Get Vacation Ready in a Few Simple Steps

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Schick and the #SchickAmbassador program, all opinions are my own.

It’s just barely fall {or, with low temps and the occasional dusting, should I say ‘barely winter’}, and already many have fallen out of the self-care routine. During the summer months, thanks to flip-flops and shorts, it’s simple to stay on top of a beauty regimen. Yet with weeks now of bulky layers and fuzzy socks, many scramble to do some body TLC only when a winter vacation is coming up.

I know this all too well, since I had a weekend in Cancun coming up, and have quickly realized that my beauty routine needs some work before I hop on that airplane. In order to prep myself, I have some simple steps to get vacation ready, and I’m sure my readers will find it helpful as well.

get vacation ready in a Few Simple Steps


Get Vacation Ready in a Few Simple Steps


Weeks Leading up to Vacation

Get those feet and toes soft with some buffing and daily lotion – it’s amazing what difference a little dedication can make. My suggestion is to exfoliate the dry areas of the feet, lotion-up and then put on some fuzzy socks to help seal in that moisture. This works best overnight or while you’re sitting for a while, like when watching a movie. 

While you might not have to exfoliate the skin too much, leave a bottle of lotion on your bathroom counter to remember to lotion after a shower, and before you get dressed. It doesn’t take much effort, and as a bonus – you probably won’t get itchy skin that results during the dry winter season.

Day Before Vacation

The day before vacation is when you can admire your small efforts on getting that skin soft and ready to be sun-kissed. It’s the time when you can apply fresh and fancy polish, deep condition the hair, and give those legs a shave. Depending on the length of your vacation, this day-before shave could very well last you right through – it will on my quick weekend getaway to the sun!

I really like the NEW Schick Quattro YOU™ disposable razors {available in Peace of Mind for Sensitive Skin and Exotic Violet Blooms} which are uniquely designed to provide a smooth, long lasting shave so you can skip a day or two. The razor glides effortlessly and leaves that smooth clean finish. These are perfect to use before or during vacation, because frankly, you’ll have more time to spend enjoying that vacation.


Schick Quattro YOU features:

  • SmoothProtect™ BLADES – Four ultra-thin blades for incredible closeness and fewer nicks and cuts*
  • SKIN CONDITIONING STRIPS – With a touch of aloe
  • SLIM HANDLE – Provides control
  • STYLISH LOOK  -Translucent handles in vibrant colours
  • SMALL CARTRIDGE – For hard-to-reach areas
  • Available at most major grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada for a suggested retail price of $8.99.

Right now I’m pairing my silky shave with Skintimate Skin Therapy moisturizing shave gel, it’s formulated for winter care and contains Vitamin E. Bring on the sun and sand, I am vacation ready!

Have any other tips for getting ready for a winter escape?








  1. Sadly I am not going to be escaping the winter and never get the chance to lol. maybe some day. you pretty much got er covered 🙂

  2. Great tips, could definitely use a winter getaway now that the snow and cold has arrived in Ontario.

  3. PACK some of those heel bandaids…when my daughters travel club went to Australia/NZ they certainly came in handy (I think she is going to Lisbon in feb)

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