Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

I hate to say the words that mark the end of Summer, but we need to talk about it. Back to school.

Yes, that was as painful to write as I imagined.

I love everything about Summer holidays, those carefree days spent playing and relaxing in the sun. I term July and August, ‘the months of the un-schedule’, a time when you can hopefully live on the wild side and take each day as it comes.

Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

Then September rolls around and it’s very hard to get back to the schedule, the alarms, the routine. You know the drill. Yet, I rely on some easy ways to make that transition a little easier on everyone. Instead of being thrown into the back-to-school season, prepare yourself now to ease the shock. 

Tips to Get Organized for Back to School:


Get Back on Schedule – Gradually get used to going to bed on time and getting up earlier. It’ll be a much easier transition for yourself and the kids, believe me! Over the Summer months, I’m not too worried about what the kids are wearing and when {PJ’s at noon!}. So, re-establish that routine of getting ready in the AM. 

Clean Out the Closets – This month, take some time to clean out the closets and drawers. Make piles to keep, discard and donate. Keep the next season in mind, and you’ll see what is needed for clothes, shoes and other attire. Getting a head start on the game will only benefit you, plus the selection will be much better earlier than at a time when everyone and their dog is back to school shopping!

Stock Up, Early – don’t be one of those frantic parents rushing from store to store, frustrated in finding all those essentials for school. Have that must-buy list made, and buy back to school items early – to avoid the lump cost and stress all at once. Order those adorable personalized lunch boxes, have the backpack ready and yes, buy the snowsuits now. You can’t avoid it all with procrastination, just treat it like a bandaid and rip it off. You’ll feel much better once it’s done, and get bragging rights when your friends are complaining come September. You win! 

Get Papers in Order – Start a folder for each child, for school forms and school to-do lists. Order labels for each child and label items as you buy. Who wants to label a million crayons the night before school? Having these items and papers at arms reach instead of piled high on the fridge, will ensure you don’t forget. Being organized and prepared is the key to the best September start!

Ease Fears and Worry – Back to school is more than pencils and new shoes. Kids, especially the younger ones, might have some apprehension about the start of the school year. The biggest question might be, what to expect? My oldest is starting middle school, a huge step in the milestone department. Talking about school, and sharing stories will ease their minds {and yours!} and will help fill the void where the unknown is. 


What are your best tips on getting prepped early for the back to school season?




  1. Thank you SO much for the great read! I am no nervous for back to school this year, one in grade 5 and one in Kindergarten

  2. Love the tips, It will be the hardest for the getting back on a schedule. Just for the early morning and routines! Thanks!

  3. All good tips. I am going to work on getting my kids up early the week before school starts.

  4. Today I downloaded the school calendars for both my son and husband and compared them to the dayhome schedule + my own work schedule. Next stop – the calendar store to get everyone organized for September kick off!

  5. I think slowly getting the kids back to their regular bedtimes is a good thing to start (last week!) Ha. But it helps us all to feel more relaxed when the ball drops.

  6. loved these tips!!! i like to stock up in case the kids need more supplies through out the year

  7. My tips are more overall for the fall and winter season: do a thorough Fall Clean of the house and the outside grounds. I never did finish my spring cleaning so I am determined to weed out what we don’t need and head into the winter months with a clean orderly home. I always find that if my surroundings are in order it helps keep my mind in order. I can’t think of a better way to head into the school and activity season.

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