Get Outside and Play!



Finally we have a break from the freezing weather and I can say those words I love to speak …
Get outside and play!“.

A little boy wearing a hat

A little girl wearing a hat

In no way do I believe that Spring it on it’s way, yet this break in weather sure makes a person think it is. Back and forth, back and forth – like taking off a bandaid slowly.

Just get on with it already, rip it off and bring on the next season!





  1. I am SO SO SO glad that the weather has let up a little bit.
    Now maybe we can enjoy winter!
    (Your kids look so happy to be outside too!)

    1. Exactly! There’s been no sledding, skating or anything in the -30 & -40 weather. Enough!!!!

  2. Fantastic photos of the girls! I love the way you blurred the background just enough to make them the focus of the pictures. Their beautiful faces really pop!

  3. Yeah, my mom asked if the kids had been outside to play in the snow. I reminded her that it was way too cold to be out there playing. Brrr.
    Maybe today and we are getting fresh snow too.
    Lovely photos. They look happy to be out there.

    1. Right?! There’s no outdoor anything when your face can freeze off in minutes. The girls had been asking to play outside, it’s a shame to have to say no. Now? Go, Go, Go!!! lol

  4. Great pictures. It is snowing here in Ontario again today 🙁 I am so ready for spring!!!

    1. They are calling for more here tonight, just a bit though. The white abyss has really overstayed its welcome!

    1. Oh god no, I wish!! We are still covered in snow but the temps aren’t that bad at all. Hoping for some melting!!

  5. I thought the same that it may be slowly arriving. we had such a great day on Friday, bit colder on Sat, Sun and Mon that glorious sun was shining bright. Today the day we were suppose to drive and tour some Colleges, its so windy and white outs drifts snow!!!

  6. It’s -11C here and positively balmy. It IS nice to get outside and not worry about parts freezing and falling off.

  7. I hear ya Tammi, we are getting dumped on with the third major snow storm in about one week here in MA. I’m so over winter. I love your girl’s hats! The owl is adorable! 🙂

  8. It’s nice that you are finally getting a break from cold weather. It’s been back and forth in Nebraska. Warm, cold, cold, warm. We haven’t gotten much snow. I was hoping for some good sled riding.

    1. I’m looking forward to skating and sledding again, we haven’t done much of it due to the freezing weather. -30 & -40 should not be allowed, ever!!

    1. Thank you so much! A very dear and obviously talented friend whipped these up one afternoon. 1 for each of my girls and one for me! She’s the best!! 🙂

    1. Ahhh yes, and there’s only so many times you can go to the mall or pet stores. Nice to be outdoors for a bit again!

    1. You are correct Rhonda! I love how photos show their personality so well. Sophia {first photo} is my outgoing twin. She’s always smiling, jumping and is very athletic. Katie {second photo} is quiet, timid, always in thought and 100% full of feelings. I always said that Sophia is the one most likely to punch you, then Katie comforts you. BUT, if Katie has reached her limit, she can snap, in ways worse that Sophia. She’s just more sly about it and will punch you when no one is looking. Ha!!

  9. My daughter’s getting used to the cold! This morning I asked her if she might want to go outside and play today, and she looked at me incredulously and said. “Nope.” And when I asked why, she said “Because it’s too cold!” Unfortunately the little girl I babysit showed up without snow pants, otherwise I would have sent them out the door!

  10. Great to have some good weather to get outside. We’ve had some days in Australia that have been too hot, not ready to let go of Summer yet though 🙂

  11. I was finally able to take my son skating on the river trail- loved how much fun he had!

  12. As I’m reading this I remember fondly those warm days we had here. But we are back to the -30 again. Ughh! I love Alberta but hat the 9 months of winter!

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