Get Mistletoe Ready – Essential Shaving Essentials and Holiday Tips!

As soon as the fall weather settles in, we in response tend to fall into comfort mode. Our shorts, tank tops and flip flops are replaced with long pants, oversized sweaters and warm socks. 

During the summer months much time is spent on making sure our bodies align with the season and relating attire. We shave regularly, paint those toes, exfoliate, lotion and so forth. Yet this time of year when our bodies are mostly covered up, it’s easy to forget and neglect the pampering that we did so often, only months prior. 

In fact, just the other day a friend and I were discussing taking our kids swimming, and the conversation switched to the realizations that our legs weren’t bathing suit friendly at all. What a change from the summer months when one would bare those legs without hesitation, since we seemed to be always ready at any time. Fact is, it’s very easy to let self care and pampering fall to the wayside this time of year. 

While we may be in comfort mode right now, keep in mind that holiday party season is coming up very soon. We might be covered from head to toe right now, there very well could be many holiday parties coming up where a strappy short dress might be pulled out of the closet.

Are you mistletoe ready? 

get mistletoe ready Essential shaving products holiday helper tips


Schick wants to make the holiday season smoother by helping you get party ready with a few essential shaving products along with some holiday helper tips!

Skintimate® Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel

Lather on the Skintimate shave gel to ensure every spot is covered when prepping for your holiday soirée. The lotionized moisturizing shave gel is formulated with a luxurious Moroccan Oil blended with Vitamin E, Olive Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil leaving skin feeling soft and silky.

Schick Holiday Helper – Before applying the Skintimate shave gel, exfoliate your skin using a moisture-rich scrub to buff away dead skin particles. We all know with winter comes dry skin- Use a moisture-rich razor like the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle for a close shave that moisturizes up to 2 hours after shaving, and provides silky smooth results.

Schick® Hydro Silk® TrimStyle

Who said mini dresses were reserved for warmer months? Bare it all this season with the confidence of a summer goddess. Feel smooth and sexy for the holidays with the new Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor. With 5 Curve Sensing blades on one end and a bikini trimmer on the other, this 2-in-one razor shows love to all your lady parts. Whether you want to keep it neat or bare, it provides an easy adjustable solution to obtain a customized trim length anywhere on your body.

Schick Holiday Helper – Continue to shave frequently year- round. For tricky spots like your knees, bend slightly to pull the skin tight before shaving. For the bikini area, shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes. Finish by applying a moisturizer thirty minutes after shaving to replenish and hydrate skin long into your night of holiday fun.

holiday shaving essentials

Schick® Hydro Silk® disposables

Pack quality razors along with you on vacation this season! Schick’s® 3-pack Hydro Silk® disposables are perfect for traveling and are uniquely designed to go beyond an incredibly close shave to care for the skin. The unique Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum infused with marine extracts hydrates for up to 2 hours after shaving! The 5 Curve-Sensing™ blades with unique Skin Guards help to protect skin from irritation, providing silky smooth skin wherever you are.

Schick Holiday Helper – Skin is at its most sensitive immediately after shaving. If you must moisturize immediately following shaving, select a cream formula rather than a lotion.

Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture

Save your time and energy for sipping eggnog and mulled wine this holiday season, while not sacrificing quality or convenience with a razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step! The Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture razor moisturizes while shaving, with no need for shave gel. The razor’s pivoting head and four blades are surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid containing Shea Butter to moisturize skin with every stroke.

Schick Holiday Helper – When cleaning up areas like the underarms, shave from the bottom up allowing the razor to glide over the skin.

Visit for more information or head over to your local Shoppers Drug Mart to get mistletoe ready!


This season will you get getting Mistletoe Ready, Party Ready, Getaway Ready, or Holiday Ready? Schick has a fun photo generator on their Facebook Page, so you can announce and share your readiness this season! 



How are you getting ready for the season?


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Schick, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’m currently stocking up on all the supplies I’m going to need to make the turkey, dressing, and various nom nom accompaniments. It’s all about the family and the food!

  2. I love the title you have on here! It’s a very good point. Even the wintertime I’m a lot more lazy about shaving I do want to be mistletoe ready!

  3. I love using Schick products. They leave such a smooth finish. I tend to neglect shaving in the winter too.

  4. These are some great shaving tips. I do have a habit of not shaving as frequently when the cold weather hits.

  5. There is nothing like crawling into a comfy pair of soft pj’s after a nice shave. LOL. I love how smooth my legs feel, especially on cold nights in a warm bed.

  6. We are a schick family! Totally stocking up on these for my daughter my husband and myself! And As far as getting ready for the holidays– trying to find as many ways as possible to make tofu taste like turkey!

  7. I literally just broke out the warm and cozy socks today! Getting out the cozy blankets would make me holiday ready.

  8. There is nothing like the feeling of freshly shaved legs. I love my Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor.

  9. Those are some great tips. I have to say that I really love those socks! I also love these shaving products. I have some of them too!

  10. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t shave much during the winter. I do like Shavegel and use it the rest of the year.

  11. Schick products are definitely one of my favorites in the routine of getting ready for the holidays.

  12. These are great tips! Living in South Florida it stays pretty warm year round, but I do find myself covering up more in the late fall and winter months…and forgetting to pamper my skin. This is a great reminder. I just love Schick Hydro Silk Disposables!

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