I have always used disposable diapers, because seemed to be only one other option – cloth. And cloth never stuck for me. I had the recent opportunity to use the award winning gDiapers, what I’d consider the perfect blend of both, and the ideal diaper to use. Yes, this is one product that you’re going to hear me rave about – because literally, this has become a g diaper house.

What it is: gDiapers stand for ‘green diapers’ because they are eco-friendly. The outside is a washable cotton gPant, which comes in a great selection of colors, cute stripes and adorable ruffled ones too! The gPants are washed with regular laundry, no extra care required. The inside is a plastic-free biodegradable diaper gRefill. In between is a breathable and waterproof snap-in liner. This helps keep the gRefill in place and prevents leaks. The inside liner (gRefill) can be flushed or tossed. The Velcro tabs fasten at the back, for comfort when sitting (and also so that they don’t rip them off on you). There is also gCloths, a reusable option for those that cloth diaper.

Why it’s better: Did you know that disposable diapers take 500 YEARS to decompose! When the twins were born, we noted the increase in our weekly garbage. And, when a dog had broke open a garbage bag in the alley – we cringed that most of our garbage was diapers. 500 years! Americans alone put 20 Billion diapers in the landfill per Year. Now times that by all the babies in the world = WOW!
g diapers liners (if you have to toss them) take a mere 50-150 DAYS to completely decompose. Now, most of the time I do flush them, which is effortless. But, in those infrequent times when tossing has to be done, it’s done with a whole lot less guilt involved.
In my experience with g diapers, they are also beneficial for babes too. My girls move better, seem more comfy and look so cute in them! (and a little less crinkle when they move) I had such confidence in g diapers that I used them out of the home and for night-time use, that very first day (with no hesitation or second thought).
But most importantly, my babies also have less diaper rashes with gDiapers on. In fact, when my gDiapers are all in the wash, and I have to resort to disposables for the day- they immediately get NASTY bum rashes. You know, that terrible rash that make them squeal when they sit or get changed. And, as soon as I put on the gDiapers, their rash is gone that same day. Seriously, I used to think it was all in the creams and had searched for the perfect ointment. Now I realize that it’s the chemicals and harshness of disposables that are the culprit in their rashes.

I cannot stress enough how much I have fallen in love with gDiapers. As opposed to disposables, they are best for baby and for the environment.
And, the cost of the gRefills are comparable to disposables. So, it’s not even a financial strain at all.
gRefills are available in many stores, I seen them at London Drugs in my city. My only qualm is that most of the the gPants aren’t available in Canadian stores, yet I’m currently begging to start carrying them. I really urge you to take a second glance at gDiapers and see if it’s one that you could love too.
Baby and the Earth will thank you for it!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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