Get Back-To-School Ready with Justice

Each year before my girls head back to school we browse Justice for some new clothes, shoes and/or accessories. The store itself is very popular with the tween set, thanks to their wide array of tending styles.

So it only goes without saying that we shopped there again this back-to-school season, and got some great pieces to make their fall wardrobe a little sassier, adorable and just plain ‘cool’. Unlike past years of being frequent shoppers, I’ve partnered with Justice this time around to show my readers just whats in store {pun intended} this season.

I was amazed with the selection as always, and with the grouping of clothes into different styles to suit many tastes. The athletics section we always frequent since there is always options for every sport – including cheer!

Get Back-To-School Ready with Justice

They have a boho section this season, which is wildly popular right now, and the patterns and cuts are so unique. A piece from this set is a must-have for the 2016 school season whether it be a fun top or stylish boots.

Get Back-To-School Ready with Justice

I was very appreciative of the wonderful customer service at Justice, and many of them too! The ladies at the store helped a lot in piecing together outfits, finding sizes and for their general friendliness to myself and the kids as they browsed.

Get Back-To-School Ready with Justice

My girls chose a lot of staples to their wardrobe, since we just can’t get enough of leggings, especially in fun patterns and prints. Also the nice thing about those is that they can be mixed and matched to make a multitude of outfits. 

Here is a sampling of the Justice outfits my girls are donning as they head back to school this year.

Get Back-To-School Ready with Justice canada


justice back to school clothing girls


justice canada back to school clothing girls


justice canada back to school clothing

Back-to-school is about more than new clothes, it’s about individuality and self-expression. Justice, an exclusive retailer for tween girls (aged 7-14), is committed to help them build the confidence to be who they want to be – inspiring them to #LiveJustice.

Shop online or visit a Justice store near you. Though I’m sure you are already familiar, since it’s the place for tweens to shop. In that case, they have new items regularly, so make a point to check them out once again!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. I love the outfits the girls chose. As I have said in the past, the girls are beautiful. Hope they have a great school year. That was one of the exciting things about starting a new school year, getting to buy new clothes.

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