she is always getting lots, she doesn’t follow directions too well

  34. we always use google maps and tend to get lost this GPS would help alot! especially since were always late for wedding this would help get us there faster

  35. I’d like to win because I still get lost a lot when I’m trying to find places. I can’t read a map apparently. And I’d like to get to my errand destinations faster and not waste so much time trying to figure out where I am.

  36. I would love to win the TomTom. Knowing the best route to take is really a lifesaver for moms. Gets us where we need to go without any hassle.

  37. Like you,I am always in my car. If it’s not taking my daughter somewhere, it’s taking my grandson since my daughter doesn’t drive. There is one place in particular that I avoid because always get confused there. My husband laughs when I have to go there. I could really use a GPS to help me out. I need to go to an unfamiliar airport soon and a GPS would be very helpful.

  38. I would love to win as I really can get lost so easily. I would love to have this for when I travel to Cochrane to visit my daughter which is 7 hours away and I always worry I will miss signs etc and end up who knows where.

  39. love to win one! i tend to drive by landmarks and not direction, so this would be great for me!

  40. This would be great to find my way around. I always spend a lot of time studying directions so I don’t get lost.

  41. This would be great for all the different places my kids have to be – playdates, activities and birthdays.

  42. I love to win this, Im always getting lost. My parents moved to a bigger city and I like this to help me get there

  43. We would love to take a cross-Canada trip (or at least to Ontario!) and not get lost! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I don’t have a GPS in my car, so the Tom Tom would be great to have. I’d be going to Banff first.

  45. I need to win this so I stop getting lost and turned around on all those great Ontario road trips I like to take

  46. I would love it for vacation and driving through cities where you don’t know where your going!

  47. I would like to win this for my wife, she doesn’t do real good with directions and gets frustrated often.

  48. a GPS would be great for road trips! i would also love it when visiting different areas of the city i live in

  49. I’d love to win, my old Tom Tom broke and I haven’t been able to afford a replacement yet.

  50. I drive an older vehicle without a navigation system so this would be very helpful for me. I move to Barrie next week, from Mississauga, and the Tom Tom would sure help me get around

  51. I have a terrible sense of direction and I am not great at map reading either so this would help me get to the city to go shopping faster

  52. I would love to win since our current GPS is outdated and this would come in handy for summer roadtrips!

  53. I would like to do a camping road trip with my kids to the states and would need this to get around

  54. I need help with directions wherever I go. I usually view the map on my phone so this would be very useful. I could get to the cottage faster or get to montreal to see my family

  55. I would love to replace he TOM TOM that was stolen from my vehicle. They are a great travel companion when we travel. Instant ideas while driving of different routes to take.

  56. love to win this because . My current GPS is discontinued and won’t let us update the maps,

  57. I started selling makeup and have to make lots of deliveries, I need to know where I am going

  58. I’d like to win because this summer I am planning on visiting historial sites on the other side of the province and I have a terrible tendency of getting lost. I just don’t want to wast time getting lost when I could be doing something I want to be doing.

  59. I need to get their faster and I have a hard time finding places. This would be a great thing to have.

  60. I moved here from the states 9 yrs ago and I am still learning my way around with my husbands help and the internet! This GPS would sure be the thing to have!! I would love it and use it so much!! Would be great for when we go on drives around Canada and even need it for then. Also it would be great for when we are traveling back home to see my kids….don’t get to see them often enough!. Since hubby is Canadian he is a big help at driving me around. πŸ™‚

  61. I’d love to win this to stop the bickering in the car over directions. lol. You know, when your husband doesn’t want to stop and ask for directions. This just might save our marriage. (Ok, I am exaggerating, but it would help a lot ) And we do love just driving and finding new adventures.

  62. I’d like to win this to give to my dad. He does a lo of deliveries and finding those new addresses can sometimes take longer when your not familiar with an area.

  63. I would like to win as I do take many roadtrips – this would be incredibly helpful to get me to my hotels, etc faster!

  64. I really need one of these I have no sense of direction I wouldn’t find my way out of a paper bag lol

  65. I would like to visit family and friends during long weekends better without hitting traffic snares.

  66. I’d love to win so we can find our way around better, especially when we go to Arizona.

  67. I love to win one because ours got stolen a couple years ago while in the hospital for the night πŸ™ and never got it replace so it would be awesome, and just about anywhere out of town πŸ˜€ maybe it will tell me new fishing spot to take my boys

  68. I’m terrible with directions! We go out of town a lot for appointments and shopping so this would help a lot!!

  69. we frequently get lost, even with our GPS… hopefully this one is capable of slapping us? lol we need mostly to get to toronto for medical appointments, and niagara for fun

  70. I need one of these because i dont have one. And we could use one when we go on roadtrips

  71. I would love this as I get lost easily and this would help me keep on track! Thanks so much! We do not have a GPS, so this would be very helpful!

  72. I would love to win this Gps because i am in need of a new one, mine is around 8 years old and sometimes doesn’t work properly, thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  73. We’re going to Orlando in August – this would be perfect! Thanks so much for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  74. Never thought I would want one but after using a nav on vacation I now do because I love knowing how long it will take me to get where I am going.

  75. The GPS that we have is old and doesn’t work anymore. It’s always helpful to have when we go off on our day trips travelling outside the city all year where there’s little to no cell reception.

  76. I’d love to win this for my wife. She is all about the maps, but her current vehicle does not have a GPS. The TomTom GO 500 would be perfect for her.

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  78. I need to win because I am directionally challenged, this would be a great thing for me.

  79. would like to win because my husband will not ask for directions and would drive some local back roads

  80. This would be so amazing! With children and grandchildren living in larger cities it would be nice to go without getting lost for a change! lol

  81. ugh everywhere! just yesterday the bridge I take to my mom’s house was closed unexpectantly. I had no idea how to get around it! I soooo needed a gps! Would love to win! Thanks!

  82. We just moved out of state and this would be great to be able to navigate and find places while we are familiarizing ourselves with the new roads πŸ™‚

  83. I need to win because I have no sense of direction.I need to get to P.E.I. faster so I can visit family.

  84. I need to win this. My parents just moved to my city and I would love to Give it to them.

  85. I’m afraid that I have absolutely no sense of direction at all. My brother used to say that I was the only person he knew who could get lost in a telephone box. My children simply cannot understand why I never know where to go, or how to get anywhere. πŸ™ This would be a super solution for me πŸ™‚

  86. would love to win this so I don’t have to ask my husband directions anymore …lol

  87. When I visit my sister in Vancouver I would love to drive with more confidence at where I am going! Especially if we are to meet up somewhere! I also have a girlfriend moving to Clinton! I’ve never been there!

  88. I would like to win this for my Dad, for Father’s Day, so he will ALWAYS know where he is going and never get lost again.

  89. I would love to win because I am directionally challenged! For example, I have lived in my city almost my whole life, and for years I drove to one friend’s house to get to another friend’s house, even if I wasn’t picking her up, because I originally learned to get there from her place and never figured out how to just go directly from my place. Sad but true. I have gotten better as I have gotten older, but whenever I am faced with getting somewhere new I go into panic mode. I get such anxiety about going new places, I hate getting lost, and I hate wasting time trying to find my way around. Even if I know a way to get somewhere, I am sure there is always a faster way that I don’t know about. This prize would really help me out!

  90. I’d love to win because I live close to the border now, so this would come in handy for road trips down south.

  91. I love to travel the back roads of Nova Scotia and this would help me get to our destination without getting lost

  92. I would love to win this for our trip to PEI , This summer , it would sure help us get there faster and less stressed out , thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  93. NO ONE IS MORE LOST THEN ME. A Tom Tom will save my time and life. Thank you for the great opertunity to win this wonderful gift

  94. our current gps is not working properly and my hubby cannot use a map, so its up to me to figure out the directions, this would come in handy, thanks

  95. We are going to Orlando Florida in August – this would be so perfect! Thanks so much for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  96. I could use this. I drive a lot for work and still print out directions from the computer.

  97. I need a TomTom gps. I don’t know how many times I have been lost and had to pull into a gas station to get directions.

  98. My daughter has 4 children and they often need to be in 4 different places. I sometimes help drive them to their activities and I am not great at finding new places. This GPS would help me get them to their activities faster and on time without writing pages of notes.

  99. I would love to win this for my family, because we love to explore and go to different places. We are planning a trip to Maine this summer.

  100. I am always getting lost and badly need something that will help me with directions to get to where I need to go…paper maps are so yesterday and I can’t use a hand-held device while driving. This will make my life so much easier and safer!

  101. Since i don’t know left from right, I sure as heck don’t know north, south, east or west, and since they say home is best, I often get turned around and can’t make my way back.

    Only use the gps on my phone, no stand for the windshield or dash – have to hold it in my hand and 90% of the time, she forgets to speak out loud!!

    Distracted driving? Oh yes.

    Please point me in the right directions tomtom!!


  102. My husband is always the driver, leaving me to the be navigator. We currently do not own a GPS of any sort, so we use Google Maps on my phone when we need directions. It is sooo slow to load, and is incorrect a majority of the time, turning a road trip into a nightmare! This would be wonderful to win – to stop arguments lol!

  103. I need to win because I need to cross the city faster. Way too much traffic. (Toronto)

  104. I would love to win the Tomtom because I don’t know Calgary and every time we go I have to borrow my daughter’s GPS. Also we go on road trip a lot in summertime and it would be very easy to go to our destinations with Tomtom.

  105. We are going to Orlando in the summer — this would be perfect! Thanks so much for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  106. Often have to go to addresses I have to enter on google maps in my phone, it’s not really safe to keep checking my phone

  107. I love to go on road trips across Ontario, especially in the summer and fall. While it’s fun to take back roads, I have gotten lost a few times and it would have been great to have GPS!

  108. I would love to win because I am terrible at following direction. This device would help me get from point A to point B around unfamiliar area. I need to go faster on my drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

  109. If I won, I would take it to BC with us, to be able to navigate the province with ease

  110. I need one of these to stop the fighting with the hubby lol when we are lost we never wants to ask for directions it drives me crazy

  111. Would love to win this! It would make spur of the moment trips with the family so much easier!

  112. I’d love to win this because I need to figure out how to get from work, to my parents, to pony class all within an hour and fifteen minutes while avoiding construction.

  113. We do lots of driving all around town so I would love to go faster everywhere! πŸ™‚

  114. I need to get to field trip destinations faster! I always leave early for field trips with our homeschool group so that I have a bit of time to get lost but I would love to have that extra 15 minutes to not be in a car!

  115. Our GPS has given up the ghost so I would love to win this, to my hubby’s annoyance I have no sense of direction and am constantly getting lost!

  116. Our old GPS has given up the ghost so I would love to win this, I have no sense of direction so am constantly getting lost!

    I hope I haven’t posted twice but I cannot see my original post

  117. My hubby is an awful navigator and he always ends up getting us lost and then Ig et angry. I need to win this to save my marriage! πŸ˜›

  118. We are no good with directions and need this for our summer road trips across NS!

  119. I’d like to win because my husband and I love going on roadtrips and a GPS would make navigating so much easier.

  120. I will go to visit my son in Toronto, never gone there with my car, so I really need a GPS

  121. I would love to win this so we could take family roadtrips πŸ™‚ and make discoveries

  122. Husband work in the city so traffic is a big hastle to avoid traffic would be a big help to relieve his stress.

  123. I would love to win as I am always getting lost and then am late for an appointment. This would be an awesome device to help me save time and frustration.

  124. I’d like to win this to give to my oldest daughter…her sense of direction isn’t the best and she could really use this device.

  125. This would be perfect when we do not know a city and need to find our way around like Toronto.

  126. I could really use one as I am late for everything! My husband would love that I might actually get there on time!

  127. I would give it to my mom she has a horrible sense of direction and gets lost all the time ! it would get her to places on time and without getting lost!

  128. I am good at knowing where I am going in my town, but pretty much finding a place in any other cities I always get lost. I could very much use a gps as it would save me a lot of time.

  129. We live in a large city and need one of these to navigate around so we don’t get lost.

  130. Would love to have this for the cottage. If there is major delay on our usual route, it would be great if we can find another way to our destination faster, cottage or home. We have our trusty map but TomTom has better technology to get us there faster.

  131. Sometimes I get scared of drivibg to far places without knowing the directions properly. The current gps is really old.

  132. I would like to win so we could one day take a road trip and just go using the gps.

  133. I’d like to win because I could really use one of these GPS units, even around town where I live.

  134. This would be great for the road trips we are planning. Trying to have my bf navigate a map and tell me where to go is recipe for a rough trip!

  135. I’d love to win, because I love to explore the back roads! Side Roads. Discover new roads. :o)

  136. Getting around Toronto can be a challenge especially with road construction.

  137. I would love to win because we would like to go and visit hubby’s cousin and we have only been there once and our son drove so we never paid attention as to how to get there. This would be a great help for us.

  138. I would love to win the TomTom GO 500 for my father. It would be safer for him to use this instead of his phone. He enjoys driving from city to city to visit his children. Including me!

  139. I’d LOVE to win because I need to get to my clients locations faster as a small business owner!

  140. I get lost everywhere I go increasing my travel time and fuel consumption by quite a bit. This would be so helpful

  141. I have a long daily commute to work with a lot of construction to avoid. Being able to pair my phone to get the latest in traffic information such as road closures, construction will make my commute less stressful…
    So I guess I want to win so I have a less stressful life!

  142. We’re going on a road trip this summer and we’d love to have a GPS to help us!

  143. We are planning a road trip from Winnipeg to Orland, this would be wonderful to help us get there!

  144. I tend to be on the road more in the summer and don’t want to get lost when I’m out and about exploring the city.

  145. Anywhere and everywhere! My Hubby has a bad habit of using Google Maps on his phone —- NOT HANDS FREE darling!

  146. I am not so comfortable driving to new areas, when i don’t know where I’m going. TomTom would definitely give me that added comfort. My next little trip will be to Blue Mountain.

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