Get Outside with Gazillion Bubbles!

It’s spring and third winter is hopefully over. It’s time to get outside again!

When it comes to outdoor toys, I’ve found kids always revert to the basics. Sidewalk chalk, hoola hoops and bubbles are something that they’re reached for since toddlers.

We’re just at the beginning of spring yet I already see these in constant rotation during their time outside.

While they don’t chase bubbles them as much as they used to, now it’s a competition to see who can make the biggest. Also, they make for some great photos and videos to share with friends.

Disclosure – Product was supplied to facilitate this post.

Gazillion Bubbles have been a big family favourite since the beginning. The brand always has some fun bubble products to choose from year after year.

For your 2019 spring and summer season, there are some new Gazillion Bubbles products from Funrise.

Making perfect summertime gifts to enjoyment by your own kids at home, take note of these new ones and keep reading for your chance to win!


Gazillion Bubble Rush

This is a new bubble machine capable of blowing the most bubbles ever at the push of a button.

This next generation bubble machine has a three-sectioned no-spill modular design including a removable washable top, solution recycling tray and batteries and motor sealed inside base.

Simply pour solution into the Bubble Rush’s reservoir and push the button for a bubble explosion in seconds. This item was designed to create hours of fun for kids, but easy clean for parents.

This creates SO MANY BUBBLES, and is ideal for backyard play to parties. I love that bubbles are created effortlessly, and in mass numbers, and there’s a solution recycling tray.

This means less waste and less money spent on refill packs. Watch it in action:

Bubble Rush includes an 8 oz. bottle of Gazillion Premium Bubbles solution. 6 AA batteries are required, yet not included. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.


Gazillion BubbleCycle

This is a brand new pushable bubble motorcycle! As kids push the bubblecycle the engine rolls and the bubble stream out with no batteries required {which is so nice!}.

Kids can push the Bubblecycle over the grass, sidewalk or driveway, the motor spins and the engine rolls just like a real motorcycle.

With its lightweight design the Bubblecycle is easy to push and the no-leak bubble chamber helps to prevent those messy spillovers.

Bubblecycle is the perfect pretend role playrole-play toy for ages 3 years and up. It includes an 8 oz. bottle of Gazillion Premium Bubbles solution, and I ADORE that this product takes no batteries.

It encourages movement and walking in toddlers too, such a bonus.

Do you know someone who’d love to play with these all summer long?



  1. Awesome! My nephews would love this! Who doesn’t love bubbles? 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My kids would love these! Last year my twins (18months) were mesmerized by bubbles. This year would be so fun to watch them play.

  3. My 5 daughters would definitely have fun with this over the summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. My kids would love these, and so would all their neighbourhood friends – can’t wait for summertime, playing outside every day!!

  5. I would love making bubbles with my son! He’s just a little guy and hasn’t experienced bubbles yet! I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

  6. The children I take care of love bubbles but it’s hard to blow them fast enough to keep everyone happy! I was going to buy a bubble gun, and probably still will but this is a great idea for maybe another thing! Thanks for the idea and the contest!


  7. My granddaughter would have so much fun with this, she loves her bubbles, and to have Gazillion Bubbles is even better!!

  8. My younger grandchildren would love Gazillion Bubbles. They love to blow bubbles and catch them.

  9. My kids and their friends who love to play at our house would certainly love to have this,

  10. My friend just lost her son. She is always finding ways to put smiles on the two little girls left behind. I would gift this to her. Her grandbaby girls would definitely smile with all the bubbles.

  11. I, myself, love all things bubbles…..but I have also passed my love of bubbles onto my granddaughter….we would have a blast together with the gazillion bubbles toys!!

  12. My neighbours have two awesome little kids and I would gift this to them if I win.

  13. i would have so much fun with my nieces and nephew at the cottage with the bubbles, hope i win thanks for the giveaway

  14. Who doesn’t love bubbles. The grandchildren would have a ball. Thank you for the chance.

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