Brother Labellers,

Brother is a company with such a diverse array of products, but I’d like to focus on their labellers. I had the opportunity to review 2 models of the  Brother Labellers, the PT-1090 model and the slightly larger PT-1290 model, as well as a variety of tapes. Using these labellers in my home made me come to the realization that having name sticker labels for the kids, just isn’t enough. Opportunities to label are everywhere!

Gee…which looks better and is longer lasting?

In my home, I like to keep our belongings in storage bins. This keeps them tidy, neat, out of the way and all in one place. If you have your items separated this way, you are more likely to put things back in their rightful places and not tossed in a junk drawer or cupboard. I used to write what was in each container and bin with marker, yet when it came time to use it for something else, it looked a mess. That’s where the Brother Labellers come in. Halloween costumes, decorations, craft supplies, spices, nail and screw size in containers or baggies, date you froze food, pots to identify plants you started, file folders, Holiday wrap, photo albums, gift bags, keys, winter gloves, board games – you name it, it’s labelled! See how much labels can help you in your home?

Now, recall those handheld labellers of the 80’s? Admit it, we all had one. Turn the wheel, click the letter, and on and on and on. It took forever! And, as handy as it was, it looked terrible. It never cut properly and you could never get the backing off the tape. My how products have changed! The Brother labellers are feature up-to-the date technology, with customized options in font, style, effects, images and more – the features are endless. It seems like every time I pick it up to make a label, I discover a new style and look. For instance, I can add a cute kitty face with my daughters’ name and stick it onto her water bottle for the day, for instance. I even made a ‘Mine!’ label for a piece of leftover pie in the fridge. My family though it was clever….but it didn’t work. Next time I’ll be more descriptive in my label! It’s just that easy. Say what you want to say, and have the look that you wish.

Here are the features of the two labellers I reviewed:

The PT-1090 {suggested retail price: $49.99}:

· 12 Deco Mode Patterns for extra-stylish labels
1 Professional Font
178 Built In Symbols
· Prints labels on laminated indoor/outdoor “TZ” series tapes up to 12mm (1/2″) wide
· Easy view, 12-character LCD display
· Prints 1 or 2 lines of crisp text
· Built-in memory, saves up to 9 of your favorite labels

The PT-1290 {suggested retail price: $59.99}:

· 15 Deco Mode Patterns to create extra-stylish labels
· 2 Professional Fonts {Helsinki and Bohemia}
8 Font Styles {Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Italic, Italic Bold, Italic Outline, Italic Shadow}
80 Built In Symbols
· Prints labels up to 12 mm (1/2″) wide on laminated Indoor/outdoor TZ series tapes
· Easy view, 15-character LCD display
· Prints 1 or 2 lines of crisp text
Number printing
· 6 Auto Formats and 7 Framing Options {Round, Leaf, Tile, Star, Heart, Square, Clip}
Mirror Printing
· Built-in memory saves up to 9 of your favorite labels

The long-lasting indoor/outdoor TZ series tapes, are made to survive many washing cycles. Trust me, I label the Twins’ sippy cups for when at the sitters and the labels have never come off – and like I have time to handwash! The tape is 6-layered and laminated, so it’s durable and weatherproof. And, the tape backing is split for easy removal, no trying to pick at corners! Ya!

As you can see, both of these labellers have a lot of the same features, the main difference being that the PT-1090 model has a ABC keyboard, and the PT-1290 has a QWERTY keyboard. And your preference may lie in size and which keyboard type you like using most. Myself, I am used to using both keyboards, so I find ease of use with both of them. I like that the smaller PT-1090 model has a lot more choices for symbols, yet I like the extra options in the PT-1290 {the mirror printing, number printing and framing options}. For both labellers, the instructions are detailed easy to follow. It’s a modern solution for the family who like to label everything from school supplies to storage bins and everything in between!

I really like having these labellers and I find myself using them all the time. Not only is it a frugal choice when it comes to purchasing name labels for the kids, but your label options are endless with a Brother handheld labeller!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. would like to have the PT-1100SBVP, anything to make storing and finding things easier. would work for my family

  2. I’d love to have one of their Sergers (model # 3034D). I have one of their sewing machines.

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  7. I’d like the model XL-3520 mechanical sewing machine! I used to sew all the time and would like to start again; this machine would be perfect for me!


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  9. i would love to have Semi-industrial Embroidery machine as I think it would be cool to be able to embroider stuff

  10. I would love to get the pocketjet 3 plus mobile printer, as this would be great as I start my home business, and can take it anywhere with me!

  11. I would like the LX-3125 Sewing Machine. I can’t sew at all but this looks like something simple enough to start with.

  12. I’d like to have the MFC-J615W color ink jet printer. It would be great for printing out my digital photos.

  13. I could use a Multi-Function Centers – MFC-9010CN because I like the quality of prints from a laser printer.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  14. I wouls also like the Sewing & Embroidery – XL-3750 because i need a new sewing machine
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  15. i would love to get the PT2700 labeller from Brother because we do own our own business and send out a lot of mailings, client communication, etc. and this would make it so much easier rather than using the laptop and printer all the time!

  16. The Domestic Embroidery machine sounds amazing. I would love to do embroidering this way because it would be super quick compared to hand embroidery! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I like the Pocket Jet Printer for when we go travelling which we plan on doing alot more of.

  18. Have your button at (Bottom of pg) Canadian Top Dogs.

  19. I’d truly love to have one of their embroidery machines. I didn’t know they had a sewing line.

  20. I would love a Colour Laser / LED printer as we need a new one and could use an upgrade for hubby’s business!!

  21. I’d like to try the Computerized Sewing Machine .. only because I have a really old machine that was given to me but is way too complicated. I haven’t touched a sewing machine since sewing class in highschool .. don’t know why I’m so afraid of them! LOL
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  22. I would love to have the Sewing Machine model XL-3750 because I enjoy sewing and need to replace my current machine.

  23. I would love to have one of the Brother Embroidery Machines. I love to sew and make clothes for my grandkids and I could make them really cute by embroidering animals on them etc. with one of these machines.

  24. I would love to have the Sewing & Embroidery – QC-1000 WOW who want one…it wouldn’t even be like sewing…it would do all the work!

  25. The Embroidery Software would be a great thing to have for me. It would take a lot of the thinking out of some of my projects.

  26. I must have this! I like colour inkjet because I am looking for a great new MFU to organize all my stuff!

  27. Can I just say “drooling” over the sergers and embroidery machines. I am a sewing nut and I would love a Brother machine!

  28. I’d also love the Brother CS-6000 sewing machine so I can do decorating projects and quilting!
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  31. I’d like the P-touch® Labellers QL-570 cause I have a home based business, this will make my mailings much easier, nicer.

  32. I like the Color Inkjet All-in-One with Wireless Networking

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  35. I would love to try the Computerized Sewing machine ES-2000T from Brothers because I love that it has the feature of 40 built-in stitches with 77 stitch functions

  36. I would love the serger as this would bring a nice finish to things I sew…It is on my christmas list!

  37. I would love to have the XL-3500 sewing machine because I think a sewing machine would help save money and be creative outlet.

  38. I like the Thermal Fax machine because it’s a bother always going to my mother’s house to send or receive a fax.
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  39. The MFC-J615W would be helpful for us too because we have such an old printer that it would be nice to have one that has the capability of faxing, copying or scanning plus wireless connections!

  40. One of these would definitively be useful for me right now, as I am moving! Caos!!!

  41. I would also like to have the HL-3040CN color laser printer to support my couponing habit!

  42. I’d like to have the NS-40 sewing machine. I don’t sew at all now, but a good basic machine like that might help me start. Plus, sewing on cards is all the rage, and I am a cardmaker, so I could finally jump on that bandwagon (albeit a bit late)…

    BTW – love your ‘my chaos pic’ 😀

  43. Oh would like to have any of them. I have been wanting a brother labeler forever but I am a penny pinching mom and spend my money on my kids and never splurge on myself so it would be awesome to win one!
    I guess if I had to chose I would pick the PT-1090
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  44. I love brother labelers and have been wanting one forever but just won’t splurge on myself as I am a mommy to 4 so I would LOVE to WIN it! ;-D I would also love to have a brother embroidery machine and/or serger. Hooray for Brother!
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  47. I’d like the pocketjet 3 plus mobile printer, I always need to print on the go.

  48. The PT-1100SBVP, need help in storage and finding things!!!thanks for the opp

  49. MANDATORY ENTRY: I would absolutely LOVE to own the “Sewing & Embroidery machine #PE-780D.
    I am an avid seamstress and I enjoy embroidering and if I owned this machine it would make my life so much easier! Hey…I can dream, right?

  50. I would like the MFC-6890CDW color all-in-one printer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. I would love the computerized sewing machine. It would be wonderful to get rid of my beast of a machine that is older than me!

  52. i would love to have the XL-3750 sewing machine because i sew everything by hand cause i don’t have one..and my husband is very rough on his clothes(lots of sewing)

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  54. Brother makes great fax machines–they are practically indestructible. I’d love to have their FAX-2480C in my office.

  55. I’d also love the 3034D serger as I’ve recently taken up sewing and think it would help out with finishing the edges.

  56. I’d love to have a Serger to give my sewing a finished fancy look!

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  58. Oh gosh, I really want to win this one! I would love to have this labeller!!! Another Brother product that I would love to have is their serger! It would be so useful with all my sewing projects, especially right now when I am making simple receiving blankets for my upcoming twins and a serger would make my life so much easier!!!

  59. I would LIKE to have the Domestic Embroidery. I LIKE the idea of embroiderying clothes for my grand-daughters.

  60. I would like to have Domestic Embroidery # PE-780D because my wife is into embroidery and this seems perfect for her.

  61. I would like to have one of their Domestic Embroidery machines.
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    I would like to have the Brother NX-2000 Laura Ashley computerized sewing machine. I test drove one for a week (and reviewed it on my blog). It was an amazing sewing machine to work with.

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  67. I would love to have the Laura Ashley sewing machine. It has almost unlimited stitches.

  68. i would love the semi-industrial embroidery machine because i would love to be able to embroider – that would be so cool!

  69. I would love to have the Quattro NV-6000D embroidery machine so I could embroider, quilt, and sew all with one machine!

  70. Only one thing? Brother has such great products. MFC-9010CN Printer is first choice.

  71. Besides this awesome labeller, another product we like is the MFC-255CW 6-in-1 colour inkjet printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. Thank you for the great give-away.

  72. I’d like to have the HL-3040CN color laser printer because my old one is a wreck.

  73. I’d love to have the Sergers (model # 3034D) cause it would help me out.

  74. MAN, I would really love to have one of the Domestic Embroidery machines. I sew, and would love to be able to put embroidery on my “goodies”.

  75. I really like the GX-6750. It’s a modern version of the old typewriter and I’ve always wanted a type writer for some reason 🙂 They always catch my interest when we’re out shopping.

  76. I’d like the model XL-3520 mechanical sewing machine, my current sewing machine has seen better days, thanks for the chance!

  77. The one item, other than this super labeler, I would like to own from the Brother site is the PR-650C embroidery machine. 🙂 Thank you.

  78. The Computerized Sewing Machine would be neat to have too…so many options!

  79. Brother model CS-6000i computerized sewing machine I picked because I need a sewing machine I havent had one since I was like 16 yrs old which was many many years ago.

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  81. I posted earlier…. I like you on Facebook.

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  82. PT-1090 would be great. I would be able to idenfy all the hardware I have in all those coffee cans.

  83. I’d really like the HL-3040CN printer. I need a printer so bad. I know one day I’m going to break down and buy one.
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  88. I would love to have the Entreprenueral Pro Embroidery machine — well beyond what I can afford at the moment but love the versatilty of creativity.

  89. I might as well dream big. I’d love to have a PR-650C embroidery machine.

  90. I’d love the NV-1250D embroidery machine!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. id love the Sewing & Embroidery – XL-2600 for my teen daughter she loves to sew 🙂

  92. I have found a few crafts I would like to make, but I don’t have a sewing machine, so I would love to have the Brother Sewing & Embroidery – XL-3520.

  93. I would love the ink jetter because as someone else said Maybe that could help Me get organized along with the labeler which is what I really want and need…..thanks

  94. I would love to have their multicenter printer MFC-9120CN

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  95. I’d like to have the MFC-J615W printer. I like having an all-in-one and my Lexmark is getting too old.

  96. Sewing & Embroidery – LS-2125.. Singer has gone so down hill over the years that i’d like to try a different brand of sewing machine.

  97. I’d love to have the QC-1000 Sewing Machine which would make projects easier.

  98. I would love to get the pocketjet 3 plus mobile printer, this would be great for my husband as he is always traveling for work and could really use this.

  99. I would love one of the label printers! It would make holiday cards a lot easier!
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  102. Thanks for the giveaway…we could use a Brother FAX-2820 for our home office to replace the ancient thermal fax machine we currently have that has started to have some performance “issues”

  103. I would like to have Mono Inkjet Fax because I need a new fax machine for my home.

  104. I’d also like to have the HL-2140 printer. We have one and work and I love it!

  105. I’d love the PE-DESIGN8 because I’ve always wanted an embroidery machine!

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