Gazillion Bubbles,

When I was contacted by the people at Funrise Toys to host a review and giveaway for Gazillion Bubbles, it could not have come at a more perfect time. The Springtime sun had just melted away our snow in Western Canada, and I was eager to get the kids outside to play after such a long and cold winter. At the time, I was trying to think of a great outdoor toy that would suit both my school aged daughter and the Twin Toddlers. And, I don’t think there’s an age of kid that doesn’t like playing with bubbles! Yet, Gazillion Bubbles is a brand that takes blowing bubbles to a whole new level! We received a huge box containing the the Bubble Machine, the Bubble Rocket, , the Incredibubble Wand, the Gazillion Bubble Flyer, and some extra bottles of Gazillion Bubbles. It was a beautiful day outside, and the sun shining down on the kids’ insane laughter from a day full of bubbles was quite the sight to see!,The Bubble Machine is by far the kids’ favorite item that we received. Imagine, thousands of bubbles filling the yard and floating up to the sky. I’m sure the bubbles and my kids’ excitement could be seen and heard from far and wide. I think this one has the greatest impact on the kids, just for the sheer volume of bubbles and the games of running through them all over the yard. Yet, my kids like it to continuously run – so beware, you will go through a lot of bubbles! And, I did try to make my own bubbles one day {out of desperation} as the kids,n out of the Gazillion Bubbles and were begging for more right now. I do suggest sticking to the Gazillion Bubbles brand for the Bubble Machine, since it’s the perfect consistency to run through the machine. Long story short, what I tried did not work that well at all. It doesn’t cost that much more than other brands, and, I do think it’s worth it!,The Bubble Rocket is a really neat toy, by stepping on the pump – a rocket which cascades bubbles shoots into the air. These are really fun for the kids, even the Twins are able to step on the pump and get some good height. Yet, I do think its more about the rocket with this one, and less about the bubbles. Regardless, the girls have a lot of fun with the Bubble Rocket!,

The Incredibubble Wand is the Gazillion Bubbles product that impressed my entire family the most, especially the adults. While the Bubble Machine produces a large number of bubbles, the Incredibubble Wand produces the BIGGEST. And when I say big, I mean ABSOLUTELY HUGE. It’s always fun to see who can make the biggest bubbles, some getting bigger than my toddlers themselves. Yet, creating such huge bubbles isn’t hard to do, all of my kids are able to use the Incredibubble Want with ease. As well, large bubbles made from other brands of wands always pop too quickly to really get that ‘awed’ effect from anyone. The HUGE bubbles that the Incredibubble Wand produces stay in bubble form for a long time. I had a few float all the way across the yard before the grass popped them.,

The Bubble Flyer is used more by older kids and the adults, or the older kids that come over to play. It’s too hard for the Twins to play with {besides just using it as a plane}, and my 5 year old sometimes gets frustrated that she can’t do it as well as the older ‘kids’. Yet, I do think she’ll have it mastered by mid-summer, and then she’ll have a new bubble-love to play with in the yard. And, it’s always nice to have something for all ages of kids too. That way, there’s less fighting over who plays with what.

For parents, Gazillion Bubbles makes wonderful toys that enable you to sit back, relax and laugh at the kids. Versus other bubble products that seem to have parents doing all the dipping and blowing – this one is for the kids to play with. Already, they have provided my kids with endless entertainment, exercise, and imaginative play. Available in stores and online, Gazillion Bubbles is affordably priced and a huge hit with kids!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


    1. omg……that is the coolest thing….lol I love it…..along with the squirmal and other fun stuff I still like.

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  2. My construction truck obsessed son would love the Tonka Strong Arm Bulldozer from Funrise for his sand box this summer!

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  4. I KNOW my daughter would be in heaven with the bubble prize pack but besides I think she would also love the all the tub town boats! So fun!

  5. the bubble rocket would be very cool to have


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  8. Scooby Doo Tabletop Pinball Machine i think the kids of all ages would love to have a blast with this ,this summer. I am a facebook fan of MOC
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  9. I love them all Evelina just loves bubbles so we would be happy with any of them . I follow you on FB

  10. I love them all Evelina just loves bubbles so we would be happy with any of them . I follow you on Blog

  11. I love them all Evelina just loves bubbles so we would be happy with any of them . I follow you on Twiiter

  12. would love the dino xylophone…looks like it would entertain gd for hours and would be fun!

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  13. the Tonka strong arm is what my preschooler pointed at and said “I love this mom”.

  14. My kid’s would love the bubble rocket..that just looks like so much fun!
    Nice prize giveaway!

  15. I like the Shake N Bobbles toys. The Shake ‘N Bobbles Rockin’ Railroad is very cute

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  19. The Tonka Mighty Motorized Rescue Helicopter looks fun!
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  23. The Dark Knight Tabletop Pinball Machine would be fun. Good for the rainy days when I can’t make bubbles. 🙂

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  25. My daughter would love the Shake ‘N Bobbles Rockin’ Railroad

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  27. The Tonka Strong Arm Bulldozer would probably be a lot of fun for my daughter to play with in the sand box!

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  29. twitter follower and retweeter – the price pack looks so much fun

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  35. I think the Tonka Mighty Motorized Rescue Helicopter would be a wonderful toy for summer fun

  36. Everyone loves bubbles. From my 16 year old to my 7 year old and up to my 94 year old grandfather.

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  38. The Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust is cool.

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  40. anything from the sassy stable collection. My daughter is really into horses right now

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  57. Another toy that would be a blast at our house this summer is the Tonka Strong Arm Dump Truck. Thank you for the great give-away.

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  60. Shake ‘N Bobbles Pirate Ship will be a birthday gift for my 3 year old granddaughter – Arggh!

  61. I think Tub Town’s Main Street – Blue Version would be fun

  62. I think the Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust would be a blast this summer!

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  64. I think the Dark Knight tabletop pinball machine looks cool! The kids would have a blast with these bubbles, thanks.

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  66. The Tub Town Hoops and Jumpy !!!

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  68. I visited Funrise toys and I think their Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust looks like a blast!

  69. Tub Town’s Main Street Pink Version looks like bathtime fun.

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  70. I think my kids would also enjoy the Tonka Strong Arm Dump Truck

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  76. Oh my gosh they all look so neat. I wish I had these as a kid!! The Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust would be a huge hit at my house.

  77. I would like to let the kids think they are having a bit more freedom of giving them a little more responsibilities while on their bikes. So, with the use of the Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust, I could still see them and they will have fun at the same time.

  78. That is too cool I still love bubbles lol….my Mother didnt like anything sticky or messy .

  79. I think our little boy would like their Tonka Strong Arm Dump Truck

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  80. The Elmo Non-Motorized Bubble Blower would be great fun for my granddaughters, both of whom are the biggest Elmo fans! They love to blow bubbles in any way, shape or form!

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